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Earbags, Outdoor Earbags 
Owner Review by Erin Foudy
January 07, 2012

Tester Info:
Name: Erin Foudy
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11'' (1.8 m)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Email address: erinfoudyATyahooDOTcom
City, State, Country: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Backpacking Background:
I started backpacking while working for the National Park service ten years ago.  I have been a backcountry ranger/law enforcement ranger and served on search and rescue crews.  I typically take two or more camping trips a month, year round.  I appreciate light weight, but am not obsessed by it.  I often carry a 30 lb (14 kg) pack and stay out from three to nine days at a time.  I also enjoy day trips with only water on my back.  I take trips to Colorado and Montana in the summertime and enjoy the outdoors there as well.

Info and specs:
Manufacturer: Earbags
Year of Manufacture: 2005
Listed Weight: Not listed
Actual Weight: 14 g (0.5 oz)
Size: Small
Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Color: Black
Available Colors: Black, Brown, Forest Green, Dark Grey, Navy Blue
MSRP: €12,50

Sizing Chart (at
Measure the height of your ear:
Small - 6 cm
Medium - 6 cm - 7 cm
Large - 7 cm -


The Outdoor Earbags come in a small red stuff sack.  The writing on the stuff sack reads that they are bandless ear warmers.  There is a drawstring cord to tighten and loosen the sack.  The warmers themselves are black and made of fleece.  The Earbags logo can be seen on the inside of the earbag's white colored fleece.  They are an oval shape, contoured just right for my ear, with a little pocket that snaps comfortably around my ear.  They fit well, and the weight is unnoticeable.  

In the Field:

Cayonlands National Park:    
Temperatures: 30 F to 80 F (-1 C to 27 C)
Elevation: 4800 ft to 6800 ft (1463 m to 2073 m)
Duration of Trip: Three 9-day backpacking trips

Mt. Whitney:
Temperature: 20 F to 75 F (-7 C to 24 C)
Elevation: 10700 ft to 14496 ft (3261 m to 4418 m)
Duration of Trip: 1 day

Sequoia National Park:
Temperature: 20 F to 75 F (-7 C to 24 C)
Elevation: 6730 ft to 12300 ft (2051 m to 3749 m)
Duration of Trip: 9 day backpack


Canyonlands National Park:
I used the Earbags most nights and early mornings during my backcountry ranger duties in the Maze district of the park.  The Maze is the least accessible district of Canyonlands, so I spent extended time in the backcountry every trip.  I liked that I could wear the Earbags instead of a hat or beanie and that they helped to keep my ears warm and cozy.

Mt Whitney:
The Earbags were a great wind blocker on this trip.  The weather fluctuated a lot and I wore them on and off all day long.  When I didn't need my Earbags it was easy to store them in a pocket for later use.  My one complaint is that if I brushed the Earbags with my hand while pulling my hair back the Earbags occasionally fell off.

Sequoia National Park:
During my trip in Sequoia the mornings were often very cold.  Using Earbags and a beanie helped to keep me warm and content.  The Earbags are so lightweight that it is easy to forget I am wearing them at times.  This can be both a positive and a negative; positive in that they are almost unnoticeable yet still keep me warm, and negative in that I forget I have them on, and may inadvertently knock them off putting a pack on or messing with my hair.       

Overall the Earbags are a good buy.  My ears get cold and start to hurt easily, and the Earbags help to keep me warm with no discomfort.  I like that they are  lightweight, small, and convenient.  The price isn't bad either.

Things I like:
1.  Warm
2.  Lightweight
3.  Small
4.  Good wind blocker

Things I don't like:
1.  Occasionally fall off if they rub against something.

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Reviews > Clothing > Accessories > Earbags - Outdoor > Owner Review by Erin Foudy

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