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FITS Light Runner Low-Cut Socks

Test Series by Kristine Mar

Initial Report - May 22, 2011

Biographical Information:

Name: Kristine Mar
Age: 45
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3" (1.6 m)
Weight: 120 Pounds (54 kg)
Email address:
City, State, Country: New York, New York, U.S.A.

Backpacking Background:

My love for the outdoors began about ten years ago, while I was living in Northern California. Most of my hiking experience includes day hikes with an occasional 2-3 day backpacking trip. I'd consider myself an all season hiker and generally like to keep my pack as light as reasonably possible. I am currently living in New York City. I've hiked in various parks in several states and countries and enjoy hiking in various terrain, but prefer mountainous terrain for the vistas and views, and enjoy forest/river hikes for the scenery.

Product Information:

Crescent Sock Company under the FITS Sock Co. name
Year of Manufacture/received:   2011
Manufacturer Web site:
MSRP: USD $15.99
Size tested: M (Fits Men's US 6 - 8, Women 7 ½ - 9 ½)
Other Sizes Available:
  • S (Fits Men’s US 3 ½ - 5 ½, Women’s 5 – 7)
  • L (Fits Men’s US 8 ½ - 10 ½, Women’s 10 – 12)
  • XL (Fits Men’s US 11 - 13, Women 12 ½ - 14 ½)
  • XXL (Fits Men’s US 13 ½ - 15 ½, Women’s 15 – 17)
  • Color tested: Lt Grey
    Other colors available: Black, Natural
    Country of Manufacture: USA
    Other models available: In addition to the low cut, this sock will also be available in a quarter (crew) length (just below the calf).
    Listed Weight: None
    Actual weight: 1.4 oz (40 g) per pair

    Product Description:

    I received a packet of printed material on the various types of socks the FITS Sock Co. manufactures. The pamphlet for the Light Runner Low-Cut sock described the sock as an ultra-lightweight ankle sock which is lightly cushioned in the heel and toe and will deliver optimal performance without bunching in the shoe. Both the pamphlet and the label on the socks have what the company has trademarked and named F3 Tech which stands for FIT, FEEL and FUNCTION and is supposed to deliver a superior quality of each by providing:

    • A sculpted FIT with a deep heel pocket and a specially engineered toe box which prevents your sock from bunching in the shoe
    • The merino wool mix ensures that the FEEL is completely soft but yet breathable and durable. The high quality materials are a blend of 65% Wool, 27% Nylon, 6% Polyester and 2% Lycra spandex
    • The F3 FUNCTION is described as preventing hot spots and friction, while at the same time wicking moisture and keeping your foot dry while on active pursuits.

    Manufacturer's Packaging:

    The manufacturer's packaging as shown includes care instructions on the back of the package which requires that socks be turned inside out before washing. The instructions also state that the socks should be: Washed in Warm Water, No Bleach, Tumble Dry in Medium heat, and Do Not Iron.

    Manufacturer's Original Packaging

    The manufacturer also provides a 100% guarantee. The guarantee states that FITS socks are guaranteed to fit like no other. If you are not satisfied with your socks, FITS Sock Co. will either replace your sock with a different size or refund your money if you contact them within 30 days. The phone number to the company is also provided on the packaging along with the website address.

    I noticed that the packaging had a label which states the composition of the sock is 72% Wool, 22% Nylon, 4% Polyester, and 2% Lycra. This is different than the composition listed above which came from the printed pamphlet sent by the product representative.

    Initial Impressions:

    I received one pairs of socks from the manufacturer in the Light Runner Low-Cut style which arrived in the packaging shown. My first impressions of the socks are that they are well constructed and lightweight. I put them on and the feel is great with the top of the sock falling right below my ankle. My shoe size is a Women's Size 6 ½ or 7 which would be a size S, but the product representative sent me a size M so I am wondering if the sizing might be off. In any case, the M does fit my foot comfortably and snuggly. The cushioning feels nice under the ball of the foot and under the heels.

    Fit of the Socks On

    The black areas of the sock on the toe, ball of the foot, and heel are where there is extra cushioning. The sock stretches nicely around the foot and seems to be well made. The fabric seems to be fairly dense giving it snug but not tight around my foot. Overall, the socks are very comfortable, and soft against the skin.

    Toe and Heel Cushioning

    The seams and construction seem to be very solid. The elastic band at the top feels tight around the ankle, but not constricting or uncomfortable. Again, I think this is due to the composition and stretchability of the fabric.


    So far, I like the overall feel of the sock. I think the cushioning on the balls and the heels of the foot are well-placed especially for running, since this is where all the impact is as my foot hits the pavement. The fabric is very soft and hopefully, it will be breathable and prevent hot spots and blisters. I am hoping that I will receive additional pairs of this sock as it will allow me to get more days of testing in during the next two months.

