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EvridWear Heated Thermal Gloves
Owner Review by Mike Lipay
February 26, 2021

Reviewer Information
Height:5' 6" (1.6 meters)
Weight:156 lb (71 kg)
Home:Southwest Pennsylvania, USA
Background:I’ve been hiking since ’65 with occasional backpacking trips (backpacking became a love affair in the early 80’s). My first sleeping bag weighed in at 8 lb (3.6 kg) by itself! These days my loaded pack only weighs about 15 lb (6.8 kg) sans food. While most of my adventures are in the Northeast I’ve also been spending a good deal of time in the desert Southwest and most places in-between. My trips tend be in the cooler months - September through May - as I’m not much of a hot-weather person.

Product Information
Manufacturer: FJDZ International, Inc.
Year Acquired: 2020
MSRP: $149.99 US
Materials: 3M Thinsulate, HIPORA, Neoprene, Goat Leather
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Xtra-Large, XX-Large
Colors: Pink, Grey, Black
Weight, measured: Battery: 7.2 oz (203 g)
Gloves: 7.6 oz (217 g)
Together: 14.9 oz (421g)

Product Description

The EvridWear Heated Thermal Gloves are operated by a pair of rechargeable batteries. They have three heat levels that are indicated by a colored LED on the back of the gloves, the levels roughly correspond to:

  • Green - 104-113F (40-45C)
  • Blue - 122-131F (50-55C)
  • Red - 140-150F (60-66C)

NOTE: The website switches the Blue and Green levels, what I mention here is what is in the manual that came with my gloves.

Usage Report

My hands get incredibly cold in the winter, they always have. When I was young I would wear fur-lined leather gloves that did a nice job of keeping me warm, but I can’t find gloves like that anymore. Every year I go on a hunt for the “right” gloves that make my winter activities bearable, my winter gear box is loaded with gloves that either don’t do a good job or that barely do a good job. When I saw these heated gloves at a local store I thought I’d give them a try, I could always return them if they don’t work out.

When I got them home and unboxed them the first thing I noticed is that they are bulky - boxed shaped fingers, thick fingers and hand areas - they are not going to be dexterous gloves. The second thing I noticed was the weight - with the batteries they are heftier that my other gloves, nearly a pound (454 g) each! The instructions say to fully charge the batteries before use, out of the box they seemed to have some charge already in them because it only took an hour to charge them (more on that later).

There is a zippered pocket on the outside bottom of the gloves where the battery connects and is stored. I installed the batteries as directed, put them on, and turned the power on, this is done by pressing the square button until it lights up. When it does come on it comes on at its full power (Red), pressing the button once takes it down to the next level (Blue), another press takes it down to its lowest level (Green), one more press and it goes back to full power. To turn it off I have to press the button and hold it down until the light goes out. The gloves warm up quickly, in less than a minute I already felt the gloves heating up. To preserve heat the gloves are insulated with 3M Thinsulate, and they have a HIPORA liner to prevent water from entering the gloves.

In actual usage I’ve been wearing the Heated Thermal Gloves when the temps hit the mid-30’sF (1C and below). I will turn them on to the Red level to warm up, then drop them down to the level I need for the weather conditions. Most of the time I am fine at the Green level, only going to Blue when the temps drop into the low-20’sF (-5C and below). The only time I’ve had to leave it on Red was when the temps dropped below 5F (-15C), fortunately only twice this year. I have never had a time when these gloves haven’t been able to keep my hands warm.

I’ve used the EvridWear Heated Gloves in all types of weather: rain, snow, and clear weather, in all three conditions the gloves performed admirably. Rain did not soak through the gloves, and snow brushed off nicely. Even without a good seal around the wrist I did not experience any moisture penetrating the gloves from around the opening. Sadly, the one area they did not perform well in was in making snowballs - they melted.

I usually charge the batteries once a week (they have to be removed and unplugged from the gloves to charge) and it averages 1-2 hours to charge, depending on how much I used them that week (average about 2 hours/day). During the frigid week (when I had to keep them on Red level) they fully discharged before the end of the week, from this level they took 4 hours to recharge. Using them in this manner I found that I can easily get 14 hours at a combined Green and Blue level use without fully discharging the batteries.

The one issue I have with the gloves is that they have a pull tab to snug the gloves around the wrist. The tab passes through a cord lock, I find it too difficult to snug down the cord lock one-handed with bulky gloves. Additionally, where the cord lock sits it rubs against my wrist, I’m seriously thinking of removing it since I can’t figure out how to use the cord lock.


The EvridWear Heated Thermal Gloves fit nicely and do keep my hands warm. They do have a screen sensor coating on the index finger and thumb, but I still find the gloves too bulky to effectively use them with my smartphone.

  • Things I like:
    • Really warm.
    • Battery lasts a decent amount of time.
    • Charging time is acceptable.
    • Even without the heater on the insulation is decent.

  • Things I don't like:
    • Cord lock rubs against my wrist making it annoying.
    • Because of the bulkiness I find it impossible for me to snug down the cord lock.
    • I can’t use the touchscreen feature due to the bulkiness of the gloves.

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