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Point6 Mixed Stripe Medium Crew

Hiking Tech Medium Crew Socks



Reviewed by Jamie DeBenedetto
Updated March 31st, 2015

Report Contents

November 17th, 2014


March 31st, 2015

Reviewer's Information


Collective Use and Field Conditions

Product Information & Description


Long Term Conclusions

Arrival Condition


Final Thoughts

First Impressions


Initial Report
November 17th, 2014

Reviewer's Information

Name Jamie DeBenedetto

Me and the Saguaro

Age and Gender 42 year old female

Height 5' 11" (1.8 m)

Weight 170 lb (77 kg)

Shoe Size Woman's 11 or 11.5 (US) / Men's 9.5 to 10.5 (US) / 43 to 44 (EUR)

Email JamieD1005(at)


I spent many hours of my youth fishing, rafting, creeking, and day-hiking in the wild places of Arizona. I caught the backpacking bug in high school. Presently I work as an exPAWdition leader so I'm in the field, usually with a pack of dogs, at least sixteen times a month. Primarily I'm a day-hiker with the occasional family camping trip mixed in throughout the year.
I prefer hammocks over ground sleeping and I gravitate toward multifunctional gear that enhances my comfort level with minimal fuss and weight. My total pack weight is typically less than 25 lbs (11 kg).


Phoenix, Arizona - The Grand Canyon State - USA














Product Information Back to contents

Manufacture URL

Year of Manufacture

Presumed 2014

Made in

USA with Imported Yarns


$21.95 (US dollars)

Available Colors

Basic Version: Grey, Black, Taupe, & Ocean / Mixed Stripe Version: Imperial and Teal
Care Instructions Machine wash inside out in warm water, no bleach. Dry on warm.
Warranty Info 100% Guarantee - Full refund or exchange if dissatisfied
Size Large - Women's US 10-12.5, Men's US 9-11.5; EU 42-45; UK 8-10.5
Weight Not given
Fabric 67% Merino Wool 30% Nylon 3% Spandex

(Above: Taken from the Manufacturer's Website or Packaging)

(Below: Observed by Tester as Received)

Weight per Pair 3.2 oz (91 g) for the pair


Point6 Hiking Tech Medium CrewProduct Description Back to contents

The type of Point6 Hiking Tech Medium Crew Socks I received are listed under the Mixed Stripe version on the manufacturer's website. I assume they are the same as the other Hiking Tech Medium Crew versions with the exception of the color pattern options. The color I received is Imperial, a very whimsical combination of teal, purple, berry and grey. They are made with a combination of Merino Wool, Nylon and Spandex, which gives them both a cozy warm feel and a good amount of stretch. Point6 claims this fabric recipe is itch-free and provides durability and performance along with odor and moisture control. To aid with the moisture control aspect there are two mesh ventilation panels. These strips run across the top of the foot, one just behind the toe and the other at the base of the leg. As part of the socks' listed features the packaging indicates that the material surrounding the toe and heel sections is reinforced. I can't tell simply by feel so I'll have to take the mfg's word on it. What I can verify is the "deep heel pocket" and the "arch brace". Both are clearly seen just by looking at the shape of the socks. Stitched on the inside of each cuff is the size and style. The crew style rises up to about mid-calf on my leg. Women's size large appears to fit my foot perfectly.

Arrival Condition and Informational Material Back to contents

Thankfully the pair I received looks to be in good condition. I found no flaws in workmanship or oddities with the material. The only inconsistency I found involved the stitched in labeling of the size and style on the inside of the cuffs. On my pair the style indicated is HikeLT, which would imply these are the Hiking Tech Light Crew instead of the Medium Crew. I checked the Point6 webpage to see if the Light Crew comes in the Imperial color and it does not so I'm left with only assumptions as to why the label says LT and not MD or MC.

Informational material was limited to the packaging, which makes sense since these are, after all, socks. Not an overly complicated piece of gear. The packaging was quite useful, however, in its detail of the highlighted features and specs. The manufacturer's workmanship guarantee and their contact information was plainly spelled out as well. One noticeable exclusion from the provided material was the socks' weight. Since many backpackers pay close attention to weight, I think adding that to the packaging would be appreciated.

Expectations and First Impressions Back to contents

The Point6 Medium Crews are fun looking socks. I love the cheerful color pattern. I've already worn them for a long day of wandering through the historic Wild West town of Tombstone, Arizona. They were very comfortable. The wool is soft against my skin and they have a bit more cushion than the socks I usually wear. I look forward to getting them dirty out in the desert.

