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Test series by David Wilkes

Point6 Hiking Tech Medium Crew

Initial Report - November 24 2014
Long Term Report - April 13 2015

Name:     David Wilkes
Age:     47
Location:     Yakima Washington USA
Gender:     M
Height:     5'11" (1.80 m)
Weight:     200 lb (90.7 kg)

Tester Biography

I started backpacking in 1995 when I moved to Washington State. Since then, I have backpacked in all seasons and conditions the Northwest has to offer.  I prefer trips on rugged trails with plenty of elevation gain. While I continuously strive to lighten my load, comfort and safety are most important to me. I have finally managed to get my basic cold weather pack weight, not including consumables, to under 30 lb (14 kg).

Product Information


Image courtesy of Point6

Year of Manufacture:2014
MSRP:US$ 21.95
Weight:Measured 3.3 oz / 93 g (Size L) [No listed weight]
Sizes:Small, Medium, Large, X Large (see size chart in report)
Color:Black, StonePhoto:

Product Description:
I received one pair of “Block Strips Medium Crew” Size Large, color Black. These are from the Point6 Outdoor line of socks for hiking and trekking. The manufacturers web site says they are constructed with an inner layer of Merino Wool layer next to the skin protected by an nylon outer layer. The packaging states they are constructed from 67% wool, 30% nylon, 3% spandex. The product information states that the sock is constructed with additional cushioning in the instep and around the leg to protect pressure points.

Initial Report

Nov 24 2014

Size Chart

First Try

Upon receiving the socks the first thing I noticed was their heft. These are not lightweight socks. I could find no specified weight for the socks but the size Large I received weighed in at 3.3 oz / 93 g. The feel of the material is dense. When I squeezed them they compress and rebound kind of like open cell foam attesting to the cushioning claim. I looked for the advertised additional cushioning and found that a better description would be that the entire sock has cushioning with a few thinner sections at key points. The socks have 3 thinner sections. One extends around the leg just below the opening. The other two do not extend around the entire sock but are only on the top at two key flex points; at the ankle and about where the toes meet the foot. It is an interesting feature that looks to be intended to prevent the sock from bunching at those points when the joint flexes. I could find no seams anyplace on the socks. My normal shoe size is a US Men’s 9.5 or 10 (EU 42-43) which fits nicely within the range for their Large (Men’s US 9-11.5). When I tried the socks on for the first time I found them to be an excellent fit and felt quite good.

Long Term Report

  • Day hike Bear Canyon (eastern foothills of the Washington Cascades)
  • Cross Country ski White Pass Nordic ski area (ski patrol) approximately 6 days total
  • Day hike Snow Moutain Ranch (short day hike/lunch with my wife)
  • Overnight hike Umtanum Canyon
  • Overnight hike Ancient Lakes/Columbia River
  • Assorted daily wear

In the snowSocks are one of my favorite items to test but least favorite to report on. Why? Well if they perform as expected I can simply forget about them, at least until I have to write the report. After all, how often does one think about their socks unless they are causing problems? These socks are no exception. When I have worn them it takes effort to think about how they are performing because they have caused me no problems.

Most of my outings during this time were rather short, a few hours on the trail at most, and temperatures ranged from a little below freezing to what I would consider almost “tee shirt” weather. However I did give these socks a good workout during my duties on the Nordic ski patrol. This year the snow conditions were very poor. As a result ski patrol duties were a little outside the ordinary. To start, getting the toboggans out to the spots on the trail where we store them was quite a chore. We worked up quite a sweat hauling the sleds, then more trying to get them situated. Most of the rest of my patrol days consisted of a quick trip around the trails (or at least as quick as I could manage in the poor conditions) followed by attempting to shovel what little snow we could find onto the track to help cover the dirt and rocks. Not exactly the exciting and fun activities normally associated with ski patrol, but a great test for socks. On my feet in ski boots for long periods, getting my boots filled with wet snow and once even mud, working up a sweat then spending the rest of the day in the cold, etc. These socks performed well, no problem with wrinkles or hot spots, no rubbing, they kept my feet warm (but not hot) and most important DRY.

Since I was worried about losing a sock in the wash, I was hand washing these after use and hanging them to dry. As expected due to their thickness these socks would take about two days to dry this way. However when worn, they did an excellent job at wicking moisture away from my feet, and even when they did get wet my body heat would dry them quickly. This was fortunate as a few times my feet got wet in the morning while on ski patrol which if they did not dry would have meant cold feet later in the day. However every time I wore these socks, at the end of the day when I took off my shoes/boots my feet and the socks were dry.

Regarding durability, I have been quite happy with these socks. They are showing a slight amount of piling, but it is very minor and it does not look to be getting any worse, and there seems to be no detectable wear or thinning on the heavy use areas such as under my heel or toes. They have retained most of their size and shape and are showing no signs of loosing elasticity.

This brings me back to my original point; what can I say about these socks? These socks do what socks are supposed to and they do it well. I look forward to many trips where I don’t think once about my socks.

  • Thick cushioning
  • Good fit
  • Durable

This concludes my report. I would like to thank the folks at Point6 and for the opportunity to test this product.

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