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Tilley TTC2 'Tec-Cork' Hat
Test Series by Raymond Estrella

INITIAL REPORT - December 31, 2013


NAME: Raymond Estrella
EMAIL: rayestrellaAThotmailDOTcom
AGE: 53
LOCATION: North Western Minnesota, USA
HEIGHT: 6' 3" (1.91 m)
WEIGHT: 213 lb (96.60 kg)

I've been backpacking for over 30 years, all over California, Minnesota, and many western states. I hike year-round in all weather, and average 500+ miles (800+ km) per year. I make a point of using lightweight gear, and smaller volume packs. Doubting I can ever be truly ultralight, I try to be as light as I can yet still be comfortable. I start early and hike hard so as to enjoy the afternoons exploring/chilling. I usually take a freestanding tent and enjoy hot evening meals. If not hiking solo I am usually with my brother-in-law Dave or my twin children.


The Product

Manufacturer: Tilley EndurablesTilley Tec-Cork
Web site:
Product: TTC2 'Tec-Cork' Hat
Year manufactured: 2013
MSRP: US $105.00
Weight listed: 4.8 oz (133 g)
Verified weight: 4.66 oz (132 g)
Size: 7-1/2
Color: Black/Grey Check
Image courtesy of Tilley Endurables

Product Description

The Tilley Endurables 'Tec-Cork' Hat (hereafter called the Tec-Cork or hat) is similar to their Mash-Up hat that I just finished testing (see report here) in as much as it contains recycled materials too. The hat gets the "Cork" part of its name from "corkshell" made by Schoeller Textiles, the market leader in soft-shell technology. They make corkshell in two types. Tilley uses the 2-layer version in the Tec-Cork. It is an outer polyester/wool blend layer with an inner layer of bonded cork granulate. This cork granulate is a by-product in the production of wine corks. (Most likely from the cutting and forming as Shoeller makes no mention of reusing actual wine corks.) The biggest benefit to corkshell is that it offers up to 50% higher thermal insulation when compared to their traditional soft-shells and is highly breathable.

Side, front, flaps

The hand-sewn Tec-Cork comes in just the one brim size/style. It has a brim that is 2.75 in (70 mm) at the front, 2.5 in (63 mm) at the back and 1.7 in at the sides (43 mm). The brim is fairly thick and is I believe made of foam trapped between two layers of the corkshell material. It is stitched through every 0.25 in (63 mm) round and round the brim.
Label, adjustment
The side band (or barrel) of the Tec-Cork has an extra layer of material for the first 1 in (25 mm) above the brim. It looks like a hat band and even has a fuax keeper loop and triangular cut "end". It looks quite stylish to me.

The top consists of a flat one-piece crown. There is a thin layer of dense closed-cell foam under the crown. The outer surface of the Tec-Cork has been treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) to keep the snow and rain off.

Looking inside the hat I find the famous Tilley hidden pocket (which came filled with the 4-page owner's manual). This roughly 4.5 in (114 mm) square pocket is held closed by hook-and-loop. It has a big label sewn on it that is in both English and French. At the bottom of the label is a space to write a name and address or phone number in case of loss.

The entire inside of the hat is lined with sueded polyester fabric. It is very soft. Another thing that is soft and warm is the drop down knit ear warmers. The warmers actually wrap around the back of the head from ear to ear. At the back of the hat is an ingenious adjustment strap that Tilley calls a Size Equalization Device. A strip of doubled sueded polyester has Velcro tabs that can be adjusted to allow for the head fit between times when the ear warmers are up or down.

The Tec-Cork is not washable, it is dry clean only. Tilley says" "although the hat may not shrink if you machine-wash it, don't take a chance; have it dry-cleaned because it's made mostly of wool". I don't understand that claim as the Tec Cork is only one quarter wool. It is 74% synthetic materials as the label above shows.

Since it has a DWR coating Tilley suggests that it only needs to be wiped off with a damp cloth for most cleaning issues.

The Tec-Cork is insured against loss and guaranteed not to wear out. I plan to wear it outů outside that is. Please come back in a few months to see how it did in the frigid environs of northern Minnesota.

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Reviews > Clothing > Hats > Tilley Endurables TTC2 Tec-Cork Hat > Test Report by Ray Estrella

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