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KUHL Renegade Hat
Owner Review by Christie Kimber
March 30, 2018

Name: Christie Kimber
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 6’0” (183 cm)
Weight: 145 lb (65 kg)
Email address: christiekimber AT yahoo DOT com
City, State, Country: Courtenay, British Columbia (BC), Canada
Backpacking Background: I started hiking in 2015 when I moved from Saskatchewan to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I tend to be a bit of a weekend warrior. I like day hikes up to week-long excursions. I am a three-season, usually fair weather, hiker. Vancouver Island gets a lot of rain and has a moderate climate. As I collect more gear, I plan decrease pack weight and increase condition variability.

Manufacturer: KUHL
Year of Manufacture: 2017 (still being produced)
Manufacturer’s website:
MSRP: USD $28.00
Available Sizes: one size fits all
Bill length: 2.75 inches
Available colors: Koal, Birch, Brushed Nickel, Khaki, Metal Blue
Tested color: Koal
Made in China

The KUHL Renegade hat is a baseball style cap. Its main feature is the DURALUX softshell fabric, which claims to offer strong, breathable, anti-abrasion, and quick-dry properties, according to the manufacturer website.
The DURALUX fabric is 95% Nylon, and 5% Spandex with DWR of 5oz per sq/yard (170 GSM). This material combination also offers SPF 50 sun protection.
The Renegade hat is constructed with multiple panels. There is an adjustable strap at the back that has been designed for use with one hand. The brim of the hat is stiff.


This hat comes as one size fits all. It has an adjustable strap to customize fit for most head shapes. It does not fit very large or very small heads, as I did try it on a few different friends.

Field Testing:
I was encouraged to purchase this hat after going on a three-day hiking trip where I suffered moderate heat stroke. I did not pack my other hat at the time because it was completely stiff and structured and I didn’t want it to get squished in my pack. Since purchasing this hat, it has become my go-to for all outdoor adventures. I have used it kayaking in the rain, on sunny snowshoeing days, on easy day hikes for sun protection, and on more intense hikes with elevation. This is particularly a “must-pack” hat for me for any overnight adventures.
Some examples of where I have used this hat include:
  • Olympic National Park, Washington, USA
    • Elevation: coastal beach walks and alpine hikes up to 1300 m (4300 ft)
    • Trip duration: 10 days
    • Weather: direct sun, no cloud cover
    • Temperatures: 15 – 30 C (59 – 86 F)
  • Juan De Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
    • Elevation: coastal, minimal elevation change
    • Trip duration: 4 days
    • Weather: wet and muddy, heavy rain one day. Rock beaches and rainforest trail.
    • Temperatures: 5 – 17 C (41 – 63 F)
  • Mount Washington Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
    • Elevation: 1600 m (5200 ft)
    • Trip duration: day trips
    • Weather: clear, sunny day, minimal snow
    • Temperatures: -5 to 1 C (23 – 34 F)
Technical features:
As mentioned above, the main reason I purchased this hat was because of the DURALUX softshell fabric that makes up the body of the hat. I needed a hat without structure that could be easily rolled up and stuffed in a pack, but not lose style or function when unpacked. This hat definitely fits this need for me. I bring this hat on all overnight hikes for this reason. It packs small, and conforms to my head as soon as I put it on.  The soft fabric is also very comfortable.

Rolled Renegade hat, perfect for packing

I can also attest to the fact that the DURALUX fabric is breathable and dries quickly. It works great both on sweaty and rainy days. On warm days, the hat wicks away sweat and keeps my head cool. It dries within minutes once I take it off. On rainy days, it again, wicks moisture from my head. Depending how saturated it gets, it can dry within minutes to hours.
I cannot comment particularly on the anti-abrasion properties of this hat. I also wonder how highly desired of a feature anti-abrasion is for a soft-shell hat. I have scraped it on a few low, over handing trees, and have not had any issues, but other than that this hat has not come across any direct, abrasive trauma. In general, however, the material of this hat has held up great. I have had it for over a year and have worn it about 30 days total. It has also been crammed into many different bags. It still looks brand new to me, even the stiff brim.
The adjustable strap at the back of the Renegade can change the circumference of the hat by about 10 cm (4 inches), so in my opinion it has a pretty wide size range. I tried to adjust the strap with only one hand, as apparently this is a specific design feature. It is doable; however, I still feel as though using two hands is more efficient. I also couldn’t think of many situations where I would need to adjust the hat with only one hand. I certainly did not come across any naturally while wearing it. I tried it out only because it was an advertised feature of the hat.
The clasp is a simple push and pull mechanism that slides back and forth along a piece of nylon and locks the fabric in place at the desired location. Depending on head size, one issue I did notice is that the excess adjustable nylon fabric has no place to be tucked away, so for my smaller head size I had quite a bit of fabric from the strap hanging off the back. I ended up wrapping it around itself, but if left to hang down it did tickly my neck a bit. The extra fabric could be easily cut, but I have not done this yet. I do like the soft nylon fabric that the adjustable strap is made of because it is pony tail friendly. I can easily fit my ponytail through the dome shaped opening, even with thicker hair, without compromising fit.

Excess adjustable strap

In terms of sun protection, the Renegade hat offers SPF 50 protection. I can happily say I have not experienced anymore symptoms of sun stroke since using it. I did purchase a darker color, so the hat does warm up a bit, but my head is well protected. The stiff brim also offers eye protection from the sun. Since this is a baseball styled cap, there is no sun protection for the neck.
I would also like to note, I purchased the darker colored hat to prevent stains from sweating on the inside brim. To date, I have had no issue with this. I cannot comment on how the lighter color would do, but I have had this problem with hats in the past.
For me, style tends to be the last consideration when purchasing outdoor gear, but I do like the look of this hat. It has a bit flatter dome and square front panel giving it more of a patrol cap look rather than a classic baseball cap. I have had quite a few compliments on it.

The KUHL Renegade hat is a baseball style cap that is made of softshell fabric and a stiff brim. It offers both sun and moisture protection. The adjustable nylon strap offers a custom fit for most head sizes.

•    Packable
•    Weather protection
•    Style

•    Does not fit all head sizes
•    Excess material on adjustable strap

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