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The Ultimate Hang 2

Initial Report - February 17, 2018

NAME: Morgan Lypka
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5’4” (1.6 m)
WEIGHT: 110 lb (50 kg)
EMAIL: m DOT lypka AT
City, Province, Country: Fernie, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada

Backpacking Background: I started backpacking 2 years ago, when I moved to the Rocky Mountains. I am originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, where I have done overnight canoe trips. Most of my backpacking ventures are 1 to 3 days long. I get cold quickly, but handle heat well. My backcountry trips involve hiking, trail running, ski touring and cross-country skiing. I am getting into kayaking, rock climbing and fly fishing. This year, I started solo camping. I camp with a lightweight 3-person, 3-season tent. Decreasing my packed weight in the backcountry is a developing focus of mine (fitting everything was the first).


Title: The Ultimate Hang 2
Author: Derek Hansen
Year of Manufacture: 2017
Manufacturer’s Website:
MSRP: $19.95 USD
Measured Weight:  1 lb 12 oz (794 g)
Pages: 328 + Appendix
Size: 8 in x 10 in x 7/8 (203 cm x 254 cm x 22 cm)
Cover: Paperback

The book came with a two page print out, describing what questions will be answered in the book and a bit about the author. The book was also signed, which was a very nice touch. From a quick flip, illustrations and diagrams seem to be on every page. Different font styles and sizes are used throughout the book. The pages are paper, with almost a slightly thicker than newsprint feel.

  • Introduction to Hammock Camping
  • The Basic Set-Up
  • Advanced Hammock Camping
  • Anchor Points and Suspension Lines
  • Staying Dry
  • Staying Warm
  • Staying Bug Free
  • Making Your Own Hammock Gear
  • Appendix
The appendix includes a packing checklist and a quick reference guide, with such things as conversions and what type of insulation to bring based on temperature.

I am very happy that there's input into buying hammocks: the appendix comes with a section comparing what different manufacturers and retailers offer in hammocks (new to this version of the book). I don't yet own a hammock, so this will serve me well. I am a big fan of the sketches, they add to the instructions. It's a hefty book; definitely not one I'd bring to read while backpacking, but a good reference guide that I would refer to at home.
Right away, sections that catch my eye are basic set-up, staying warm, and making your own hammock gear. I am not guaranteeing that I will try and make some of my own hammock gear this year, but it's a definite possibility. I also like that the book goes beyond hammocks, and covers trip prepping in general as well. So far, I like the varying font styles and sizes: I think that they bring excitement to the pages. In large referral books with images, I have always preferred more of a laminated feel vs. newsprint feel from the pages. However, the newsprint style of this book will allow for easy annotation on the pages if desired.


Quick Shots: Lots of images. Comprehensive. Manufacturer comparison chart to help in purchasing a hammock. All-inclusive book (trip planning/packing details included as well).

Thank you and Derek Hansen for allowing me to dive deep into the exciting field of hammock camping! Stay tuned for my Long Term Report come early summer.

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Reviews > Books > Field Guides > The Ultimate Hang 2 > Test Report by Morgan Lypka

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