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Seirus Blunt Heatwave Liner Gloves
Owner Review by Mike Lipay
February 21, 2021

Reviewer Information
Height:5' 6" (1.6 meters)
Weight:156 lb (71 kg)
Home:Southwest Pennsylvania, USA
Background:I’ve been hiking since ’65 with occasional backpacking trips (backpacking became a love affair in the early 80’s). My first sleeping bag weighed in at 8 lb (3.6 kg) by itself! These days my loaded pack only weighs about 15 lb (6.8 kg) sans food. While most of my adventures are in the Northeast I’ve also been spending a good deal of time in the desert Southwest and most places in-between. My trips tend be in the cooler months - September through May - as I’m not much of a hot-weather person.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Seirus
Year Acquired: 2020
URL: Seirus
MSRP: $22.99 US
Material: Not listed.
Sizes: Jr/XS, SM/MD, LG/XL (SM/MD Tested)
Colors: Black, Gold, and Silver
Weight, measured: 1 oz (30 g) per pair in SM/MD

Product Description

The Series Heatwave Liner Gloves are made of a patented lining attached to a base material (material not identified). The gloves can be worn either as a lightweight glove or as a liner underneath any gloves for additional warmth. The gloves are meant to be skintight so that the Heatwave material can reflect the heat back onto the hands.

Usage Report

I found these in a local store while looking for a new wrap for my bicycle handles, they looked nice and I am always on the lookout for ways to keep my hands warm in the winter. Of all my body parts my hands are the most difficult to keep warm, always have been. So any time something new comes out, that looks like it might help, I will grab it up. I think my winter gear box has more gloves than Imelda Marcos has shoes. With their catchy silver exterior I figured they would do a good job at reflecting the heat back onto my hands, and since they were on sale I figured - why not?

I have been using them religiously since the cold weather hit our area back in November of 2020, at this point that is about 3-1/2 months. I’ve used the Heatwave Liner Gloves as solo gloves when the temps were in the 49-40 F range (9-4 C), after that my hands just got too cold to use these solo (note here, that is a “feels like” temperature, with windchill taken into account). Below that I used them only as liners under my stretchy wool gloves or mid-weight fleece-lined gloves, these I wore until the “feels like” temps reached the freezing point (32 F, 0 C), below which I just didn’t use them as they really didn’t seem to make much of a difference. As solo gloves I did not wear them if it was raining, they are not water resistant and just absorbed the rain. I did wear them solo when it snowed since the snow did not penetrate the shiny outer fabric.

What I have discovered about the Heatwave Liner Gloves is that they have not performed as well as I had hoped. While the weave seems tight they let even the mildest breeze through, more so than even a pair of wool liners that I have. Additionally, when I used them as liners they didn’t do a good job of reflecting the heat back. The packaging description and Seirus’ website seem to indicate that the silver side of the glove is the outside, which seems odd to me. I have thermal base layers with silver lining and the silver goes on the inside to reflect the heat back. I base my review on what Seirus says should be the outside.

When used as a liner under lightweight insulated gloves I find that even at upper 30’s F (+2.5 C) my hands still get cold within 20 minutes. With these gloves it would have happened anyway, just maybe a few minutes earlier. I was very disappointed. All things considered I do not intend on buying a pair to replace the missing glove.

One of the features of the gloves is the ability to use it on a touchscreen, it kind of works. I don’t know about other brands or models, I have an iPhone 6, while it does work on the screen it cannot activate the home button to wake the phone up, so it is necessary to remove the glove to wake the phone up. Other than that it does work the touchscreen for scrolling and typing.

Note that last week I lost the gloves at the airport when TSA decided to pull my backpack and do a full inspection. Since I was then in a hurry to make boarding I didn’t check, when I got to my hotel in Seattle I discovered that one of the gloves was missing, a call to TSA back home resulted in finding that they had no record of a lost glove. Wonder if I can buy just one glove?ht


The Seirus Heatwave Liner Gloves look really sharp and fit nicely. They do a decent job of working the touchscreen on a cellphone.

  • Things I like:
    • Works the touchscreen on a cellphone well.
    • Fits my hands very well.

  • Things I don't like:
    • Not really warm, and that is the purpose of a glove.
    • Lets a breeze through all too easily.

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