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Minus33 Mountain Heritage Socks

Test Report by Joe Schaffer

INITIAL REPORT - November 9, 2020
LONG TERM REPORT - April 7, 2021
NAME: Joe Schaffer
EMAIL: never2muchstuff(at)yahoo(dot)com
AGE: 72
HOME:  Bay Area, California USA
HEIGHT: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

     I enjoy California's central Sierras, camping every month with a goal to match my age in nights out each year. For comfort I lug tent, mattress, chair and such. Typical summer trips run 5-8 days; 40 lb (18 kg), about half food and water related; about 5 miles (8 km) per hiking day in the bright and sunny granite in and around Yosemite. I winter base camp most often at 6,000 to 7,000 ft (1,800 to 2,000 m); 2 to 3 nights; 50 lb (23 kg); a mile or so (1.6 km) on snowshoes.

Product: Mountain Heritage Socks Micro-Weight Full Cushion Full Length;
Style #S39pkg

Manufacturer:  Minus33

Edited from vendor website:

        Colors: Black, Patriot, Olive Drab, Oatmeal, Coffee

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL 

        Fiber Content: 61% Merino Wool, 22% Nylon, 16% Stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex
        Wool Source: Australia
        Made in New Hampshire, USA

            • Cushion: Full Cushion along the bottom of the sock
            •3 Zone Elastic: Elastic on the arch, ankle, and welt opening
            •Vented Zones: Venting on the top of the sock
            •Heel/Toe Plating: Extra durability on the heel and toe
            •Seamless Toe: Smooth finish on the toe
            •90/10 Yarn: Durable sock with high wool content.
            •Weight: 76 grams (Pair)

            Machine Wash Cold: Gentle cycle with like colors
            Detergent: Mild or wool-specific
            Tumble Dry: Low heat
            Storage: Place in an airtight container when not in use for long periods of time
            Do NOT Use: Fabric softener or bleach!
  30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - Return Policy
                    1 Year Warranty
                    Extended 2 Year Warranty with Registration

legMy Specs:  Coffee, Large
: A: 1 3/8 oz (39 g)  B: 1 3/8 oz (40 g) PAIR: 2 3/4 oz (79 g)
        Dimensions: sock laid flat
             Length: (toe-heel) 7 1/2 in (190 mm)
                           (heel-top) 12 in (305 mm)
             Width at toe box:
3 1/4 in (85 mm)
             Width at heel to front: 3 3/4 (95 mm)
             Width at collar: 4 in (102 mm)


Received: October, 2020

My Description:
   Lightweight knee-high wool sock. Full-cushioned across the bottom, from up the heel to over the toe; and 2 1/2 in (64 mm) at the collar. Mesh weave across the top of the foot. Socks came in a full plastic wrap over the hang package. Minus 33 decal included.

    The bottom of the sock matches or betters the weight of any socks I've tried. Elsewhere the sock is comparable to a dress sock. The sock reaches all the way to the bend of my knee.

    I particularly like that the socks were not speared to the package!

    Being not very good at separating clothes for the wash (I don't) it's pleasing to see these socks can be tossed in with everything else. The only things I don't like about wool are shrinkage in the wash and bugs. That the vendor has resolved the first issue leaves only the second, and that problem is up to me.

    The contrast between the heavily cushioned bottom and thin top comes quickly to notice. The cushioned part across the bottom of the foot feels immediately cushy and cozy, while the rest of the sock feels almost not there.

Vendor's size chart indicates L for 9-11 1/2. Many socks come in only two sizes, and 9 seems to hit in a devil zone where large is too long and small is too short. This L feels perfect on my size 9 feet, provided the socks don't shrink. I am definitely glad I didn't succumb to the temptation to choose M (in fear that L may be too-long and too-long sock wrinkles are awful!) as these fit with nary a sag nor wrinkle anywhere. Almost as importantly, they don't feel tight anywhere.

    The knee-high coverage caters to my rattlesnake phobia, helping me believe that in consort with knee-high gaiters I remain more likely to succumb from heart attack. 


Field Conditions:sock in shoe
Multiple days and nights wearing the socks in and about the house.
    Three 3-mile (5 km) urban area hikes.
    Apr 2-5, 2021:
Stanislaus National Forest, California, USA. 4 days snow camping, 4 mi (6 km) crampons and snowshoes, towing sled;             35-70 F (2-21 C), mostly sunny. 7,000 ft (2,100 m); 1 camp.

    Socks and I get along really well, and I've raved about many. In that rave I must include the Minus 33s. They feel as soft and cushy as rabbit fur. I wore the socks for days at a time with no irritation, itching or compression howls. I slept in them in complete comfort. The socks did not get washed after every use but remained soft and not cat-boxy. They breathe well in higher temperatures and feel warm at lower temperatures. They never wrinkled up in the shoe. They stayed perfectly in place on the calf--no bunching at the ankles. (Picture is after shoeing two miles (3 km).)

    I don't know how many hours/miles I wore them, but so far they show no signs of stress. 
There is no apparent shedding. They've gone through four wash/dry cycles suffering no shrinkage.

Quick shots:

    a) Soft
    b) Comfortable
    c) Perfect fit
Thank you Minus33 and for the opportunity to test this product. This report concludes the test.

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Reviews > Clothing > Socks > Minus 33 Mountain Heritage Micro socks > Test Report by joe schaffer

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