My expectations are simple for socks. First, I expect them to fit and stay where I want them to stay, whether that's pulled up to my calf or slouched down around my ankles. Second, I expect sufficient cushion so I don't have to deal with blisters or feel every bloody bit of debris that drops into my boot. Third, since I live in a very hot climate, they must breathe and aggressively handle perspiration. Lastly, and this is really more of a perk over an expectation, I hope for odor management. Basically, I hope to forget about my socks entirely while hiking. To me, the best socks are the ones that work so well I don't even think about them until it's time to take them off and wash them.

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Long Term Report
March 31st, 2015

Over the course of the test series I've worn the Point6 Hiking Tech Medium Crew Socks on 30 day hikes and one hike/snow play day with my kids.

Collective Use and Field Conditions Back to contents

My job involves hiking so the bulk of my testing took place while in the field for work. These treks are usually in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek area of Arizona. The elevation of the desert mountain or wash trails I frequent fluctuates between 1,500 ft (450 m) up to 2,400 ft (730 m). Temperatures ranged between the upper 50's up to the low 90's (14 to 33 C). I've experienced both sunny and clear conditions as well as cloudy and rainy. On trail time varied in length between two and four hours.

In November I did a longer day hike to the Seven Springs Area in the Tonto National Forest near Carefree, AZ, elevation 3,300 ft (1,000 m). On this occasion I wore the socks for seven hours while trekking in a high desert and riparian area. Weather was sunny around 72 F (22 C) dropping to about 68 F (20 C) by the time we left in the evening.

In January my kids and I went searching for snow in the Prescott National Forest near Prescott, AZ, elevation 5,000 ft (1,520 m). We hiked up a small gorge covered in snow and ice and generally had a fun time for about six hours. Temperatures were quite chilly for us desert dwellers, when we left it was a nippy 42 F (5.5 C). Sky was clear, no precipitation.

Late in February I joined some friends for a day hike in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in north Scottsdale, AZ, elevation 2,800 ft (850 m). This hike was just shy of 7 miles (11 km) in sunny, cool conditions (low 60's F / 16 C).

Long Term Conclusions Back to contents

I've really enjoyed the Point6 Socks. They were very comfortable and definitely not at all itchy. The fabric is soft inside and out. The addition of a small percentage of Spandex in the material made it easy to put the socks on and then take them off, even when my foot was a bit wet. I mostly wore them pulled up on my calf as high as they will go. Here too, the Spandex worked well to keep them from sliding down. In all the miles I walked I never had to readjust.

During my regular work week I wore the socks two days in a row before a wash. The fabric appears to be holding up well to multiple uses and subsequent washings. I have yet to notice any unpleasant odor being retained in the material, even in the last few weeks of this test when we had some warmer days (low 90's / 33 C).

In addition to odor control they seemed to manage my sweat well. They are often damp when I remove them at day's end but I never notice this moisture build-up while I'm hiking. That is to say, the accumulation of moisture doesn't change the way the socks feel on my feet or how they react in my boots.

I found the socks to be sufficiently warm for a snow hike and play day with my kiddos. As mentioned above, temperatures were in the mid to low 40's F (5 C) and I was wearing my regular hiking boots, not snow boots. My boots are waterproof but without gators or snow pants I did get a little wet above my boot tops. The area of my leg protected by the Point6 socks was totally warm, however. I didn't even realize how wet my lower legs were until I changed shoes back at the vehicle. I was very pleased with how the socks guarded my skin in that environment.

I have only one quibble with the socks at this point; they are a getting a bit sloshy in my shoe. When I first started wearing them they seemed to wrap more firmly around my foot precluding any slippage inside my boot. About three months into testing my foot began to slip around inside the sock at the beginning of my walks. It subsides to an unnoticeable level as soon as my feet perspire a little but this makes me wonder if they will continue to stretch and eventually get so bad the movement doesn't go away.

Final Thoughts Back to contents

Pleasing Aspects…

  • The fabric is not only whimsically colored, it's comfortable and itch-free.
  • Socks stay up when pulled up.
  • Odor retention has not been a factor.
  • Moisture control and warmth have been good.

Underwhelming Aspects…

  • A few months in and I'm starting to notice some play in the foot section when I first start walking. I'm concerned the material is stretching out a bit in that area.

My thanks to Point6 and for the opportunity to be a part of this test series. -Jamie J. DeBenedetto - 2015

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