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Initial Report - August 22, 2021
Field Report - October 14

Long-term Report – December 13


NAME: Morgan Lypka
AGE: 29
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5’4” (1.6 m)
WEIGHT: 112 lb (51 kg)
EMAIL: m DOT lypka AT
City, Province, Country: East Kootenays, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada

Backpacking Background: I started backpacking 5 years ago, when I moved to the Rocky Mountains. Most of my backpacking ventures are 1 to 3 days long, typically around Western Canada. I get cold quickly, and handle heat well. My backcountry trips involve hiking, trail running, ski touring and cross-country skiing. I am getting into kayaking, rock climbing and fly fishing. I camp with a lightweight 3-person, 3-season tent and am starting to hammock and winter camp. Decreasing my packed weight in the backcountry is still a developing focus of mine (fitting everything was the first).

Initial Report


Manufacturer: Fieldsheer

Year of Manufacture: n/a
Manufacturer’s Website:

MSRP: $58.98 USD, on sale for $44.88
Colour Testing: Plum
Other Available Colour(s): sky
Material: Recycled polyester (92%) and Spandex (8%)
Size testing: XS


The mobile cooling shirt came folded up in a small package with some informational tags. It has one label on the back near the neck line, and one near the bottom on the front of the shirt.


Drirelease GEO Cool Knit fabric can reduce the skin’s temperature by 7 degrees and provides full range of motion (the FIeldsheer website claims that it is 4x faster drying than traditional knits)

    • The GEO Cool Knit fabric contains hydrophobic and hydrophilic fabrics to help pull water away from the body and help it evaporate

Sunsheer™ Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ 

Odorsheer Anti-Odor technology preventing odor causing bacterial growth

Sweatsheer technology to wick away moisture

Flat-lock seams to prevent chafing

Back, sides and underarms are mesh for better ventilation

A red shirt on a white surface

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Front of shirt (camera flash on)

A red shirt on a bed

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Back of shirt (camera flash off)



Even though the shirt came folded, it did not hold its creases. So far, I have worn the shirt carrying a loaded duffle on my back and on a 5 hour bus trip, and it has held true to the sweat resistant, odor resistant, quick dry and light-weight claims. It is a very soft and comfortable top. The mesh panels are not see-through, and they are quite soft. I was a bit worried about the mesh panels being uncomfortable under the arms, but it hasn’t been a bother so far, although the shirt does bunch up a bit under the armpits so I’ve found myself pulling the underarm sleeves down periodically. The sleeves seem to sit a bit higher up on my shoulders than what the website photo shows as well, as in they stick out slightly and don’t follow the outside contour of my shoulder.

The Fieldsheer website provides sizing charts, which I used to find my size, and the shirt is the right fit for me. The colour is not quite what I expected, it’s a bit more pinky/purply than I anticipated - it doesn’t really have the brownish/reddish tinge that the website photo seemed to show). I would have preferred a bit more of a red/brown tinge, but it is still a nice vibrant colour. The craftmanship seems very well done – the stiches are very clean on the outside and inside of the shirt.



Very comfortable, even under the armpits, and very light-weight

Doesn’t hold creases/wrinkling

Soft material

Great craftmanship


Colour a bit more pink/purply than I was expecting

Sleeves a bit short/stick out a bit


Field Report


Activities: Biking; Bikepacking; Sea Kayaking; Hiking; Trail Running

Locations: Quebec St. Lawrence River, Canada; Rocky Mountains and East Kootenays of B.C. Canada;

Lengths, Elevation Gains, Elevations: 450 km (280 mi) biking, 6 km (4 mi) sea kayaking; elevation gains of 3000 m (9800 ft); elevations from 0 to 2000 masl (0 to 6500 ft above sea level)  

Number of days worn: ~10 + brought along on 5 day bikepacking trip

Temperature and Weather:
ranged from 10 to 35 C (50 to 95 F); rainy, stormy, windy, humid, overcast and sunny


Not as quick drying as I would’ve thought – I hand washed it one night after bikepacking and left it hanging in the bathroom to dry and it was not yet dry the next morning. However, when left outside in the wind, it dried fairly quickly. It was very lightweight to wear bikepacking, and quite airy, but the short sleeves did bunch up under my armpits which was a bit uncomfortable. The shirt did smell after bikepacking and it was hard to hand wash out the smell, so for me it was really only good for one use between washes. I also noticed I had sweat marks on the front and back and under my armpits after a bit of biking. The shirt was great to bring along for the bikepacking trip from a packability standpoint as it rolled up very small and didn’t hold wrinkles. It was a comfortable shirt to sea kayak in – but as the temperature dropped, I did need to layer up. So far I have not noticed any wear and tear on the shirt. Besides the bunching up of fabric under the arm pits, it’s a very nice and airy shirt to wear hiking and trail running, and definitely kept me cool on these journeys. The shirt layers under other clothes readily, but again because of the short leaves and bunching under the armpits, it makes it less pleasant to wear underneath layers. All in all I have positive reviews so far. I will be testing the shirt in colder conditions for the last test.


A person riding a bicycle on a road

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Bikepacking with the shirt


Very packable

Appears to be good quality – no wear and tear yet


Shows sweat readily

Seems to hold smell

Bunches under armpits


Long-term Report


Activities: backcountry hiking, running, mountain biking, backcountry kayaking/camping, gym

Locations: Purcell Mountain Range, B.C.; South Florida; New York

Lengths, Elevation Gains, Elevations: ~50 km (31 mi) between the activities; elevation gains of 900 m (3000 ft); elevations from 0 to 2350 masl (0 to 7710 ft above sea level)  

Number of days worn: ~8 + brought along on 2 day backcountry kayak trip

Temperature and Weather:
ranged from -5 to 32 C (23 to 90 F); stormy, windy, humid, snowy, overcast and sunny



I wore the shirt mountain biking in 30 C (86 F) – the sleeves didn’t seem to bother me too much and the shirt felt airy. However on a run in the same temperature, the shirt stuck to my body a little bit more. Because of the short sleeves that do bunch up, I don’t typically layer over top of the shirt if I can help it as the sleeves aren’t as comfortable as a base. I did wear the shirt under layers while hiking in freezing temperatures, and it did a good job of keeping my core dry. I did find that the sleeves bothered me a little bit when wearing it while lifting weights at the gym. The fabric of the shirt itself is very comfortable and soft though. The shirt also seems to readily come clean after a wash. After the above uses, the shirt is showing some wear and tear on the stitching, but otherwise is still in really good condition. The photo below shows a few locations where the stitching at the base of the shirt is coming unraveled.



A picture containing person, wearing, shirt

Description automatically generated

Stitching coming unraveled


In the photo posted below, the shorter crop of the sleeve is visible and how it sort of points out.


A person in a kitchen

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Wearing the shirt in a backcountry hut


Additional pros and cons:



      Seems to be effective at cooling



      Stitching coming unraveled

Thank you to Fieldsheer and for the opportunity to test this shirt. It has proven to be a versatile shirt.


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