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Initial Report - May 5, 2010
Field Report - August 3, 2010
Long Term Report - September 21, 2010

Tester Information:

Name:  Pam Wyant
Age:  52
Gender:  Female
Height:  5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight:  175 lb (79 kg)

E-mail address:  pamwyant(at)yahoo(dot)com
Location:  Western West Virginia, U.S.A.

Backpacking Background:

I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including backpacking,
day-hiking, car camping, and canoeing.  Most of my excursions
are confined to weekends, although I try to fit in at least one
longer backpacking trip each year, and have started section
hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT), accruing a little over 300 mi
(483 km) so far.  My style varies with the activity, but since
becoming a lightweight backpacker, I've noticed I tend to pack
somewhat minimally even on trips where I have more space.
Still, I don't like to sacrifice warmth, comfort, or safety.

Initial Report - May 5, 2010

Product Information:

Manufacturer: ALL-ETT
Model:  Sports Wallet, spinnaker cloth

Year of manufacture:  2010

Advertised weight:  0.10 oz (2.83 g)
Measured weight:   4 g (0.14 oz)

Advertised dimensions:  3 1/8" X 3 3/4" X 1/32"  
Measured dimensions:  consistent with above                          

MSRP:  $14.95 USD

Worlds thinnest wallet

Product Description:

ALL-ETT bills the Sports Wallet as the 'World's Thinnest Wallet', with which I have to concur.  I have never seen a thinner, smaller, or lighter wallet.  The Sports Wallet in spinnaker cloth weighs half what a quart size ZipLock freezer bag does!  And it is thinner than a dime, about the thickness of a dollar bill.

The manufacturer explains on their website that Spinnaker Cloth is a Rip-Stop nylon that is as thin as paper, but very strong.  It is also water-resistant, and yet breathable.  As can be noted in the photo above, the fabric has a grid pattern.  I am testing the black color ~ although the lighting in the picture above makes it look like a dark blue, the actual color is definitely black.  The fabric has a crinkly sound when touched or flexed, something like a brand new dollar bill sounds when handled - not so loud it's annoying, but definitely noticeable.

Opened wallet, compared with dollar bill size

Construction of the wallet is simple - it appears to be cut from a single piece of fabric which is wider on one half.  It appears to then be folded in half, and the longer edges then folded over the wallet body and sewn in place with a straight stitch to form pockets for licenses or credit cards.  A partial line of stitching makes the pockets small enough to keep the cards in place. 

The cut edges of the fabric are folded over and also sewn with a simple straight stitch.   There is no binding or noticeable treatment on the cut edges, but they are straight and fray-free.  My guess is that the edges may be heat-cut to seal them and prevent fraying, but that is merely speculation on my part, as I did not see any information about the construction on the website or packaging materials.  A small manufacturer label is located on the left rear interior.

And that's really all there is to the Sports Wallet ~ simple and minimalist.

Trying it out:

Perfectly sized for cards

I was rather happy to pull everything out of my old wallet as it was getting a little worn and misshapen.  The first thing I did was to weed out a few non-essential cards I had fallen into the habit of carrying, even though I used them maybe once or twice a year, and put them in a plastic sleeve to be stored elsewhere in my purse.  I was easily able to slide three credit cards, a debit card, blood donor/type card, emergency phone card, my drivers license, and answering machine instruction card into the two pockets of the wallet, with room to spare.  Currency fits into the longer interior pocket with only a bit of room to spare ~ perhaps 3/16" (5 cm) at the top and 3/8" (10 cm) on each side. 

When I was finished, the wallet was still incredibly light and thin, much smaller than what I am used to carrying around.  It is so small I am a little worried about losing it out of my purse, but it is also so small I can zip it inside the interior pocket of my purse, so that's what I did, and now it is more secure than my older, larger wallet.

Preliminary Impressions:

The ALL-ETT Sports Wallet certainly lives up to its name as the World's Thinnest Wallet.  I like its simplicity, and I think it will look better than carrying money around in a ZipLock bag when I emerge from the woods into a restaurant or store after a hike.  I also hope it will be more comfortable, as carrying a plastic bag in a pants pocket can soon make my skin feel uncomfortable and sweaty in that area.

Field Report - August 3, 2010

Field Locations and Conditions:

Ramsey's Draft area of George Washington National Forest, May 2010 ~ 17 mi (27 km) overnight backpacking trip.  Temperatures ranged from about 60 F (15 C) during the day, down to freezing at night, with heavy wind, but no precipitation.  Carried the wallet in a front zippered pocket of my Royal Robbins Zip N' Go Convertible Pants.

Cranberry, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia, May 2010 ~ 25 mi (40 km) weekend (2 night) backpacking trip.  Overnight temperatures were in the 50 F (10 C) range, high humidity, light rain one night.  Carried the wallet in a front zippered pocket of my Royal Robbins Zip N' Go Convertible Pants.

I have also used the ALL-ETT Sports Wallet for everyday use, carrying it inside my purse, in my front pants pockets, and in light jacket pockets.

Use and Conclusions:

I have used the ALL-ETT Sports Wallet to carry all of my cash, my drivers license, and an assortment of credit, debit, and identification cards for nearly 3 months now.  I've had only two problems with it.  First, unless the wallet is pretty full, my cards can slide out rather easily when the wallet is opened.  This has not been a problem with the wallet closed, so I've just learned to be careful when I open it so that I don't drop and lose a card.  The second problem is that it is so thin and light that I sometimes have trouble finding it in my purse.  I've taken to always trying to place it in a small zippered pocket, so I can consistently find it.  A couple of times I just tossed it in the main compartment, and almost panicked when I needed it, thinking it had been lost or stolen, because it blends in so well with the black interior of my purse, and it is so small and light it can easily slide under larger articles like my cell phone or checkbook.