    Field Conditions:

    Since my initial report in May, I received one additional pair of low cut light runner socks from the manufacturer in size S and on July 31, 2011 I received another pair of the low cut light runner socks in the natural/grey color in size S, so now I have three pairs total, two in size small and one in size medium. While the medium was slightly larger, the construction of the sock is fairly tightly knit (has a sculpted FIT) as described by the manufacturer, so both the medium and the small seemed to fit my foot which is a women's shoe size 6-1/2 or size 7.

    Over the last 12 weeks, I have worn these socks at least 2-3 times per week while bike riding, hiking and running both in the gym and outdoors. The temperature has ranged from 80F to 98F (27C to 37C) and the daily mileage of the runs ranged from 3 to 5 miles (5 to 8 km) either on a treadmill or on flat terrain. All of the biking and hiking also took place in the State of New York. The bike rides were in Manhattan on mostly flat terrain ranging from 10 to 20 miles (16 to 32 km). I went on 3 day hikes wearing the FITS low cut runner socks which were approximately 6 to 10 miles (10 to 16 km) in Harriman State Park. The trails were all easy to moderate and never exceeded more than 1,000 feet (304 m) in elevation gain. For the runs, hiking and biking I always wore the socks with either a running shoe or a light trail hiking shoe.


    So far, the socks have proven to be very comfortable to wear. I will comment on the F3 Tech which stands for FIT, FEEL and FUNCTION according to the Manufacturer's website. The socks have a very snug form fitting FIT around the foot. In fact, after washing socks, they look very small. I was afraid that I had shrunk the sock, but when I tried it on again, it quickly stretched around my foot. The size S is the correct size for me according to the manufacturer's size charts, but I must admit, that both the small and the medium worked fine. The medium was a little larger, but since both socks have the snug form fitting feel, I could not tell the difference between them, once I had on my shoe.

    The FEEL and the FUNCTION of the sock worked perfectly. The socks are soft to the skin, but once on, I never noticed them again. They never bunched up, slipped, or caused me to have any blisters or hotspots. I did feel as if the sock was a little thicker than it needed to be, and my feet did get hot, especially while running, but they were never sweaty or smelly, which indicates to me that the merino wool did a good job of wicking away the moisture. I have washed and dried the socks according to the manufacturer's instructions, and so far, have not noticed any fraying of the threads. The seams all seem to be intact and although they look really small when coming out of the drier, they quickly stretch back into shape.


    So far, the FITS light runner low cut socks seem to be holding up well and have become some of my favorite socks. I like the tight, sculpted fit which prevents the sock from bunching in the shoe and keeps my foot from sliding which might cause potential blisters. I also like the softness of the fabric and the way it feels against my skin especially the extra cushioning on the heel and toe areas. I do feel like the socks may be slightly thicker than they need to be, especially for the hot summer weather, but overall, I am very happy with the overall fit and performance of the socks.

    Field Conditions:

    In addition to the testing reported in July, I continued to use the FITS socks at least 2-3 times a week mostly for running on the treadmill at the gym or in the street. I would also wear the socks occasionally while bike riding. The runs generally were 3-4 miles (5-7 km). The bike rides were in Manhattan on mostly flat terrain and ranged from 5 to 10 miles (8 to 16 km). The outside temperature was about 80-95F (26-35C) over the test period while I would estimate the temperature in my gym to be about 60-70F (15-21C).


    My impression of the FITS low cut runner socks has remained pretty much consistent over the test period. I could not evaluate whether the toe actually had a specially engineered toe box, or a deep heel pocket as the advertising claimed, but I can say that I do love the overall fit and feel of the socks, and do feel as if the extra padding around the toes and heels are appropriately placed. The socks are very soft to the touch and fit snuggly around my foot, without ever bunching up or slipping into the shoe, and I have never received blisters or hot spots while wearing the socks.

    The composition of the fabric seems a little on the heavy side, but I must say that it does a good job of wicking away the moisture and keeping my feet dry. My feet would often feel hot after a run, but my foot was never sweaty or smelly when I took my sock off which confirms that the sock is doing a good job of wicking away the moisture. Overall, I have really enjoyed testing these socks and even after multiple washings, they are holding up well with no noticeable pilling of the fabric or loose threads. The only comment which I could make would be that I felt as if the sock could be slightly lighter weight to be in the" ultra" lightweight category.


    The FITS Light Runner Low-Cut sock is a great running sock that can be used for many outdoor active pursuits. I love the nice soft feel of the fabric, and the way the sock stretches over the foot forming a nice sculpted fit. The sock performed flawlessly for me while running, biking and hiking and it did a great job of wicking moisture and preventing smelly sweaty feet. The socks washed well and seem to hold up even with weekly washings. I have really enjoyed testing these socks and will continue to wear these socks on many of my outdoor active pursuits. In summary, the following are some of my likes and dislikes:

      Things I like:
    1. Nice soft fabric
    2. Sculpted Fit
    3. Wicks moisture well
      Things I don't like:
    1. The sock is advertised as ultra-lightweight and I feel the fabric could be lighter in weight/less dense to fall into this category.

    This concludes my Long Term Report on the FITS Light Runner Low-Cut sock. I would like to thank FITS and for the opportunity to test this product.

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