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DeFeet Classico Socks
April 3, 2007
Biographical Information:
Name:  Josh Esteves    
Age: 25    
Gender:  Male
Height:  6’3” (191 cm)
Weight:  265 lb (120 kg)
Email address:  jandk1800(at)yahoo(dot)com
City, State, Country:  Modesto, CA  USA
Backpacking Background:  I started backpacking five years ago, mostly day hiking and overnight trips with a few multi-day trips and one solo 3 day trip.  I started backpacking in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and recently returned to California and have been hiking the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains and the Sierras.  I started backpacking as a heavy weight (over a 65 lb pack for a overnight trip) but now consider myself a lightweight backpacker (10-15 lb base weight).   I have found that lightweight backpacking allows me to carry all my gear and my son at the same time.

Product Information:
Manufacturer:  DeFeet
Year of manufacture:  2006
Manufacturer’s URL:
Listed weight:  not listed
Weight as delivered:  2.4 oz/67 g ( size XL, per pair)
Color:  Grey Stripe (also available in red stripe)
MSRP:  $12.00

Initial Report

DeFeet claims to make “the finest wool sock that you can buy.”  Their web site describes the Classico as delivering “modern performance in a 'retro' looking design.” The Classico is a “true four-season performance for cycling, running, Nordic skiing, hiking, or just moving around town in a pair of clogs.”  The cardboard packaging that came with the socks claims the Classico socks are “best fit, most durable, and fast dry.”

My first impression of the socks was that they seem too thin to be four-season socks.  They are soft and smooth to touch, but they also have the feel of classic wool.  The most noticeable thing about the socks is the large DeFeet name and logo that wraps around the cuff of the sock.  The Classicos also have a compression band around the sock midway between  the toe area and the heel.  The top of the sock is made of “Aireator” mesh.

Initially, trying on the socks they feel very comfortable.  They fit on snuggly without being tight.  There are two spots, one at each end of the toe seam that bulge out.  They look like possible areas of discomfort, however, after trying them on with several different pairs of shoes and boots, there was no discomfort.

Field Report

I tested the DeFeet Classico socks primarily in the Santa Cruz Coastal Mountains of California.  The temperatures ranged from 36 F (2 C) to 68 F (20 C).  I went on several overnight trips with conditions varying from dry to wet and muddy.  I also wore the socks in the upper Sierras at an elevation of  around 7000 Ft. (2100 m).  The temperature was in the low 20 F’s (-6 C).  There was snow on the ground but it wasn’t snowing at the time.  

During the test period I wore the socks with my mid-weight leather hiking boots, my trail runners, and in the Sierras I wore insulated leather work boots.  The socks performed well in all situations.

The Classico socks are thinner than my other wool socks.  The thickness was great for use with trail runners.  Yet, I was skeptical that they would be too thin for use with boots.  However, I found the Classico socks provide enough thickness and cushion for use with boots.  The Classico  socks are very comfortable with all the footwear I have tested.  

The Defeet Classico socks also did an excellent job of wicking away moisture.  After a long day of hiking my feet remained dry.  In wet conditions I wore the socks with waterproof boots which kept my feet dry from rain and the sock wicked the sweat away.  At the end of the day I expected my socks to be wet from use, but I was surprised to find the socks were relatively dry.

The Classico socks are also very versatile in maintaining a comfortable foot temperature.  I found that with footwear appropriate for the weather, the socks kept my feet warm in cold temperatures and cool in warmer climates.  I was especially impressed with the socks performance in cold weather.  In below freezing temperatures I wore insulated boots and found my feet remained comfortable.  I did not think socks this thin could work for four seasons but the Classico socks did excellent in all tested conditions.

The DeFeet Classico socks met and exceeded all of my expectations.  At this point in my testing I am very pleased in the results I have received.  Currently, the Classico socks show no wear.  I will start wearing the socks on a more regular basis to see how well they hold up to higher use.

Long Term Report

Field Conditions
During the long term test period, I tested the DeFeet Classico socks in moderate conditions.  Temperature was between 60 F-80 F (15 C-25 C), and the weather was good.  I wore the socks on several day hikes thru the California foothills and Santa Cruz mountains.  I also went on two overnight trips in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Test Results
I have worn the DeFeet Classico socks on over 100 trail miles.  They have been worn with mid-weight boots, trail runners, work boots, and dress shoes.  I have even tested them while wearing sock liners.   The Classico  socks have performed well on all occasions.   

The Classico sock are tight to get on and fit snugly.  I was first concerned they would not fit over sock liners.  However, the material of the liners actually helps the socks slide on easier.  As with any sock, the liners did their job and worked extremely well with the DeFeet Classico socks.

After all the use I have put the socks through, they still look and perform like new.  There is no visible wear on the socks.  The seams all look good and there are no holes.  The heel and toe areas show no signs of tearing and the socks still feel as comfortable as when they are new.

I am very impressed with the performance and comfort of the DeFeet Classico socks.  The socks do a good job of wicking away moisture.  I am most surprised with the temperature range I have put the socks through.  As long as I was wearing weather-appropriate footwear, the socks were warm enough in 20 F (-5 C) temperature and cool in 80 F (25 C) temperature.

The socks fit extremely comfortably.  I was first concerned with the area around the toe seam, but after excessive use with several different types of footwear, I have had no problems with the socks.  The only negative issue I have had with the socks is that they are tight and slightly difficult to put on..  While it doesn’t affect the wear of the socks, it just makes a slight nuisance to put them on.  A larger size would be a good option.  However, the socks do fit well once I get them on.  

I am very pleased with the overall performance of the DeFeet Classico socks.  I will definitely continue to wear the socks after the test period and it is highly likely that I will purchase another pair next time I am shopping for socks.

I would like to thank and DeFeet for the opportunity to test these socks.

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Reviews > Clothing > Socks > DeFeet Classico > Josh Esteves > Test Report by Joshua Esteves

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