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May 18, 2010


NAME: Mike Williams
EMAIL: mlebwillATyahooDOTcom
AGE: 36
LOCATION: Milliken, Colorado, United States
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 225 lb (102.00 kg)

I was introduced to backpacking as a teenager through scouts in Colorado Springs, Colorado and fell in love with it. I continued to actively backpack through college and took a break to start a career and family. A few years ago we decided as a family to become very active in hiking, backpacking and camping. Currently my wife, son (8 yrs) and I hike and backpack extensively in Colorado and South Dakota as a family. We continually look for the right balance of lightweight, durable, comfortable and safe gear for our family to enhance our outdoor experiences.

Product Infomation

Manufacturer: Headsweats
Year of Manufacture: 2010
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US$ 22.00
Listed Weight: none
Measured Weight: 2.3 oz (65 g)
Size: One Size Fits All
Colors Available: Black, Navy, Read
Color Reviewed: Navy

Product Details

The Headsweats Podium Hat is a traditionally shaped baseball cap that has integrated technical features to enhance performance. The hat, which is a one size fits all is styled after a fitted (non adjustable) baseball hat. The Podium is not an adjustable hat; however it does adjust through the integration of an elastic band that is sewn into the hat.

The hat is constructed out of Aqua Trans, a synthetic fabric that transfers moisture to the outside of the hat where it can evaporate quickly. This fabric, which features an SPF 20 rating is also machine washable and is the primary material that makes up the 6 panels, which are a traditional element of a baseball hat. Each panel includes an embroidered eyelet, in a contrasting color, that has been included to aid in ventilation and moisture control. The panels join at the crown of the cap and are secured with a metal button that is covered in the same Aqua Trans fabric that the panels are made from. One panel, on the right side, includes the Headsweats logo which has been embroidered in the same contrasting stitching as the eyelets.

Four of the six panels are sewn into the elastic band at the bottom of the hat. The two panels that are not sewn into the elastic band are the two front panels which are sewn into the bill of the hat as well as a sweatband. The sweatband, a plush band that is made from Super-soft Aqua Trans Terry fabric is also connected to the elastic band and completes the inner band of the hat. The bill of the hat is a traditional baseball style bill that is made from cardboard and covered in the same fabric as the panels on the top and bottom of the bill. The edge of the bill has a bead of contrasting fabric that is the same color as the embroidering on the panels.

Field Performance

I have had this hat for three months and find that I wear it quite often, which has been almost every sunny day that I haven't needed a winter hat. I find the hat incredibly light, so much so that I often forget that I'm wearing a hat, especially when I can't see the brim because I am wearing it backwards. It is a well made hat that almost custom forms to fit my head. Additionally the elastic band really aids the hat staying on my head in high wind. Even though the color I have chosen is dark, I have not noticed an issue with overheating due to sun exposure.

Very Packable and Crushable

Moisture wicks away from the fabric very fast. I have had the hat on while I worked up a good sweat and got the hat damp, within 5 minutes of removing the hat and letting it air out it was dry as a bone; however a slight dampness remained on the headband. I have not had any sweat stains, residual salt left in the fabric after the sweat has evaporated. However, I have noticed that the hat can get a little ripe with odor easily, which is a common issue I have had with all forms of synthetic wicking fabrics. When I do notice an odor I simply wash it out under a faucet, let it air dry and it is as good as new.

Given the technical fabric as well as the lack of a stiffening fabric in the two front panels, which is included in most of my traditional ball caps, the Podium can pack down very small. I would refer to this hat as a "crusher", a hat that I can ball up and stash in a water bottle pocket and not damage or misshape the hat in any way.

Note the inner band and how it can fold over

The only negative that I have with the hat is that the headband is loosely secured and can double over on itself. When this happens, the hat is slightly uncomfortable and adjustment is needed. Additionally the elastic band and sweatband has left an impression on my forehead, but that goes away quickly and I'm not bothered by it.

Things I Like…

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Dries quickly

  • Packable

  • It is a good looking hat

Things That I Would Change…

  • It can stink

  • Causes hat hair and a forehead mark

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Reviews > Clothing > Hats, Caps and Visors > Headsweats Podium Hat > Owner Review by Michael Williams

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