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IR-Fox River Prima Hike Socks - Suzi Gibson -
Test Series by Suzi Gibson
Initial Report - 27 February 2017
Long Term Review - 17 July 2017

Tester Information:

Name: Suzi Gibson
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" (1.7 m)
Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
Email address: suzi.gibson at gmail dot com
City, State, Country: Prince Frederick, MD, USA

Backpacking Background:

I've gone on many family camping trips to various places along the east coast of the US since I was a child. The backpacking bug was always there, whispering in my ear until finally in my early twenties it bit me! I've since done several backpacking trips in Florida, Washington, Virginia, and North Carolina. Currently, I'm working on exploring all the day hiking trails in Southern Maryland with the goal of resuming backpacking trips this summer with the kids.

Product Information:

Manufacturer: FoxRiver
Year of Manufacture: 2016
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US $16
Colors Available: Black Fig, Purple, Khaki, Black, Charcoal, and Navy
Listed Weight: Not Listed
Measured Weight: 2.2 oz (82 g)
Laundering: Machine wash warm, inside out. Tumble dry low
Warranty: "FoxSox are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year. Return socks with dated receipt to store for a replacement pair."

Initial Report

Product Description & Initial Impressions: Fox River Prima Hike Socks

The FoxRiver PrimaHike Socks were shipped in retail packaging directly from the manufacturer. There are six colors available on their website. Three colors (07073 Black Fig, 02580 Purple, and 02030 Navy) were shipped for testing. The colors were true to their internet pictures. The packaging itself is very appealing with the use of a mountain scene with grey and lime green colors. All of the relevant product information and selling points are distinguishable on both the front and back of the packaging. I especially like the presence and promotion of the American flag indicating this product was made in the USA with both domestic and imported yarns.

Fox River Prima Hike SocksThe socks themselves have several features. First, they are composed of 52% PrimaLoft, 41% Nylon, 4% NanoGLIDE, and 3% Spandex which together comprise the companies' URfit. The socks boast several different features across their design. The PrimaLoft and merino wool base layer provide for a comfortable and warm sock fit while the merino wool is utilized to reduce odors. I found this layer to be especially soft and comfortable when I tried the socks on. The utilization of NanoGLIDE PTFE nylon reinforcements in both the heel and toes is supposed to reduce friction, which can cause blisters and general wear. The spandex arch holds the sock in place while the vented panels on the top of the sock assist with moisture removal. The fully cushioned leg and sole should make hiking more comfortable. One thing that really makes these socks unique is their anatomical fit! I intentionally put the socks on the wrong feet and noted a bit of an awkward fit with some of the seem material bunching up. They fit much better on their respective feet. There is some bunching on the corners of the toe seams that I hope will not pose a problem down the trail. Overall, the socks fit well when put on their respective feet.


Fox River Prima Hike SocksMy initial impressions of the socks is favorable. I especially like that they require no special laundering treatments. They also did not lose much of their shape during their initial laundering. I also like that they seem to be very soft and comfortable yet readily remain in place. The anatomical fit seems to be a plus right now. I'm curious to see if there are any noticeable differences in wear. The sock extends high enough up on the calf to accommodate a variety of boot heights. I will be keeping tabs on the potential toe seem bunching. I'm looking forward to putting these sock through their paces this test period on a variety of day hikes and a couple short backpacking trips.

LTR-Fox River Prima Hike Socks

Field Locations and Conditions

Fox River Prima Hike SocksDuring this stage of testing, I wore the socks on several day trips. With the testing period spanning late winter through summer, I was able assess field performance during a variety of weather conditions. All but one of my day hikes were located in Maryland. The only hike not there was in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Trails hiked include Calvert Cliffs State Park, Biscoe Gray Heritage Park, American Chestnut Land Trust, Niagara Glen Nature Reserve, and private held trails. Elevations traveled ranged from sea level to about 500 ft (152 m). Temperatures ranged from approximately 32 F (0 C), to 90 F (32 C). Weather conditions ranged from sunny to rain.

Field Performance:

Fox River Prima Hike SocksAll hikes were conducted with about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of gear and water in a daypack. I wore a variety of footwear from mid weight hiking boots to trail shoes depending on trail hiked and weather conditions. I predominantly wore the Purple socks for the outings with the Black Fig my secondary set. All told, the purple socks logged in about 50 miles and the Black Fig logging about 15 miles. The socks did a great job keeping my feet warm from 32 F (0 C) to about 50 F (10 C). From 50 F + (10 C+), they kept my feet comfortable, to a tad bit hot, but not uncomfortably hot. Given the sock's composition, they kept my feet feeling dry, even when damp. They also did not smell as horrendous at the end of the day as I was anticipating. On one outing, my feet were soaked from rain, but the socks remained comfortable.
Through it all, there is some wear occurring in the usual spots near the ball of the foot. There is also some pilling occurring around the leg and heel. I was a little concerned about how well my toes and the anatomical fit would hold up during testing, however I'm very pleased with this feature! I found it to have more of a custom fit feel with less fabric bunching around my pinky toes. All seams have held up well. This sock boasts more cushioning than most of my socks and feels great all day on the trail!


In summary, I really like these socks! As someone who has some lower leg and foot issues, I absolutely love the extra cushioning they provide! I also like how comfortable they've kept my feet across the various weather conditions. The anatomical fit is great and has reduced the pinky toe area sock bunching. The socks have held up well through the washings and miles. I do wish they would repel foot odors a little bit better, but they didn't perform too badly. I'm looking forward to continuing to use them on future hikes.

Fox River Prima Hike Socks

  • Anatomical Fit
  • Laundering Ease
  • Cushioning
  • Durability


  • Odor Resistance

This concludes my Long Term Report for the Fox River Prima Hiking Socks. Thanks again to Fox River Socks and for granting me the opportunity to test the Fox River Prima Hiking Socks.

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Reviews > Clothing > Socks > Fox River PrimaHike Crew Socks > Test Report by Suzi Gibson

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