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Test Series by Richard Lyon
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Initial Report January 14, 2019
Field Report expected March 2019
Long Term Report expected May 2019


Tester: Whisper, a pampered male three-year old English Cream Golden Retriever
Weight: 70 lb [32 kg]
Length of spine, shoulder to tail [the measurement used by Stunt Puppy to ascertain size]: 26 in [66 cm]
Temperament: Frisky and super social. Easily distracted. Been known to bolt.

Reporter: Male, 72 years old
Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m)
Weight: 210 lb (93 kg)
Email address: Montana DOT angler AT gmail DOT com
Home: Outside Bozeman, Montana USA, in the Bridger Mountains

INITIAL REPORT - January 14, 2019


The Puff Doggy is a full-body-length winter coat for man's best friend. It is insulated with a "down alternative" from collar to tail, its full length. The coat is a single piece that includes an insulated panel that fits under the dog's chin and several sewn-together panels that run to the top of Whisper's butt and slightly down to his tail. A V-shaped insulated panel hugs his chest; on each side of this are sewn adjustable webbing straps with the male end of Duraflex buckles. The body of the coat has eight panels. Six of these are red: collar, a front and rear side panel on each side, and a collar-to-tail panel across the back. Each side has a black panel, sewn to the chin panel in front and the side panels and back panel. The black side panel has stitching across it about one inch [2.5 cm] from the top [the white bar in the photograph]. A small webbing loop that holds the female end of the buckle is sewn on this. At the rear are three elastic bands sewn to the hem, for placing over the dog's tail and hind legs. p312
Manufacturer: Stunt Puppy, Inc.
Size: Large. Available in Mini, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL. The size selector on the manufacturer's website gives the range for each size in pounds and spine length. Size large fits canines from 53-83 pounds [24-38 kg] with a spine length of 24-27 in [61-68 cm]. You may click on this information to view a chart that also provides body type by breed.
Weight, measured: 11.25 oz [319 g]
: 27 in [69 cm], measured along the spine, not including collar panel
Color: Red. Also available in Sage.
MSRP: $110 US
Warranty: One year. Stunt Puppy also offers a repair service.


This may be the first piece of clothing that I've put on Whisper without a fight. I think he's a nudist at heart - he actively resists any sweater, vest, coat, or booties. But the Puff Doggie is easy.  I simply slip the collar piece over his head, extend the coat to the back, lift legs one by one and insert through the elastic, do the same with his tail, and finish by snapping the buckles into place. The first time I did this I adjusted the straps' length to give a comfortable fit. The male ends of the buckles lock and unlock to allow this. On our first try I got this coat on Whisper in about one minute without a single swear word. Stunt Puppy wins a gold star for its design for this reason alone!

When I first strapped the Puff Doggy on Whisper I thought that I might have ordered one size too large. I quickly changed my mind. Yes, the body extends a bit down his butt, but that's a good thing. It doesn't get in the way of securing the coat over the tail and hind legs, and cinching the straps properly keeps everything in place. Golden Retriever is not among the breeds used on Stunt Puppy's sizing chart, but Labrador Retriever is close enough.

Other design features deserve similar praise. Using multiple sewn-through panels keeps the insulation in place. The fabric comes from Pertex, a clothmaker I am very familiar with from many sleeping bags and other down gear. Stunt Puppy says it's waterproof and from long experience I know that it will be. The buckles make both fastening and adjustment a snap. There's a reflective Stunt Puppy logo in the middle of the chin panel, and the white piping on each side is also reflective.  A pocket sewn into the inside of the jacket near the front may be used for storage; the jacket may be folded and stuffed into this for storage. Stunt Puppy says that it uses the multiple panels for an ergonomic fit, which Stunt Puppy calls Fit-To-Move.  So far Whisper agrees. He spent a couple of hours each of the last two mornings in a fenced dog run, chasing phantom rabbits, barking at anything that moves, playing with his soccer ball, and rolling in the snow. He hasn't once tried to slip or chew the Puff Doggy, another first.

My only regret at this early stage is that the coat doesn't have a D-ring for a leash at the shoulders. This doesn't compromise functionality, as I can always use the ring on his collar. But I'd prefer pressure across his back to tugging at his neck.


My Initial Report ends here. Whisper and I hope that you'll check back in a couple of months for our Field Report. Many thanks from both of us to Stunt Puppy and for the chance to test the Puff Doggy.

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Reviews > Animal Companion Gear > Dog Wear > Stunt Puppy Puff Doggy Coat > Test Report by Richard Lyon

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