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INITIAL REPORT - July 15, 2013
LONG TERM REPORT - November 26, 2013


NAME: Mike Pearl
EMAIL: mikepearl36ATyahooDOTcom
AGE: 39
LOCATION: Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 155 lb (70.30 kg)

I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and get out at every opportunity. I am a three-season backpacker and year round hiker. Currently, my trips are two to three days long as well as an annual week-long trip. I utilize the abundant trail shelters in my locale and pack a backup tarp-tent. I like to cover big distances while still taking in the views. I have lightweight leanings but function and reliability are the priority. I mostly travel woodland mountain terrain but enjoy hiking beautiful trails anywhere.



Manufacturer: Tilley Endurables IMAGE 1
Year of Manufacture: 2013
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US$ 84.00

Listed Weight: 4.2 oz (119 g)
Measured Weight: 4.4 oz (125 g)
Color: Grey Mix
Fabric: 70% Recycled Hemp and 30% Recycled Organic Cotton

My Head Circumference: 22 3/8 in (57 cm)
Size Tested: 7 1/8
Sizes Available: 6-7/8 up to 8+
Style Tested: THM6 - Men's
Other Styles Available: THM5 - Men's and THM9 - Women's

The main difference between the three styles is the brim size. This changes the weight of each slightly.
THM6 - Front and Back - 3 1/2 in (8.9 cm), Sides - 2 1/2 in (6.4 cm) Weight - 4.2 oz (119 g)
THM5 - Front - 2 5/8 in (6.7 cm), Back - 2 3/4 in (7 cm), Sides - 2 1/8 in (5.4 cm) Weigth 3.9 oz (111) IMAGE 2
THM9 - Front - 3 in (7.6 cm), Back - 2 3/4 in (7 cm), Sides - 3 in (7.6 cm) Weight 3.7 oz (105 g)

All Styles Feature:
-UPF (ultraviolet factor) 50+, blocks 98% of UVA/UVB radiation
-Each hat is hand-sewn, all seams are lock-stitched
-Repels rain and floats
-Secret pocket
-Chin Strap with wind cord
-Guaranteed for life not to wear out
-Insured against loss

Style Specifc Features:
-Ventilation Mesh 3/4 in ( cm) around the crown (THM5 & THM6 Only)
-Removable Matching Head Band (THM9 Only)


The Mash-Up hat arrived in good condition. The fabric has an interesting irregular spattering of red, white and black threads throughout an overall light gray. The brim is thicker than the body of the hat. This gives me the sense of heft and warmth. The hat looks very well made. The materials and stitching are solid, not a loose thread or stitch to be found. The sweat band is extremely soft and smooth, almost felt like. The wind cord and chin strap is made of what looks like a thick shoelace.

Several tags are attached to the Mash-Up. One listing style, size and price. A second about the hats ultraviolet protection rating and other steps to practicing sun safety. Another stating country of origin, Canada. The last tag lists several hat features and explains how it should fit. The Mash-Up is the correct size if two fingers (flat) can be inserted between the hat and the forehead.

Inside the hat is an area for the owner to write their contact information. There is also a label in English and French with several facts about the hat. This includes the standard materials and care instructions. As well as Tilley's statement of "insured against loss and guaranteed for life, replace free if it ever wears out." I am always rather amazed when reading this. But when the label goes on to say, "handcrafted with Canadian persnicketiness" who am I to doubt it. Under this label is a Velcro sealed "hidden pocket". Inside the pocket is a plastic bag containing the Owners Manual and eight Brag Tags. The Manual contains the story that inspired the Mash-Up hat, use and care instructions as well as Tilley's guarantee and insurance. The Brag Tags are humorous advertisement cards to distribute to anyone who asks about the Mash-Up hat.

The feature that surprises me the most is the Mash-Up's ablilty to float. The floatation is made possible by a layer of closed-cell polyethylene foam. The foam is located in the crown of the hat. It is visible through the secret pocket. I have never thought about floatation when it comes to hats. I will have to check this out on an upcoming canoe trip.


Care - Frequent washing is needed to prevent non-removable sweat stains that can possibly lead to rot.
Machine wash on delicate cycle separately or hand wash in cool water. Do not bleach as it will slowly rot the hat. Smooth and reshape the hat by hand and air dry.

