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October 21, 2008


NAME: Kevin O'Connell
AGE: 18
LOCATION: Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
WEIGHT: 150 lb (68.00 kg)

I started backpacking about 6 or 7 years ago, mostly taking weekend trips and occasionally going out for a whole week. I spend my summers in the field, so I am no stranger to the trail. I am a minimalist, and will pretty much do anything to shave off some weight, but I am more about experiencing the local ecology then than getting to point B. My trip settings are usually local, so a forest setting, very rainy and pretty hilly, although I do go on snow trips. I am trained in wilderness survival and first aid. I am also an avid rock climber, mountaineer, and snowboarder.


Manufacturer: Snow Peak
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Manufacturer's Website:
Pot/Lid Material: Titanium
Listed Weight: 5.5 oz (156 g)
Measured Large Pot Weight: 3.5 oz (99 g)
Measured Small Pot Weight: 1.9 oz (54 g)
Measured Lid Weight: 0.5 oz (14.17 g)
Measured Total Weight: 5.9 oz (167 g)
Small Pot Capacity: 10 oz (296 ml)
Large Pot Capacity: 28 oz (828 ml)
Stuff Sack Material: Nylon Mesh
Warranty: Lifetime Defects
MSRP: US$ 59.95

Product Description

The set while packed

The Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cook set is a lightweight cooking system designed with a single backpacker in mind. It contains two titanium cups, 10 oz (296 ml) and 28 oz (828 ml) that function as pots as well. The kit also contains a lid that fits both pots. The smaller pot has measurements stamped on to the side, both oz and mm. It has the Snow Peak logo stamped on, as well as the word "titanium", and "Japan". Both pots feature two contoured swiveling handles that lay flat to the body of the pot when not in use. They are held in place by another piece of titanium riveted to the side of the cup. The kit also includes a black nylon mesh stuff sack. The stuff sack has an orange draw string with a black plastic lock on it.

First Impressions

There are times when a company has gone the extra mile, and this is one of them. The people at Snow Peak obviously thought of quite a few ways to reduce weight. This set even has flush rivets. Can't say I've seen that anywhere else. Quite a few thoughts ran through my head as I first unboxed the set. I have never worked with Titanium, so I am pretty cautious around it, as it seems a single misstep could crush the entire kit.

Field Use

My field use was primarily conducted on two stoves, the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Pocket Rocket, and the Primus Techno Trail w/ piezo. I carried it with me when I participated in a 550 mile (886 km), week long bike tour, and the following trips: :
Silver Falls, Oregon ( Backpacking)
Rained for three days straight. LAT: 44.8512332 LONG: -122.6461975
Hood Canal, Washington (Car Camping)
Rained 1/3 days Elevation 2677 ft (816 m)
Champoeg State Park, Oregon (Car Camping)
Rained 3/3 days Elevation 175 ft (53 m)
Smith Rocks, Oregon (Rock Climbing)
Snowed once at night, Elevation 2,200 ft (671 m)


Here is a list of questions I have been able to answer over a year of use.

Q: How well does heat transfer?
Suprisingly well. I can set it down on a stove and see small bubbles rising almost immediately.

Q: How much discoloration will occur?
Over about a year of use, little to none. In the words of one of my companions,"That's one tough little beggar."

Q: How much abuse will this be able to handle?
I can drop it with no visible effects, so overall, it is more durable than sets I have worked with in the past.

Q: What is the cool time?
I can boil a cup of water, pour it out, and then hold it with bare hands immediately.

Q: How stable is this pot?
Although stability may be an issue on some stoves, I found minimal problems. I just made sure I had a flat surface before using, and kept a close eye on it during use.

Q: Just how packable is this kit?
I love it. I can pack it up and fit a stove, a lighter, a pot holder, and my eating utensils all inside. Also, I could fit a Snow Peak gas can inside.

Q: Is it noisy while packed?
Yes. The handles bang against the side of the body, the lid bounces. At times it is frustrating enough that I will stop on the trail and wrap a shirt around it.

Q: Will I burn hands while using handles?
The only time I had problems with the handles was when I made rice in the smaller cup. I singed the hair off my knuckles when I picked it up.

Q: Will it change the taste of food?
No, I have noticed no change in taste.

Q: How easy is it to clean?
My hand can fit in, so usually I soak it while I sleep, then clean it in the morning. As long as I don't burn anything, cleanup is usually pretty easy.


This set is lightweight, period. I can throw it in my ruck, and forget I even packed it. Also, I can put all of my cook gear into it, which is nice. I do like how it is just large enough for my needs. I can fill the larger pot, set it to boil, and have freeze dried meals for two. Anything after that however will require another boil. The last pro I have found is the durability of this set. My earlier concerns were entirely unfounded. Within this seemingly fragile exterior lurks the surprising resilience of a heavier metal. For better or worse, I am much more comfortable using this pot, and frequently push it farther than I previously thought it could go.


The noise of the set while packed away is really annoying. The handles bang against the side of the pots, and the lid bounces up and down. I keep a few rubber bands in the stuff sack, but it is still frustrating because there are 5 swiveling parts on this set. Also, while the measurements stamped on to the smaller cup are helpful, it would be useful to have them on the larger cup as well.


The Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cookset is exactly what the title describes. I would only recommend this to ultralight or Minimalist backpackers who are willing to sacrifice comfort for weight. This cookset can only handle so much. It is, however, an excellent choice if there is only cooking for 1-2 people on a trip where every ounce counts, and the cooking primarily revolves around liquids.
The full set

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