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Fieldsheer - Mobile Cooling SS Shirt
Mike Lipay

Reviewer Information

Location:Plum, Pennsylvania, USA
Height:5' 6" (1.6 meters)
Weight:162 lb (73.5 kg)
Background:I’ve been hiking since ’65 with occasional backpacking trips (backpacking became a love affair in the early 80’s). My first sleeping bag weighed in at 8 lb (3.6 kg) by itself! These days my loaded pack only weighs about 15 lb (6.8 kg) sans food. While most of my adventures are in the Northeast I’ve also been spending a good deal of time in the desert Southwest and most places in-between. My trips tend be in the cooler months - September through May - as I’m not much of a hot-weather person.

Initial Report - August 2, 2021

Product Information

Manufacturer: Fieldsheer
Sizes: Sm, Md, Lg, XL, 2X, 3X
Colors: Blue, Morel, Cerulean, Coyote
MSRP: $34.99 US

The Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt is an integration of design and materials meant to keep you cool and dry, and safe from harmful UV rays (50+ rating). Fieldsheer also promises that their shirts run true to size, and their website provides a sizing chart to help assure the right size is selected before purchasing.

The Mobile Cooling SS Shirt combines patented Drirelease, Sunsheer, Odorsheer (something I can really test), and Sweatsheer to create a shirt geared to keep us comfortable in high temperatures. It is made of 92% recycled materials with no chemical coatings.

Below are the hang tags from the shirt, click on the link under the tags for an enlarged image of the back describing the specific technology (in English, French, and Spanish).

Hang Tag

Initial Impressions

After taking the Mobile Cooling SS Shirt out of its packaging, and removing the hang tags, I took off my regular t-shirt and put this new one on - I immediately noticed the difference. This shirt felt a lot lighter and I could feel the breeze from the A/C come right through; yes, I was cooler, and felt a lot more comfortable. Of course, this was inside with the A/C running, not outside in the heat with no breeze (that will come later).

Examining the Mobile Cooling SS Shirt I noticed a difference in the materials and weave that make up the front and back of the shirt. Looking at the images below, the image on the left is the front of the shirt and shows the normal tight weave found on most shirts; the image on the right shows the open knit weave that allows a cool breeze to easily penetrate the back of the shirt (and for the moisture to escape. This knit weave should prove interesting with a backpack on - will the open weave allow the moisture to escape and still keep dry? This is a problem I have with my backpack since it doesn’t have a mesh on it like some of the newer packs.

First Use:

Timing is everything. Just as the Mobile Cooling SS Shirt arrived my area broke it’s high-heat and high-humidity period and entered into a (estimate) two-week cool down. Since this is the beginning of August I have no concerns that this will last, before long the normal weather should return (although this has been a cooler than normal summer thus far). Anyway, I wore it on a short hike (4.8 mi, 7.7 km) on a cloudy day, under the canopy of a local forest. The shirt was comfortable with my daypack on, too cool for any real sweating (68-70F, 20-21C), the trail was fairly level (669 ft, 204 m total gain over the entire hike). With a heavier t-shirt (normal cotton weight) things would have been different, from experience I know I would have been warmer with a little sweating where the daypack touched my back.

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Field Report - September 24, 2021

Thus far it has been a hot, muggy summer (thank God Fall is here!) with plenty of chances to wear the Mobile Cooling Shirt both on and off the trails. Overall this had been a nice shirt to keep cool(er) in, breezes come through the mesh-like back and sweat has wicked away to keep me dry (or, at least as dry as one can be with humidity levels in the 70-90% range).

What has additionally impressed me is that stains wash out with normal washing (no stain removal products have been necessary). So, okay, I’m a slob when eating on the trail, especially when I eat an Italian Hoagie dripping with (lite) Italian dressing. I tried taking a photo of the stain from the dressing, but it was too light to show up in the photo.

One more item that has impressed my wife more than me - even after a 4-day hiking trip the shirt doesn’t smell like my other shirts do. For some reason she finds my returns home a much more pleasurable experience…go figure.

Dates Location Altitude Weather Notes
Aug. 18-21 Rickets Glen State Park, Pa. 1,383-2,744 ft (422-836 m) 72-93F (22-34C); Stormy (Tropical Storm Fred hit during the trip) Had to wear a poncho 2 days of the trip, trapping in the body heat and humidity.
Sept 8-10 Elk Neck State Park, Md. 449-499 ft (137-152 m) 78-95F (26-35C) Hot days and nights, ended up sleeping in the Cooling Shirt just to be comfortable, did a fine job.

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Long Term Report - November 12, 2021

Dates Location Distance Altitude Weather
Sept. 25, 2011 Roaring Run Wild Area, Pa 8.5 mi (13.7 km) 1,841-2,773 ft (561-845 m) 61-64F (16-18C); cloudy, calm winds.
First time wearing it as a base layer under a t-shirt. Did a good job of wicking the sweat away and adding a little warmth.
Oct 14, 2021 Roaring Run Wild Area, Pa 7.8 mi, 12.5 km 1,873–2,739 ft (571-835 m) 64-73F, 18-23C, Cloudy
Started out the hike as a base layer, later I took the upper layer off and just hiked with the Mobile Cooling Shirt. This is working out very well.
Nov 6, 2021 Mt. Lemmon, Az 7.7 mi (12.4 km) 8,000-9,125 ft (2,400-2,781 m) 66-74F, 19-23C, Sunny
This was a hike to look at the burn area on Mt. Lemmon, last year a wildfire swept through the Mt, Lemmon area and did quite a bit of damage. Because of this there was little canopy cover, so even with the cooler temps and dry climate I got quite hot, it was nice to feel the cool breeze through the Mobile Cooling Shirt.

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What I like about the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt:

  • Light weight.
  • Fits well.
  • No tags in the shirt collar (they always bother me).
  • Kept me cooler than my normal hiking shirts.

What I don't like about the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt:

  • Wish there were more color choices than blue and brown.


This ends my Long Term Report, I’d like to thank Fieldsheer and for the opportunity to test the Mobile Cooling SS Shirt.

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