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Orikaso The Original Fold Flat Tableware Solo Set
    Owner Review- Victoria Swanson
    August 19, 2008

Reviewer Information
Name: Victoria Swanson
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 5” (1.65 m)
Weight: 139 lb (63 kg)
Email Address: vicswanATameritechDOTnet
Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I have been camping and backpacking for as long as I can remember, mostly in the Midwest.  I carry a mid to heavy weight pack (40 lb / 18 kg) mainly because I am a gear hound.  I prefer to take multiple breaks during the day as I am also an amateur photographer.  I car camp a lot and have at least one dog and up to three dogs with me on those trips.  When I backpack, it is solo about 90% of the time and those trips are usually in mountainous areas (Montana, Colorado, Washington).  

Product Information
Manufacturer: Flatworld (UK) Ltd.
Manufacturer’s date not available
    Plate: 10.25 in x 10 in (260 mm x 254 mm)
    Bowl: 10 in round (254 mm)
    Cup: 9.75 in x 9.75 in with handle folded in (248 mm x 248 mm)
Listed weight: 5 oz (142 g) for all three pieces
Actual weight: 5 oz (142 g) for all three pieces
Listed volume:
    Plate: 22 fl oz (700 ml)
    Bowl: 22 fl oz (700 ml)
    Cup: 12 fl oz (400 ml)
MSRP: $20.00 US

orikaso set folded
From Orikaso website, “Applied to tableware this [Orikaso-  the art of folding plastic] results in a heat resistant, watertight mug, bowl or plate which is constructed from a completely flat piece of polypropylene.  Weighing only a few grams and less than a millimeter thick, Orikaso is far easier to transport and store than “traditional” tableware in any situation where weight and space are and issue.  Due to the unique properties of polypropylene, Orikaso products can be used time and time again without suffering any kind of structural fatigue or weakening.”
The Solo Set comes flat in an envelope style polypropylene package. (In the English translation about the materials, the packaging lists that the products are made from polyproplyene, while the French translation lists the material as polypropylene).  There are full color photos on the back of the envelope with step by step instructions in English and French.  The Solo Set is available in an array of colors; the reviewed set was translucent green.   When removed from the packaging, each piece is pre-scored at folding points.  Based on origami, folding the pieces creates a bowl, plate and cup.  Once the folds are bent back and forth a bit, the pieces are easily folded together with tabs that secure the corners together.  The website shows step by step videos if the directions on the packaging are too difficult.  It took awhile the first time because the material was a bit stiff, but after a few trial runs it was a snap.  

The packaging states that the waste from production is recycled and gives a website link to provide additional information.  There is also a lifetime guarantee on the Solo Set.  

Field Experience
 I have taken the Solo Set on numerous car camping and backpacking trips over the past 3 years.  It has been shoved into backpacks and into plastic totes. The bowl has been used for a make-shift cutting board as well.  The material has functioned exceptionally well in all types of clime.  I have used them in hot temperatures (70 to 90 F or 21 to 23 C) as well as winter temperatures (30 to 40 F or -1 to 4 C).  The only difference was that in the colder temperatures, the material was a little more difficult to bend.  I usually put the flattened cup over the pot I was boiling water in to soften it up a bit.  There has been no splitting of the seams or cracking of the material in areas.   When drinking hot drinks out of the cup, the material does get warm, but never so hot that I couldn’t hold it.  There has been no warping due to the hot liquids.  Other than normal wear and tear, there has been no damage to the Solo Set.
The Solo Set is extremely easy to clean.  Once I finish eating, I simply unfold them and wipe clean!  No messy corners.  
The Solo Set packs very well.  I normally fit it into the sleeve my water bladder fits into and am ready to go.  

orikaso set open Lightweight
Easily packed
Seemingly indestructible

Difficult to work with in the cold
 No other cons

Bottom Line
I have quite a few dish sets that I have collected over the years, but I always come back to the Solo Set when I am trying to cut down on pack weight or my pack is too bulky.

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Reviews > Cook Gear > Cooking Accessories > Flatword Orikaso Solo Set > Original Fold Flat Tableware Solo Set > Owner Review by Victoria Swanson

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