How to Adjust the Wind Cord - Tighten the chin strap by adjusting the knots on the back cord. Slide the two knots away from each other to shorten it, until it's as snug as desired.

The chin strap and wind cord are one continuous piece. It is laced through the eyelets on the side of the hat. Then knotted together at the back making the length adjustable.

Insurance - Two-year, all perils, 50% deductible insurance policy. If irretrievably lost, stolen or destroyed within two years of date of purchase Tilley will replace it at 50% of current catalog price, plus shipping and taxes.

Guarantee - If a unbleached Tilley Hat ever wears out, mail back with a $7.50 check (within North America), 5 check (within U.K.), $20.00 check (other countries) or credit card number and expiration date to cover shipping and Tilley will replace the hat free.


Plunking the Mash-Up atop my head it feels light. I perform the two finger fit test and pass. Next I play with the chin strap and wind cord, adjustments are easy to make. I can remove and stow the straps without fully removing the hat. The straps are unnoticeable when wearing them inside the hat. The Mash-Up is quite comfortable and has a bit of an Indiana Jones style to it.


The Mash-Up is a comfortable well made hat. I like the use of recycled materials. The wide brim provides a good amount of shading. The chin strap and wind cord combination keep the Mash-Up securely in place. The clever and practical features make this seem like more than a hat. After about 15 minutes I almost forget I am even wearing a hat. I wonder if this will hold true outside in the sun and heat?



Gilman Island, New Hampshire - over night at 400 ft (120 m) elevation on the Connecticut River. High / low, 80 / 50 F (26 / 10 C) and clear. 4 mi (6 km) hike and 1 mi (1.6 km) paddle round trip.
Lincoln Peak, Vermont - over night at 3700 ft (1130 m) elevation. High / low, 75 / 40 F (24 / 4 C) very windy at night and heavy dew in the morning. 19 mi (30 km) round trip via the Long Trail.

Mt. Cardigan, New Hampshire - 5 mi (8 km) day hike to 3,100 ft (945 m) elevation. 70 F (21 C) sunny and windy at the summit.

Mt. Cube, New Hampshire - 4 mi (6 km) day hike to 2,900 ft (880 km) elevation. 60 F (15 C) and cloudy.

Velvet Rocks, New Hampshire - over night at 1,240 ft (380 m) elevation. High / low, 65 / 33 F (18 / 0.5 C) light rain during the day and windy at night. 10 mi (16 km) from my front door to the Appalacian Trail.

Moose Mountain, New Hampshire - over night at 2,300 ft (700 m) elevation. High / low, 75 / 44 F (24 / 7 C) and sunny. 11.5 mi (18.5 km) via the Appalacian Trail.

Storrs Pond, New Hampshire - over night at 400 ft (120 m) elevation. High / low, 45 / 30 F (7 / -1 C) clear and calm. 8 mi (13 km) round trip.


The Mash-Up has met all my head wear needs during the testing period. The only understandable exception being warmth, for which I don't think it is designed. In bright sunshine it has shaded my skin and eyes. I was warm while hiking on all outings. On the warmer days just plain hot and sweating while hiking. The ventilation mesh did a good job dissipating heat. The sweat band kept beads from running into my eyes. I washed the sweat band by hand with bar soap and water any time I broke a sweat. It does not show any signs of discoloration or deterioration. The only change is that it looks fuzzier.

During a light rain shower the Mash-Up shed water nicely and kept my head dry. Two of my hikes were to exposed summits. It was quite windy on both. The chin strap held the hat in light winds. The stronger winds required using the wind cord. Both were easy to position and adjust. The two made for a hat that never blew off my head.

One trip involved hiking to a boat house, paddling to an island and then hiking to a cabin. Upon reaching the island I couldn't resist jumping into the river. I kept the Mash-Up on. As I went under the hat popped off and floated on the surface. A floating hat is easy to retrieve and it dried out nicely.

The Mash-Up has been functional in the field. It can even claim fashionable as twice I received compliments on the Mash-Up around town.


The Tilley Mash-Up is a tough hat. It has served me well and still looks like new. All materials and construction remain intacted. This is great warm weather hat. It provides shade, sheds rain, stays in place when windy, floats and gets compliments. I will pull the Mash-Up hat off the shelf as soon as the weather warms up again.


This concludes my Long-Term Report. Thank you to Tilley Endurables and for the opportunity to test the Mash-Up Hat.

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