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Test series by David Wilkes


Initial Report - June 16 2019
Field Report - August 17 2019
Long Term Report - November 17 2019

Tester Information

Name: David Wilkes
Age: 52
Location: Yakima Washington USA
Gender: M
Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
Weight: 210 lb (90.7 kg)


I started backpacking in 1995 when I moved to Washington State. Since then, I have backpacked in all seasons and conditions the Northwest has to offer.  I prefer trips on rugged trails with plenty of elevation gain. While I continuously strive to lighten my load, comfort and safety are most important to me. I have finally managed to get my basic cold weather pack weight, not including consumables, to under 30 lb (14 kg).

Product Information


Beckworth & Co.

Year of Manufacture:


Manufacturer’s Website:


$99.99 USD

Listed Dimensions:

Storage dimensions: 23.6”/65cm x 6”/15.4cm x 4.3”/11cm
Open dimensions:19.7”/50cm x 25.6”/65cm
Open height: Adjustable 17”/43.2cm to 25.6”/65cm
[varified by tester]


Listed: 8.4 lbs / 3.8 kg
Measured 8.8 lbs / 4 kg

Image from

Product Description:

The Beckworth Smartflip bamboo portable folding table is designed to be a sturdy but compact portable table for “ANY OUTDOOR ADVENTURE”. It folds up to fit in its included carrying case and it has adjustable length legs, and comes in two sizes Large and Standard (I received  the Standard size)

Initial Report

June 16 2019

Table TopUpon receiving the table I unpacked it from the included carrying case and set aside the instructions for later, and attempted to see how intuitive its operation is. As it turns out I had no trouble figuring out how to unfold the table top, extend the supporting arms and the legs. Folding it back up for storage was as simple as reversing the process. The hinges are firm and maybe a bit stiff but have a feel of being well manufactured as opposed to begin lose and cheap. The stiffness of the hinges suggest quality construction and durability. When assembled the table seems strong and firm. The weakest point I can see at this point is possibly the leg extensions. The legs are locked into place by friction from a twist type lock similar to what I have seen used in trekking poles. It is my experience if these are not tightened enough they can slip, while if they are tightened too much they can be difficult to loosen. However the advantage to this design is that it provides almost infinite adjustability between the maximum and minimum lengths, also it should allow me to adjust the legs to accommodate uneven surfaces, and I can already see how this could be a huge benefit. I also like that the table can be set low for use with our low camping chairs as well as high to accommodate more standard size chairs.

Folded for storageThe wood used for the top of the table is, according to the manufacturer is “Premium Moso Bamboo” which is the most common species used in the bamboo textile industry due to some characteristics that are superior to other materials. The boards feel more than strong enough for the tables intended use. The aluminum used for the legs and other hardware feels thick and strong, and as mentioned the hinges feel firm and well-constructed.  I could find no indications of flaws or defects.

The manufacturer states it is made to support weight up to 66 lbs / 33 kg

Likes/Dislikes: I like that the table is easy to setup/pack and that it packs down to a convent size for transport. I appreciate the adjustable legs and that it comes with a carrying case.Storage tote

Field Report

August 17 2019
Bron Yr Aur BreweryUse:
  • 2 – Camping trips:
    • Bend Oregon (Sunny and warm) 3 nights
    • Leavenworth Washington (mix of sun and rain) 2 nights
  • 2 – Day trips to a local brewery (Bron Yr Aur Brewing Naches Washington)

This is one of those tests that remind me why I do this. To be totally honest I don’t know if I would have ever purchased this table myself. It is a…um…so? It is like getting a new water bottle to test…really, what could possibly be new and great enough to make me NEED this particular one? But then I use it and learn for myself and hopefully convey my experiences so others can benefit from them.

I would mention here that us and some friends like to attend “festivals” (actual festivals or just outings we call festivals…basically any excuse to camp and/or visit breweries or beer events) and each have our own portable chairs that we simply call our “festival chairs”. After our first visit to a brewery with this table it was quite popular with our group and was quickly dubbed “the festival table” and the name has stuck. When packing to go somewhere, my wife or I will at some point say something along the lines of “don’t forget the festival chairs " and now we also include "and the festival table.” We are also fond of playing board games and this table is just about perfect size for a standard 4 person board game (e.g. Sorry).

Setting the table up remains quick, easy, and totally intuitive. I can (and just for the fun of it have) set it up with my eyes closed. All of the hinges remain tight enough to prevent the parts from moving on their own but not stiff enough that it is difficult, which I take as a sign of quality construction. The adjustable legs have been quite nice. I can set it up low so it is just the right height when my wife and I sit in our small “festival” chairs (small portable camping chairs we use for camping, festivals, backpacking etc.), while fully extended makes the table about right for more standard height chairs (and similar in height to things like picnic tables). Furthermore the legs can be individually adjusted to accommodate uneven surfaces which has the obvious advantage of making it more stable. In regards to stability, it has been my experience that stability and/or strength are the first victims of making something portable, but this is not the case with the Smart Flip table. Between the adjustable legs, stiff joints, and solid construction (wood and metal materials) this table is strong and VERY stable. I would mention we have an old plastic folding table that we have used for years and while it is quick and convenient, it is far from stable so we have to be careful what we put on it. Drinks can and have spilled and there is no way we would put something like a stove or candle on it. But the Beckworth Smart Flip Table is stable enough that we can put anything we want on it with confidence.

CampingI will admit I have been careful to not leave the table out where it can get wet (rain or sprinklers) but that is our standard practice for all of our camping gear and not out of concern for this particular product. The wood has become wet from cold/wet items (e.g. cold drink container) and has encountered a wide range of humidity (high humidity in Leavenworth, extremely low humidity in Naches and at home) and I have seen no indication of warping or discoloration.

Note that I am quite familiar with bamboo and appreciate that it is not only quite sustainable, but also strong and durable.

As a tester I make it a habit of trying to find issues or possible improvements to the products. So far I have not found anything I am dissatisfied with or would improve upon. I do have things I especially like such as the stability the adjustable height and independently adjustable legs, and finally how easy it is to set up and store.

A small side note is that unlike many other products I have used, the included storage bag that came with this table is easy to use and effective, which is in my opinion a testament to the attention to details in the design and construction of this product. 

Long Term Report

November 17 2019
  • Camping – 2 nights – Prosser Washington
  • Day trip - Bron Yr Aur Brewing Naches Washington

During the LTR we used the table while staying in a campground in Prosser Wa to attend a festival. We used the table mainly for serving food, and for another visit to a local brewery where it was used for our food and drinks.

At the conclusion of the testing period I examined the table for any signes of wear or damage but found none. I have been quite happy to see that the hinges are showing no signs of loosening and despite placing wet items directly on the wood, could find no discoloring or other evidence of damage. The legs remain easy to adjust and once set to length have not slipped.

I can say with confidance that this table is now a standard part of our camping equipment and we intend to continue bringing it along for other outdoor activities such as parks, festivals, and breweries. I would note here that near the end of this testing we went to our favorite local brewery for an annual event (wiener dog races and dog costume contest) but forgot to bring the Beckworth table. It was sorely missed and we are unlikely to make that mistake again.

This concludes my Field Report.
I would like to thank the folks at BECKWORTH
and for the opportunity to test this product.


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