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The Report Writer (BGTRW), Version 1.0 is now available for your use. 

One of the largest obstacles is the HTML generation of the reports. MS Word is nearly unworkable, and other MS solutions are clunky. I personally - and I'm sure the editors do too - spend a lot of time helping people with this issue.  Another problem is that some of the reports look terrible because even though some folks try, they just don't 'get it'.  I wanted to come up with an editor that fit several criteria.

1. Easy to use.
2. No necessity for user to know HTML.
3. Basic functionality, but allowing users to do their own HTML if they liked.
4. Easy organization and tracking of reports.
5. Generates very clean HTML.

Unfortunately, there isn't any program on the market - free or otherwise - that fulfils those criteria, so I wrote my own. 

So, if you want to participate in, but are having a hard time with HTML, the Report Writer was built for you.  
Simply download the BGT Report Writer Setup file here, and install it.  

Educational links for using the Report Writer are here:
PPS File:
Power Point File:
PDF File: 

Please be aware of several constraints:

1.  The setup file is 14 megabytes.  Downloading it on a dialup connection will take awhile. 
2.  All Windows PC platforms are supported, from Win95 through Windows Vista.  Macintosh OS is not supported, and you should not attempt to install the program on any Macintosh OS.  Macintosh users are encouraged to use NVU.
3.  There is no external documentation.  All documentation is provided inside the program itself.  Look for the HELP buttons on every page.
4.  If you have questions or problems, I will support the Report Writer on the group.  Include "REPORT WRITER PROBLEM" in the subject.
5.  If you have suggestions for improvements, please also send those to the group, with a subject line of REPORT WRITER IMPROVEMENTS.  Several improvements are already planned for Version 2. 
6.  The Report Writer installs into the C:\MyBGT\ folder, and ONLY that folder.  If you wish to remove the program after installation, please do so through the Windows Add/Remove Programs function in the Control Panel of your Operating System.

Shane Steinkamp, BGT Report Writer Writer

Product tested and reviewed in each Formal Test Report has been provided free of charge by the manufacturer to Upon completion of the Test Series the writer is permitted to keep the product. Owner Reviews are based on product owned by the reviewer personally unless otherwise noted.

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