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Sea to Summit Delta Cutlery
Test Series By Bob Dorenfeld
Initial Review    July 9, 2014

Tester Bio
Name: Bob Dorenfeld

I'm an active hiker, snowshoer, skier, and backpacker.  Home base is the Southern Colorado Rockies, where I'll hike from 7000 ft (2100 m) to above tree line, with desert trips to lower altitudes.  Six to 12 miles (10 to 20 km) daily is my norm, with elevation gains up to 4000 ft (1200 m).  Many of my backpack trips are two or three nights, other trips are longer, and I usually carry about 30 lbs (14 kg).  My style is lightweight but not obsessively so - extras like binoculars, camera, and notebook make my trips more enjoyable.

Email: geartest(at)sageandspruce(dot)net
Age: 56
Location: Salida, Colorado, USA
Gender: M
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
Weight: 140 lb (64 kg)

Product Overview

Manufacturer:   Sea To Summit
MSRP:  US$9.95
Material:  Food grade glass reinforced Nylon 66
Includes:  Knife, fork, and spoon, plus carabiner clip
Stated weight:  1 oz (29 g)
Measured weight:  1 oz (29 g)
Measured length:  6 in (15 cm)
Colors available:  Pacific Blue (reviewed here), Orange, Gray


The Delta Cutlery set from Sea To Summit is a very lightweight spoon, fork, and knife with a conveniently attached carabiner clip, allowing each piece to be removed separately from the others.  All but the metal part of the clip is composed of food grade Nylon 66, BPA free, and odor and stain-resistant.  The knife is half-serrated (smooth on one side), the fork has four tines, and the spoon has a large bowl shape that can hold 0.33 fl oz (10 ml).  The entire set is dishwasher safe.

- Initial Review -

First Impressions     

handyEach of these eating utensils fits comfortably in my hand, especially after removing them from the clip, which is how I'd normally use them when eating and preparing food.  They are slightly flexible, but not so much that I fear them breaking or sagging with the weight of a spoonful or forkful of my favorite camp meal.  I like the turquoise blue - it's a pleasant color, but distinctive enough to see when dropped in the pine duff or lost inside my food sack.  Although the set length is too long to fit into my usual solo-trip pot, I like to store my cutlery with my food, so that's not an issue for me.  On my scale I measured the same weight as stated by Sea To Summit on their packaging - 1 oz (29 g).

The Nylon 66 plastic used for the Delta set is smooth and has a somewhat slippery feel, but some friction is provided on each of the handles by a raised honeycomb pattern on one side and the Sea To Summit logo on the other.  The carabiner clip is bent at the smaller end, perhaps this would make it easier to hang over the pot lip and keep the utensil from sliding in (and mucking up the handle with food!).

Until now I've never used plastic spoons and forks because they always seemed too weak to rely on in the backcountry.  And I always carry a pocket knife anyway, so I didn't need an extra knife just for cooking. 

What's Next?     

I'm looking forward to my next backpack meal with the Delta set very soon, and throughout the rest of the summer.  I'll be looking to test the sturdiness of the fork and spoon for preparing and eating my mostly dehydrated meals, and the knife for some of the food cutting tasks I normally consign to the pocket knife.  I'm a bit concerned that the utensils feel too slippery, but field use will tell the tale on that.  In addition to backpacking, I'll bring the Delta set along on some car-camping trips where I do more extensive food preparation.


Thanks to Sea To Summit and to BGT for the opportunity to test the Sea to Summit Delta Cutlery set.

Reviewed By
Bob Dorenfeld
Southern Colorado Mountains

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Reviews > Cook Gear > Utensils > Sea to Summit Delta Cutlery > Test Report by Bob Dorenfeld

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