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X-Socks Airforce 1 Sock

Tester series by Josh Cormier


Airforce1 Sock packaging


Initial report: 4-Aug-08

Field report: 27-Oct-08

Long term report: 6-Jan-09


Personal biographical information:

  • Name:  Josh Cormier
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5’ 11” (1.80 m)
  • Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
  • Email address:  swifteagle1 at hotmail dot com
  • City: Los Gatos, California
  • Date: 4-Aug-08



Backpacking background:

I joined the Boy Scouts when I was 11 and have been camping and backpacking ever since. I like to do challenging trips ranging from week long to weekend in mountainous areas. I would classify my gear as mid weight although now I am trying to move more toward lightweight. I now go backpacking at least once a year in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as well as monthly car camping trips with the Scouts.


Product Information: (information taken from x-socks website)


- Manufacture: X-socks

- Manufactures web site:

- Item Description: X-Socks Airforce 1 Sock

- Size: X-socks size: 4, US size 10.5 - 12

- Color: Grey

- Techn. Composition: 26%   Nylon, 22% Merinowool, 18% Robur™, 13% Mythlan™, 9% Elastane, 7% Silk, 7% Silver Nodor®

- Material: 42% Nylon, 22% Merinowool, 13% Polypropylene, 9% Elastane, 7% Silk, 6% Polyester, 1% Silver

- Listed Weight: None Specified

- Measured Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g)

- Year of Manufacture: 2008

- MSRP: $42.00 USD

- Item Received: 28-July-08



Initial Report - 4-Aug-08


Product Description:


I received the X-socks in new condition, in cardboard product sleeves. I received two pairs instead of the expected one. The socks look almost like I expected from the website. The difference was that the pictures on the website have the ankle cross bandage as an orange color while the socks themselves have it as gray. On the packaging there is lots of information on what the socks are made of, what size they are, and what their features are. The company used almost every available bit of space on the package to do this.


 The 11 special features of the socks are as follows:

1. X-Cross bandage - Stabilizes the ankle

2. Achilles tendon protector - Reduces the Incidence of Pressure Points

3. Heel protector - Decreases the Risk of Blisters

4. Traverse airflow channel system - The ventilation system for the sole of the foot

5. Anatomically shaped footbed - For the "R"-right and "L"-left foot

6. Toe tip protector - Protects especially the Tips of the Toes

7. Instep protector - Prevents pressure points

8. AirConditioning-Channel - Air conditions the Foot

9. AirGuide - Facilitates efficient Air Circulation

10. Rod Type Paddings - Reduce pressure and absorb impacts

11. Self-adjusting Cuff - Arranges for perfect fit



Initial impressions:


The socks look nicely made and look durable. There were no loose threads or picks in the socks when I received them. Removing the socks from the package I could immediately see some of the features described on the website and the packaging. The most noticeable things that caught my attention were the hunter orange toe cap and the R or L designation on each sock. The toe cap looks like it could be handy to find the socks in low light. Each sock is made specifically for the left or right foot and needs to on that foot for the full potential of the sock to be utilized.


Airforce1 Socks open


I tried the socks on the same night I received them. First I tried them on the wrong feet which did not feel right and were not comfortable. Once I put them on the correct feet they felt fine. I could not feel any excess seams in the toe cap pressing into my toes. The cuff was tight against my calf but did not feel like it was cutting off my circulation. The fabric on the sides is a much looser knit allowing air and moisture to easily escape from the sock.


I wore the socks around the house for the rest of the night and then to bed. They were comfortable enough and did not make my feet feel constricted. The sock did help to give my arch some support when I was walking around the house.


I wore the socks to work as well to see how they would do through a day stuffed in a shoe. I noticed that when I walked the socks made my feet feel cool. At no time during the day did my feet feel sweaty or wet. At the end of the day the socks did not smell. Of course this is just a use of the socks and the real testing will come when I put them through their paces backpacking.  I plan on spending some long days on my feet in these socks out on the trail.




Field Report - 28-Oct-08



Field Conditions:

I have worn these socks many places, around the house, at the barn in my cowboy boots, to work, camping near the ocean at Half Moon Bay and day hiking in Morgan Hill, CA.


I took these socks on a day hike in Morgan Hill, CA, elevation 350 – 1,402 ft (107 – 427 m). The climate was sunny and warm with no clouds in the sky and a temperature of 78 – 82 deg F (26 – 28 C). The terrain was brushy with rolling hills and loose dusty dirt.


I got also used these socks on a 3 day 2 night camping trip at Half Moon Bay State Park. The elevation ranged from 0 – 100 ft (0 – 31 m) and the temperature ranged from 55 – 76 F (13 – 24 C). There was a slight mist one night during this testing period, and some fog. The area was a sandy beach with some small trees, shrubs, and a grassy area where I placed my tent.