After almost 3 months useOn the positive side, the ALL-ETT Sports Wallet has helped reduce bulk and weight inside my purse, which makes it much more comfortable to carry.  And, it is much easier than a thicker wallet to tuck into a front pants pocket to keep it handy and secure if I want to go purseless.

The Sports Wallet has been perfect for backpacking.  It easily fits inside the front zippered pocket of my favorite pair of hiking pants, and rests there very comfortable.  Again, it is so light and thin that I occasionally find myself needing to touch it just to make sure it's there!  I formerly just either tossed my money and cards into a zippered pocket with no other protection, or used a ZipLock bag for them.  The ALL-ETT is not only classier, but keeps everything better organized.  In very hot weather I sometimes found plastic baggies made my leg feel uncomfortably hot and sweaty, even with a layer of fabric between the bag and my leg.  The spinnaker cloth of the Sports Wallet seems to be more breathable, and  it has never felt  uncomfortable in my pocket.

Even with daily use over the last 90 days or so, the Sports Wallet still looks almost as good as new.  Although the fabric is paper thin, it has been very durable.  The top outside corners have developed a small crease, nothing that affects performance.  The stitching on the right side top corner appears to be fuzzing somewhat; again, nothing that is affecting performance.  In the photo to the right, the wallet is filled with about 19 bills (um, mostly $1, unfortunately), and 8 cards.

I am not used to carrying change in my pants pockets, so I do miss having a change compartment in my wallet.  It has been a little strange using the wallet and then getting out a separate change purse if I am paying with dollars and coins.   I would rather like to see a ladies model that incorporated a small zippered coin compartment.


The ALL-ETT Sports Wallet lives up to its name - it is certainly thinner and lighter than any other wallet I've ever carried.  In fact, when I have it filled, it seems about the same thickness as an empty fine leather wallet.

It's better for organization and classier than a ZipLock bag for backpacking, and a good all around everyday wallet also.  Overall I am really enjoying using this wallet, and I am impressed with its durability, but I do wish a model was available with a small zippered compartment for change.

Long Term Report - September 21, 2010

After 4 months use

Field Locations and Conditions:

Girl Scout Camp Sandy Bend, Elizabeth, West Virginia, August 2010 ~ weekend (2 night) tent camping.  Temperatures in the 70-90 F(around 20-30 C), with high humidity. 

Girl Scout Camp Sandy Bend, Elizabeth, West Virginia, August 2010 ~ overnight camping in half cabin.  Temperatures in the 80-90 F (around 25-30 C) range, with high humidity. 

Roaring Plains section of the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia, September 2010 ~ weekend backpacking trip with 3 mi (5 km) of easy trail into a base camp, 13 mi (21 km) rugged day hike, and a 3 mi (5 km) return trip to trailhead.  Temperatures in the 40 F to mid 70 F range (around 5 C to 25 C).  Dry weather, with high wind the first night and high humidity the second night.

Watoga State Park, West Virginia, September 2010 ~ weekend cabin stay, canoeing, hiking, and stream exploration.  Temperatures in the 40 F to 80 F range (around 5 C to 25 C).  Dry weather, low humidity.

I also used the ALL-ETT Sports Wallet on 5 day hikes of 3 mi (5 km) on a local nature trail, and for every day use.

Use and Conclusions:

I have continued to carry the Sports Wallet in my purse daily, and in a front or side pocket of convertible pants for all my hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor activities.  The wallet shows no visible signs of wear beyond the slight creasing of the corners and slight fuzzing of the ends of the stitches at the top edge, as noted in the field report phase.  I have recently been carrying 6 cards in the wallet (3 on each side), and this seems to be working well.  I'm not sure why, but the tendency for the cards to slide out that I noted in the earlier part of the test has lessened, and I no longer have to be careful that I don't lose a card when I open the wallet.

The wallet is so light and thin that I don't even notice I am carrying it in my pocket during my backpacking and hiking trips.  In fact, I found myself checking my pockets occasionally just to reassure myself it was still there, since it never felt bulky or heavy in my pockets.  In my purse, I've found I like  to always place it in a zippered pocket to make it easy to find.  This has the added benefit of being more secure - something I could never do with a bulkier wallet.

The Sports Wallet is a perfect size for the essentials I need to carry on a daily basis and while enjoying outdoor activities.  It easily accommodates 6-8 cards and a good amount of currency (about 25 bills is the most I ever carried).  I do still miss a change compartment, and would still love to see a ladies model with a small zippered compartment suitable for a few coins.  Other than that, I consider the ALL-ETT Sports Wallet about as perfect as it gets for both hiking and every day use.


The ALL-ETT Sports Wallet definitely lives up to its billing as the "World's Thinnest Wallet".  It is so light and thin that I can place it in a pocket and forget  about it until I need it.  And it's much classier than dumping all my cash and cards into a Zip-Lock to save weight while backpacking.  It's also a lot more breathable than a Zip-Lock, and that makes it more comfortable to carry in my pocket warm weather.

Overall I am very pleased with the Sports Wallet and will continue to use it as my every day wallet.  Although it has been very durable, when the time comes that it eventually wears out, I expect that I will be purchasing another as a replacement.  I really don't see myself going back to a bulkier leather wallet (or a Zip-Lock bag for backpacking) after using this nice little featherweight.  It's a definite 'keeper'!

Thanks to ALL-ETT and for the opportunity to test the World's Thinnest Wallet Sports Wallet.

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