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INITIAL REPORT - May 18, 2020


NAME: Mike Pearl
EMAIL: mikepearl36ATyahooDOTcom
AGE: 46
LOCATION: Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 155 lb (70.30 kg)

I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and get out at every opportunity. I am a three-season, learning to be a four-season backpacker and year-round hiker. Currently, my trips are two to three days long as well as an annual week-long trip. I utilize the abundant trail shelters in my locale and pack a backup tarp-tent. I like to cover big distances while still taking in the views. I have lightweight leanings but function and reliability are the priority. I mostly travel woodland mountain terrain but enjoy hiking beautiful trails anywhere.



Manufacturer: Lasting IMAGE 1
Year of Manufacture: 2020
Made in: Czech Republic

Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US$62.00

Listed Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz)
Measured Weight: 157 g (5.5 oz)

Sizes Available: Small - 3xLarge
Size Tested: Large

Colors Available: Green, Blue, Black and Gray
Color Tested: Gray

Material: 100% Merino Wool

This super fine merino wool is sourced from sheep specially bred in Australia. This wool performs better due to its 16.5 micron (micrometer) diameter fiber. It's finer and softer to the touch. Its unique natural consistence of wool fiber doesn't support bacterial growth so doesn't smell bad even when worn for a longer time. Lasting merino wool yarn is certified mulesing free*.

*Mulesing is the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech of a sheep to prevent the parasitic infection flystrike.

Other Features:
* 16 micron fiber - noted above
* Natural fiber - renewable and ecologically sustainable
* Flat seams - comfortable wear and feel
* Raglan cut sleeves - comfort and ease of natural movements
* Temperature control - microscopic fiber structure creates microclimate, helps to cool in summer and to warm winter
* Odor neutral - composed of 90% protein (keratin) it binds to viruses and bacteria limiting their growth. Wool clothes are odor resistant even after multiple wears
* Moisture regulation - fiber surface is hydrophobic, sweat will evaporate while the fiber interior can hold 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp and keeps thermoregulating abilities
* Flame retardant - will not burn when in contact with open flame (fabric will smolder)
* Machine washable - no additional special care needed
* Ecologically sustainable - fiber ethically sourced

I really like Merino wool because it's a natural fiber. Additionally it holds many amazing and beneficial qualities. It helps regulate temperature and moisture, doesn't absorb odors, will not burn and is machine washable. I was skeptical of these claims and merino wool clothes are rather expensive. However after using other brands of merino wool clothing for all seasons of wear I was surprised by the performance and very pleased. This is my first experience with Lasting though and my expectations of performance have been set high.


The QUIDO arrived in a cardboard box with a burly but friendly looking sheep on it. Inside the box the shirt was neatly folded inside a plastic bag. A display tag attached has item and company information as well as a comparison of wool fibers and qualities. This visual is helpful in understanding how and why merino wool can do what it does. Unfolding the shirt it is soft to the touch and flows freely. The construction looks well done with even, straight seams with no loose stitches or threads.

Lasting makes a few different weight wool fabrics. The QUIDO 160 fabric is Lasting's Light 160 g, a flat fine knitted fabric suitable as a next to skin layer. Its construction makes it soft to the touch and very permeable. This is what makes this shirt so ideal for warm weather wear. So far the QUIDO is marking good marks for quality of materials and construction.

The image of the display tag to the right is printed in four languages describing the fiber used in the QUIDO. I just couldn't fit the other three languages in the picture, this is what it says.

Underwear (I take this to mean garment) is made from carefully selected SUPER FINE MERINO WOOL with a fiber diameter of only 16 microns. This is the finest merino wool that breeding farms produce at the moment. Choose the best from nature and enjoy the great properties of wool fibers without the itching.


I found care for, washing guidelines on the Lasting website.

It is recommended that Lasting merino garments are washed in a normal warm or cool machine wash cycle with regular powder or liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Separate lights and darks as usual. Do not expose Lasting merino garments to heat and do not tumble dry. Line drying is best. Avoid bleach, fabric softeners, tumble dry and dry cleaning.

Based on my experience with other wool shirts heat drying wet wool fabric causes the shirt to "shrink". It can decrease in actual size but it's more like the structure of the fiber itself changes. All the little microstructures that create the hollow tubes and air pockets around the fibers are damaged. This negatively impacts the qualities and performances of wool.


The QUIDO goes on like just about any T-shirt. However being a lightweight wool I find it sits on me different than a cotton or even synthetic shirt. I find the QUIDO to feel lighter and more "flowy". The fabric seems more pliable and shapes to my body. At first wear I do sense a very mild itch but from past experience this goes away after a few wears.

I used the online sizing guide to select my size. I am right at the top of the medium range and bottom of the large. I like a looser fit when it comes to warm weather wear for breathability and air flow. I opted for the large and it fits very nice. There is room to spare and move around in but it is not loose or baggy.


The QUIDO shirt has all the makings of a high quality wool T-shirt. At first pass I am impressed with the workmanship, fit and feel. The style and comfort make it suitable for everyday wear. The high performance features make it ideal for outdoor pursuits. As mentioned I have worn wool for many outdoor activities and thus have my expectations. I look forward to wearing the QUIDO during my upcoming backpacking adventures to see how if meets my standards.

This brings my Initial Report to its end. The next few months will allow me time to gather experience with the Lasting QUIDO T-shirt. Please return then to see how this shirt performs outdoors. I would like to send my appreciation to Lasting and for the opportunity to be a part of this test series.

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