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Cloudveil Zorro Jacket - Men's
by Mike Williams
March 31, 2009


NAME: Mike Williams
EMAIL: mlebwillATyahooDOTcom
AGE: 35
LOCATION: Milliken, Colorado, United States
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 249 lb (113.00 kg)

I was introduced to backpacking as a teenager through scouts in Colorado Springs, CO and fell in love with it. I continued to actively backpack through college and took a break to start a career and family. A few years ago we decided as a family to become very active in hiking, backpacking and camping. Currently my wife, son (7 yrs) and I hike and backpack extensively in Colorado and South Dakota as a family. We continually look for the right balance of lightweight, durable, comfortable and safe gear for our family to enhance our outdoor experiences.

Product Information

Product: Zorro Jacket - Men's
Manufacturer: Cloudveil
Size: XXL
Color: Covert / Tarmac
Listed Weight (Size Large): 14 oz (379 g)
Actual Weight (Size XXL): 15.6 oz (442 g)
Year of Manufacture: 2008
MSRP: $140.00 US
Warranty: (Quoted from Website) "We build Cloudveil clothing to last. All Cloudveil products are fully warranted to the original owner against manufacturers' defects in materials and workmanship. If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair it without charge, or replace it, at our option."

Additional Tester Info

Chest Size: 50" (127 cm)
Sleeve Length: 33" (84 cm)

Product Details

The Men's Cloudveil Zorro Jacket (henceforth referred to as the Zorro or jacket) is a lightweight 3 season waterproof shell designed for backcountry hiking and/or climbing. The jacket is made of Cloudburst 2.0, a proprietary waterproof material designed by Cloudveil. Cloudveil describes the material as "an extremely durable rip-stop nylon" that has a "smooth and dry touch due to Entrant DT, a 2.5-layer micro-porous coating". Cloudveil claims that the innovative coating allows the jacket a superior wind protection, exceptional waterproofing and moisture permeability while maintaining a 100 wash water repellency durability.

At the time of this review the 2009 model is available in 4 color combinations and sizes small to XXL. For all intents and purposes the 2008 model (described in this review) and the 2009 model are identical in terms of price, fabric, design, fit and functionality and only differ in color options.


Field Conditions

I have owned the Zorro for 1 year and have used it extensively as my primary outer shell for 3 season hiking and backpacking in Colorado and South Dakota, approximately 50 field days. The jacket has been used in lightweight drizzles to heavy downpours and snow showers at an elevation range between 5,000 ft (1,524 m) and 13,000 ft (3,962 m). The jacket has been used in combination with insulating layers but is not designed as a winter jacket and is intended to be used as a waterproof and wind resistant shell. The approximate temperatures encountered while wearing the jacket have ranged from 35 F (1 C) to 65 F (18 C) with wind factors of mild breezes to 40 mph (64 km/h) gusts.


Product Description

The Zorro is a two toned waterproof jacket that includes an integrated hood, double storm flaps, adjustable bottom hem and sleeve cuffs as well as elevated front pockets. The jacket is constructed of a single layer of the afore mentioned Cloudburst 2.0 rip-stop fabric. Additionally the jackets seams are fully taped and reinforced from the inside providing complete waterproof protection. The center storm flap (double), which covers a YKK® Reverso Zipper is secured by 5 robust hook and loop connections as well as a single snap at the bottom of the flap. The combination of the taped seams as well as the centered storm flap significantly reduces the potential entry points for water.


The "Storm Sealing Hood" includes three fully adjustable draw cords on the right and left neck area as well as on the back of the hood. Given the 3 point hood adjustment coupled with a stiff brim, the hood can be completely adjusted for any need while maintaining a large and open viewing area. The collar can be zipped up completely offering outstanding protection from the rain when combined with the adjustable hood. The upper portion of the inside storm flap is covered in a soft / plush fleece material for added comfort.


The sleeve cuffs incorporate elastic material with touch-fasten (hook and loop) straps for excellent adjustability. The cuffs are wide enough to open up and push past the elbow (if desired) without stretching out the elastic. Additionally the sleeves incorporate pit vents that begin at the elbow and continue down the side of the jacket. The vents include dual slider zips that are seam taped and include a storm flap which is secured by two hook and loop connections. The bottom hem, which includes a draw cord for adjustability, is longer in the rear of the jacket and offers slight protection / coverage of the rump.


The jacket only offers two large chest pockets that are elevated above the belt area for use with a backpack. The pockets include one way zippers and storm flaps to maintain waterproof protection to the items in the pockets. The pockets do not include a mesh fabric and uses the same Cloudburst 2.0 material as the external portion of the jacket which eliminates the opportunity to use the pockets for venting as seen in other jackets.


The Zorro is an effective waterproof and wind resistant jacket that fits me quite well. The hood is completely adjustable and can be used while wearing hats and beanies as well as the hood of a base layer. The hood is by far the best hood that I have used on a jacket or coat of any kind. The hook and loop of the storm flap is very strong and robust which integrates well with the construction of the jacket. The jacket is lightweight and packs up very small which makes it ideal for day hikes to week long back country trips.

I have never experienced failure, getting wet, while wearing the jacket. There have been a few time that I felt clammy wearing the jacket in high humidity, however the jacket breaths fairly well and the clamminess is no greater than any other waterproof jacket I have owned. I do believe that if the jacket pockets were lined with mesh material the venting options would considerably lessen the clamminess issues that I have. Additionally, the pit vents are huge and offer exceptional ventilation options with the dual slide zippers. However, as with any pit zips I have ever used, they are fairly cumbersome to adjust while wearing a backpack and it is sometimes easier to take the pack off to adjust the pit zips.

My verdict is that I love this jacket. It is my "go to" jacket and has not missed a trip I have been on since I purchased it. It is wearing well and appears to be very durable and well constructed as I have not had any issues.

Things I Like

1 - Lightweight
2 - Pack-ability
3 - Adjustable Hood
4 - Waterproofing
5 - Pit Zips
6 - Fits well

Things I would Change

1 - Pocket Design
2 - Additional Pockets
3 - More ventilation points to reduce clamminess
4 - Loud fabric (crinkles when worn)

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Reviews > Clothing > Jackets and Vests > Cloudveil Zorro Mens Jacket > Owner Review by Michael Williams

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