Field use:

The first thing about these socks that comes to mind when I grab them is to remember that they have a specific foot that each sock was created for.  It’s not an issue to put them on the correct foot but it makes me realize that time went into designing not a generic sock but a sock specifically designed for each foot. When the socks are placed on the correct foot I really can’t tell much difference between them and a normal sock from feel or fit alone.


Fit - I have size 10.5 (US) feet and the socks fit me well, they are snug but not too tight. All the seams in the socks are well made and do not have any large lumps or extra material to rub into my foot. The toe cap is made of a tightly knitted material and protects my toes from outside rubbing and bumping. It also resists being worn through by my toes or toenails rubbing on it. I am also hard on the heels of socks usually rubbing a hole in them eventually. These socks have held up well to use so far. I will continue to watch how these areas wear as the test continues.


Moisture - The sock packaging and the website claim air-conditioning of the foot keeping it from getting damp and sweaty. During the day my feet don’t feel wet or very damp. After wearing the socks all day I removed my shoe and felt the bottom of the sock, it was not wet to the touch but I could feel a little moist heat escaping. It seems like the socks are keeping the moisture in check.


Smell - Another function that the packaging and the website claim is the smell inhibiting Silver Nodor fabric in the sole of the sock. This fabric is supposed to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria in the foot bed of the sock. At the end of each trip wearing the socks I have taken a whiff to see if the socks smelled. So far I have not detected any strong foot odor, I should mention that the socks have their own distinct smell that is somewhat strange.


Washing – Washing the socks has not deteriorated the fabric or the elastic that they are composed of. The socks are still as snug fitting as they were when I got them out of the package. I have not found any runs, picks, or fuzzing after they get washed and dried. I have not tried washing them by hand and hanging them out to dry to see how easy they wash and dry in the field yet.



Long Term report - 6-Jan-09



Field Conditions:

I tested these socks at Planet Granite. This is an indoor rock climbing area were all levels of climbs can be found. The temperature was about 65 deg F (18 C) inside.


 I also got a chance to wear the socks on my hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There was lots of snow on the rim trail and everything was frozen. The elevation was around 6800 ft (2073 m) and the temperature ranged from 17 – 34 F (-8.3 – 1.1 C).


 I got in a good long day of testing these socks snowboarding in Tahoe, California elevation 7,000 – 7,700 ft (2134 to 2347m). The climate was sunny but cold with a slight wind 20 – 38 deg F (-6.7 to 3.3 C). The terrain was mountainous with trees, lots of snow, and ice.


While climbing the socks kept my feet from feeling wet or sweaty and the socks did not smell when I was finished for the night. I looked the socks over to see if wearing them in tight shoes had caused any wear in the toe or heel areas and could not find any noticeable cuts or thin spots.


I wore these socks as my base layer sock when I went snowboarding all day. I wore another pair of thick hiking socks over these for extra padding, since my boots are a little large. I did not get any blisters or even hot spots on my feet after a full day of snowboarding. When I removed the socks at the end of the day I gingerly took a whiff of them and was not too surprised that they did not smell. What surprised me was that the socks I wore over them did smell. It looks like the smell inhibiting Silver Nodor fabric does the trick.


The sock still fit well, they provide my foot support by being fitted and do not sag or bag. Even after many washes the socks are holding up well and are still as elastic as when I first got them. The toe caps and heel areas are still in good condition even though I tend to be hard on those areas. My feet have not developed any hot spots or blisters when I hike with these socks on. I am pleased with these socks and will continue to wear them on my outdoor adventures.




Does the elastic in the socks lose its elasticity over a short time?

- No, the socks still have as much elasticity as when I first got them


Do the socks resist snagging?

- Yes, I have not had any issues with the socks snagging


Is the heel reinforced well enough to keep the material from wearing thin?

- Yes, the heel is still in excellent shape


If the socks get wet will they start to degrade?

- No, the socks hold together well




Do the socks keep me from getting blisters?

- I have not had any issues with getting blisters or hot spots while wearing these socks


Do the socks provide some level of cushioning for my feet?

- Yes, although I would say it seems more like support


Will the socks still keep my feet warm even if they get wet?

- I have not worn the sock sopping wet, but they do a good job of wicking moisture away  


Do the socks provide enough air circulation to keep my feet dry during hard hot hikes?

- Yes, my feet seem to stay cooler when hiking in these socks


Do the socks keep the foot odor down?

- Yes, they do an excellent job of this



Ease of Use:

Do the socks wash out easy by hand?

- Yes, they get relatively clean when washing by hand


Do they dry quickly?

- It was cold most places I went, so I was not able to test this


Are the socks easy to pull on and adjust?

- Yes, as long as I remember what foot to put them on



This concludes my Long Term Report. Thank you to X-Socks and BackpackGearTest for allowing me to test this item.

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