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When I Grow Up Inc.
Snot Spot - Hand Spot & Glove Spot

Test Series

by Scott Wasley
Last Update July 3, 2007

Reviewer Information:

Name: Scott Wasley
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 10” (178 cm)
Weight: 180 lb (82 kg)
Email address: snw61(at)yahoo(dot)com
City, State, Country: Idaho Falls, ID, U.S.A

Backpacking Background:

I am an avid backpacker, kayaker, skier, and all around outdoorsman. I began backpacking thirty-five years ago at the age of 10. I have hiked mostly in the western part of the United States (Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana). I am generally a mid-weight hiker, mainly because I like to take a little extra gear to be comfortable. I have recently spent a good share of my time in the Yellowstone National Park backcountry.

Initial Report:

Product Information:

Year of Manufacture: 2007
Snot Spot Listed Weight - Hand Spot: Not Listed
Listed Weight - Glove Spot: Not Listed
Measured Weight - Hand Spot: 0.4 oz (11 g)
Measured Weight - Glove Spot: 0.5 oz (14 g)
Material: 100% Polyester (microfleece)
Warranty: None Listed
Manufacturer: When I Grow Up Inc.
MSRP: Glove Spot - $9.95 USD
MSRP: Hand Spot - $9.95 USD

Product Description:

The products are made from a 100% polyester soft micro fleece material that appears to be very absorbent. Both Snot Spots are double layered fabric so that one can use both sides. However, this means the used side would be next to the wearer's glove or bare hand. All sewn seams appear to be durable and complete. Each Snot Spot has its own sewn-on tag identifying the fabric type and washing instructions (machine-washable). The color of both Snot Spots received for this test are black; a skin color is also available according to the manufacturer’s website.

The Hand Spot is a double thickness fabric sewn into a triangular shape. The finger attachment is nothing more than a sewn sleeve approximately 4” (100 mm) outside diameter and 2 7/8” (73 mm) inside diameter, that the user puts their finger into. The wrist attachment is a hook & loop type adjustable band ranging from 7” to 8” (108 to 203 mm) in diameter and the overall length is 6” (152 mm). The Hand Spot is intended to be worn over the bare hand or with light weight gloves.

The Glove Spot is a double thickness fabric sewn into a triangular shape also. The finger attachment is nothing more than a sewn sleeve approximately 6” (152 mm) outside diameter and 4 ¼” (108 mm) inside diameter, that the user puts their finger into. The wrist attachment is sewn into a non-adjustable loop band 10” (254 mm) in diameter. This Snot Spot is size specific, due to the non-adjustable wrist band. The overall length is 6 ¾” (171 mm). The Glove Spot is designed to be worn with thick winter gloves.

The Snot Spots arrived with an attached identifier paper band describing size and product style, i.e. Glove Spot and Hand Spot. On each band, there is an illustration showing how each Snot Spot is to be worn. The band also identifies that the Snot Spots can be worn on either hand.

The company also manufactures a size specific Mitten Snot Spot that is to be worn over a thick winter mitten, this product is not part of this test.

Initial Impressions:

The Snot Spot was exactly what I expected it to be. The micro fleece is a low-pile material that is very soft to the touch. I tried each Snot Spot on and they seemed to fit reasonably well. Because the Glove Spot does not have a hook & loop closure system, the wrist band seamed to be more cumbersome to put on than the Hand Spot. The stiching appears to be straight with well-finished seams.

Proposed Test Locations:

I plan to test the Snot Spot while cross-country skiing, hiking, and kayaking in the following Idaho locations: the Pine Creek Pass near Swan Valley; the Kelly Canyon Nordic Ski Area near Ririe; and the Rapid Creek area near Inkom. I may also wear it kayaking the Snake River near Idaho Falls. Currently, I am considering mainly day trips, but there may be an occasional overnight trip. Average temperatures in southeastern Idaho during the potential test period should range between 78 F (26 C) to 25 F (-4 C). There is always the potential for wind, rain, and snow as well.

