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Classic Merino Wool Base Layers

Test Series by Jenna Steffensen
Initial Report: November 19, 2017
 Field Report: February 4, 2018

Reviewer Information

Name:  Jenna Steffensen
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 Meters)
Weight: 140 Pounds (64 Kilograms)
Email address: jennasteffensen ATgmailDOTcom
Location: Fernie, British Columbia, Canada

Backpacking Background

I recently started backpacking after moving to the Canadian Rockies last fall. I have been on two short (3-day) backpacking trips but I am very experienced in day hikes and car camping. I’ve hiked mainly in the Utah desert and Canadian Rockies. I still have many trips planned this year in the Rockies (smoke dependent!). I’m looking for the best gear that’s light and durable enough for the Rockies. My current set up is a 2-person tent, a white gas backpacking stove to cook, gravity filters, and hefty trail boots.

Initial Report
November 19, 2017

Product Information

Manufacturer: ColdPruf
Year of Manufacture: 2017packaging.JPG
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: $55 USD each

Women's Classic Top Specifications
Material: Merino Wool
Weight: 154 g (5.43 oz)

Available Colour: Black
Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Size Testing: M

Women's Classic Pant Specifications
Material: Merino Wool
Weight: 137 g (4.83 oz)
Available Colour: Black
Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Size Testing: S

Product Description
The ColdPruf Classic Merino Wool top and pant are single layer base layers that are typically worn underneath outer clothing to keep warm, dry, and comfortable. Both the top and bottom are made from 100% Merino wool which is a fabric that has the ability to last long with lots of use, be very comfortable next to skin, and is naturally hypoallergenic. The top and bottom have flat seams and are tagless to aid in the comfort factor. The labels printed on the inside of both items say to turn inside out before washing in the machine on cold with like colours and lay flat to dry.


The top has a feminine fit with princess seams which means there are long rounded seams sewn into the top to add a tailored fit of a woman's shape. The shirt also has a countoured waistline and hemmed cuffs.

The pants have a comfort waistband to keep them in place and hemmed cuffs. They also have gussets and front and back rise to provide superior comfort and fit.

Initial Impressions:

The ColfPruf Base Layers came in very informative packaging. I love when a company puts time and effort into creating a well-packaged item. The pant and top look to be well crafted and it seems like a lot of thought was put into creating a comfortable garment to wear. The fabric is soft to the touch and has some elasticity in it which is a convenient feature. The top fits perfectly with the sleeves going to my wrists and it falls just below my waistline. The bottoms are also the perfect length as the website stated it works well with people who are 5'3" (1.60 m) to 5'6"  (1.68 m). Size wise these base layers are spot on and are not too long like some of my other base layers. I am on the shorter side so I was glad to see the sleeves and pants both fit with no excess fabric bunching at my wrists or ankles. After trying these on straight from the packaging they were itchy. I have never owned merino wool so I am not sure yet if it is my skin that is sensitive to it or if the fabric just has that quality about it. I am going to wash it before using it out in the field and see if that makes it more comfortable or not.
I am eager to see how they perform in the field. Most base layers I own ride up a lot at the stomach and ankles. I hope to see these stay in place. I am also interested in seeing how a merino wool base layer does with the cold winters I get up here. I have only owned synthetic base layers before so this will be a huge difference. Hoping they keep me warm and comfy during their use!

Field Report
February 4, 2018

Trip 1: Day Hike (snowshoe)                  4
Location: Montane Hut, Castle Mountain, Fernie, British Columbia
Distance: 5.6 km (3.5 mi) with 115 m (377 ft) elevation gain

Weather: Overcast but warm
Temperature: -3 C (27 F)
Conditions: well packed snow on trail

Trip 2: Day Hike (snowshoe)
Castle Mountain, Fernie, British Columbia
5 km (3.1 mi) with 1610 m (5282 ft) elevation gain
Sunny and freezing cold
-25 C (-13 F)
Fairly loose snow on trail

Trip 3: Day Hike (snowshoe)
Coal Creek Heritage Trail, Fernie, British Columbia
15.5 km (9.6 mi) with 200 m (656 ft) elevation gain
Partially cloudy
-5 C (23 F)
Well packed snow for most of the trail, loose snow on remainder

Trip 4: Skiing
Fernie Alpine Resort, Fernie, BC
8 total days
Typically overcast and snowing
-20 C to -2 C (-4 F to 28 F)
Groomed runs and Deep powder days

Performance in the Field: The Coldpruf merino wool base layers keep me warm and dry. I have only owned synthetic base layers in the past but have heard great things about merino wool base layers. The Coldpruf base layers kept me super warm even on those freezing cold days. Whenever I wear synthetic layers the sweat they trap makes them very damp and cold to the touch. I found with the merino wool layers they keep me very dry even if I have sweat a bit. When I took them off they are a little damp to the touch although it was not noticable while wearing them.

When I first received the base layers they were a bit itchy to wear. I decided to wash them prior to first use and I can say they are now super comfy to wear all day. Although the washing instructions say lay flat to dry I decided to dry them the first time I washed them to shrink them a little bit. I prefer my base layers to be skintight. This seemed to work perfectly and they now are tight on my skin but I still have stretch and movement. A huge thing for me when determining if base layers are a must buy is if they ride up around the stomach while using them. I can safely say these do not ride up at all! I have worn them a lot to ski in and where normal base layers tend to ride up during the day these ones did not.

I have washed the base layers around 10 times now. The wool seems to attract a lot of fuzz from being in the washing machine. This doesn't affect the performance but they don't look brand new anymore. There is no pilling yet but I will keep an eye on that and report back after several more uses. Usually my base layers pill between the legs and armpits where there is a lot of movement.

Quick Shots: warm, comfortable after washing, breathable, collect fuzzies

To Be Determined: Durability, Multi-day hikes

Thank you to ColdPruf and for allowing me to test the Classic Merino Wool Base Layers.

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Reviews > Clothing > Underwear > Coldpruf Classic Base Layers > Test Report by Jenna Steffensen

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