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The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws
v. 0609

Appendix 1

The Appendices are provided as detailed explanations and backgrounds of the policies and procedures of BackpackGearTest.org.  Each Appendix contains delineated topic Sections that are not necessarily related.  Appendices are included to provide additional explanations, clarifications, and resources.  They are not required reading, but you may be referred to them if you require further information on a certain subject.  They represent the collected body of knowledge about many topics. 

The Appendices are written and edited by the Moderator Team of BackpackGearTest.org, with contributions gleaned from the email of the BackpackGearTest group.


Appendix 1 - How BackpackGearTest.org Works
Appendix 2 - Editing
Appendix 3 - About Rules and How to Change Them
Appendix 4 - Test Calls, Test Applications, Newbie Rule
Appendix 5 - The Apprentice Program
Appendix 6 - All About Report Writing
Appendix 7 - A Lesson in Pictures
Appendix 8 - Copyright, Fair Use, and Links Policies

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How BackpackGearTest.org Works


  1. Organizational Chart
  2. Description of Duties

Organizational Chart


Kathy Waters - Chief Moderator (CM)


John Waters - Chief Website Moderator (CWM)


John Waters, Chief Test Moderator (CTM)
        Tom Jones - Test Moderator
        Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd - Test Moderator


Andrew Priest - Chief List Moderator (CLM)


Andrew Priest - Chief Edit Moderator (CEM)
        James "JET" Triplet  - Edit Moderator


Mara Factor - Chief Documentation Moderator  (On Leave of Absence)
        Shane Steinkamp - Acting Documentation Moderator
        Stephanie Martin - Documentation Moderator


Stephanie Martin
Ron Martino
Shane Steinkamp

Description of Duties


Test Management

List Management



General Moderators

(General Moderators can perform ANY function within BackpackGearTest.org, but they answer to

the 'Chiefs' of the departments they are working in at the time. Specific

Moderators, such as Test Moderators or Edit Moderators can become General

Moderators, but for the most part 'belong' to their departments.)

Product tested and reviewed in each Formal Test Report has been provided free of charge by the manufacturer to BackpackGearTest.org. Upon completion of the Test Series the writer is permitted to keep the product. Owner Reviews are based on product owned by the reviewer personally unless otherwise noted.

If you are an avid backpacker, we are always looking for enthusiastic, quality reviewers. Apply here to be a gear tester.

All material on this site is the exclusive property of BackpackGearTest.org.
BackpackGearTest software copyright David Anderson