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May 31, 2015


NAME: Mike Mosack
EMAIL: mosack(at)earthlink(dot)net
AGE: 51
HEIGHT: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
WEIGHT: 240 lb (109.00 kg)

I've been backpacking for over 30 years, doing day trips, weekenders and week-long or longer trips throughout the year. I backpack in all climates and seasons, from summer desert trips to Spring/Winter camping in Michigan, California and Grand Canyon, Arizona and I worked in Afghanistan for 4 years and rely on my equipment constantly. I prefer to go lighter when possible and am always trying new items. Quality and reliability of items are paramount to me over price and weight.


Manufacturer: Aerobie Inc.
Image from Aerobie website

Year of Manufacture: 2014
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: Not Available
Listed Weight: Not available
Measured Weight: 3.3 oz (94 g)
Other details:
Colors available include Yellow or Blue
Made in the U.S.A.

The Aerobie® Dogobie™ Disc, hereafter referred to as the Disk, is an 8 in (20 cm) diameter aerodynamic flying disk designed for effortless long throws. The disk has a patented spoiler rim design which Aerobie earned a Guinness World Record for flight distance on of their other similar products. This disk is a catch-and-fetch toy, not intended as a dog's chew toy. It is flexible, puncture- and tear-resistant and intended to be gentle to a dog's mouth and teeth. The design is also conveniently easy for dogs to pick up off the floor or ground. The two colors, according to the manufacturer, that the disk is available in, are easily seen by dogs.

Actual disk when new


I take two toys with me in my backpack and they are a footbag and the Dogobie Disk. I've had this flying disk for about a year now, having taken it with me on almost every outing I've gone on whether with or without my dog to include day hikes, backpacking trips, camping trips and more. I have also taken it to the beach where I found that neither salt water or beach sand seem to have any negative effect on it. It is a perfect size for packing and travel as it fits almost anywhere. It can easily be stuffed into a backpack and it comes out ready for flight.

A little worse for wear

It is a lightweight toy that, is also rugged and while flexible, is very stable in flight, even in windy areas. Throws of 25 to 30 yards (23 to 27 m) is normal. I have three dogs and the primary one that plays with the disk is my Jack Russell Terrier, which is a smaller dog with seemingly unending energy. He (Petey) absolutely loves this disk. Petey is awesome at playing fetch, never learned how to actually catch anything in the air. The disk is small enough to pack easily, yet large enough to be a substantial toy for us two-legged kids, taking a break and playing catch.

I have the yellow colored disk as I believe I can see it more easily during times when the available light is less than optimal. The yellow color appears to almost have its own glow as it picks up even the smallest amount of available light. The disk is soft enough that I have no worries of it bouncing off other objects, or people, and it is constructed of a non-scratching, non-marking material. I have found that the disk is incredibly resistent to abrasion. I have skipped the disk off the cement so many times that a calculator couldn't keep up and yet, after a year's use, the photos show the minimal damage. The disk shows no evidence that its flight is affected from the normal wear and tear as shown in my photos.

Close up of edge design

The disk is easily handled and thrown, without causing any discomfort to my hand or fingers. The disk edge design provides a good secure grip for throwing and catching.

Note the teeth marks and ruff edges


Petey will search everywhere to find his disk and will run and run in his favorite game of fetch. In the photo below, he had to take a breather to be able to go another round. I love that I can finally get him tired out.

Petey out of breath

I am very impressed with the Aerobie Dogobie Disk. I make a special trip to my favorite outdoor gear retail store which is the only place I have found these locally whenever I need to finally replace the disk. Petey, being every bit a normal dog, goes through numerous chew toys throughout the month, but the disk has lasted over a year of daily use. Even tennis balls don't last that long with him.

Some of the features I like are -
Long, stable flight
Easily packable into a backpack

I cannot identify any negative aspects of this toy. This seems to be a perfect toy for adults, kids, and dogs.

This completes my Owner Review of this superb toy. Please take time to peruse other reviews located throughout the website.

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Reviews > Animal Companion Gear > Dog Wear > Aerobie Dogobie Flying Disk > Owner Review by Michael Mosack

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