Proposed Test Plan:

The items I will evaluate during this test include:

· Overall Quality of Materials and Workmanship
· Fit and Comfort
· Absorbency
· Launderability
· Long-Term Durability

Field Report:

May 2, 2007

Field Conditions:

I wore the Snot Spot while cross-country skiing in the Kelly Canyon Nordic Area near Ririe, Idaho. Located nearly 26 miles (42 km) from Idaho Falls, the Kelly Canyon Nordic Area is in the Targhee National Forest, near the Snake River. The Nordic Area varies in elevation from 5,900 ft (1,798 m) to 6,700 ft (2,042 m) and includes approximately 24 miles (39 km) of cross-country ski trails. On two separate cross-country ski trips into the Kelly Canyon Nordic Area, we began skiing around 7:00 pm. We skied approximately two hours to the warming hut, where we spent the night. The temperature at the time we started each night was in the low 20s F (-7 C) and dropped to 0 F (-18 C) later in the night. The next morning, we skied out.

I also wore it on numerous evening hikes near my home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Snot Spot


I wore the Glove Spot over a pair of loose-fitting Gore-Tex gloves with Thinsulate insulation and also over a pair of wool-lined leather ski gloves. The Glove Spot fit nicely over my gloves. Initially, I thought I would prefer a hook and loop fastener on the Glove Spot. However, after several times donning and doffing the gloves, I discovered the stretchable wrist portion allowed me to easily remove the glove without having to readjust the Glove Spot wristband. In addition, the stretchable wristband held the Glove Spot in place.

When temperatures were such that gloves were not required, I wore the Hand Spot on my nightly walks through the neighborhood. After wearing the Hand Spot for a period of time, it became apparent to me, that a hook and loop closure was essential. This adjustable closure kept the wristband securely in place on all my walks.


In general, for both the Glove Spot and Hand Spot, with a day's beard growth, I observed that the material caught on the stubble under my nose. Consequently, the double layers of material would slide on one another, impeding a quick and simple wiping action. After wearing for a short period of time, I became so accustomed to it, that I barely felt the Hand Spot and Glove Spot. However, it was there and available when I needed it. In addition, they did not restrict my grip while putting on my skis, my pack, or using my ski poles.

I washed both Snot Spot products after each use. The material retains its color and is still soft to the touch. There is no visible pilling or loose threads. The hook and loop closure on the Hand Spot continues to work well. Neither product has shrunk or stretched in size after multiple uses and launderings.

The Snot Spot serves a useful purpose, especially if one has a runny nose. It is light weight, compact, and easy to use.

Long-Term Report:

July 3, 2007

Field Conditions:

Since the Field Report, I have worn the Snot Spot while riding my bicycle near my home in southeastern Idaho. Temperatures ranged from 50 - 70 F (10 - 20 C). I also wore the Snot Spot while kayaking in the Snake River in southeastern Idaho. Temperatures while kayaking ranged from 38 - 50 F (3 - 10 C). Due to the warmer weather, I was not able to wear the Glove Spot during the Long-Term Test phase.


While riding my bicycle, the Snot Spot did not impede my ability to grip the handlebars, brakes, and shifters. I used it to wipe the sweat from my forehead as well as my runny nose. In my kayak, the Snot Spot did not affect my ability to grip the paddle. However, I was more cautious about getting my hand wet, as I did not want the Snot Spot to become saturated with water.

After multiple washings, the Snot Spot is still soft to the touch. It has also maintained its shape. There are no loose threads or broken seams. There is no pilling as well. The Snot Spot has also maintained its absorbency.

Overall, I am pleased with the Snot Spot and Glove Spot and feel that they are good products; especially for people with runny noses.

This concludes my Long-Term Report. I would like to thank BackPackGearTest and When I Grow Up, Inc. for the opportunity to test both the Glove Spot and Hand Spot.

Scott Wasley
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