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Jetboil Cargo Cozy Kit
Test Report Series
Initial Report: June 8, 2007
Field Report: August 27, 2007
Long Term Report: October 27, 2007
cargo cozy
Cargo Cozy Kit (cup not included)

Tester Coy Starnes
Gender Male
Age 45
Weight 238 lb (108 kg)
Height 6 ft (1.8 m)
Location Grant, Alabama, USA

Tester Biography

I live in Northeast Alabama.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, canoeing, and most other outdoor activities but backpacking is my favorite pastime.  I enjoy hiking with friends and family or solo.  I hike throughout the year and actually hike less in the hot humid months of summer.  My style is slow and steady and my gear is light.  However, I will sacrifice weight for comfort and durability.  A typical 3-season load for me is around 20 lb (9 kg) not counting food or water.

Initial Report
June 8, 2007

Product Information
Item Jetboil Cargo Cozy Kit
Manufacturer Jetboil
Year of Manufacture 2007
Cozy Weight not listed
Checked Cargo Cozy Weight 1.2 oz
Spoon Weight Listed 0.4 oz (11 g)
Verified Spoon Weight 0.4 oz (11 g)
Fork Weight Listed 0.4 oz (11 g)
Verified Fork Weight 0.4 oz (11 g)
Dimensions In Use 8.5" (215 mm)
Retracted 5.2" (130 mm)
MSRP $19.95 US

Note: I will go into more detail on the fork and spoon in my Jetset Utensil Kit report series.  This report will focus mostly on the Cargo Cozy.

Product Description
The Cargo Cozy replaces standard PCS cozy.  It is designed to wrap around and insulate the solo cup which is featured in the 1 liter (32 oz) JetBoil Personal Cooking System (PCS).  It is also designed to hold the fork and spoon on the outside of the solo cup during transport.  Both are included with the Cargo Cozy Kit.

JetBoil has this to say; "The ideal utensils for your Jetboil PCS plus the Cargo Cozy to store them. Keep your utensils in the kitchen! Long enough to comfortably reach the bottom of the PCS, and specially shaped to scour each edge and corner. Handles telescope to store compactly in Cargo Cozy. Cargo Cozy also accommodates the Jetboil Hanging Kit (sold separately). Cargo Cozy Kit includes spoon, fork, and Cargo Cozy. Lightweight and durable high-temperature nylon."

The Cargo Cozy is black with JETBOIL written prominently on both sides and several warnings written on the handle portion.  I am not positive what material the cozy is made of but it reminds me of neoprene.  It has a handle built on one side and my 4 fingers fit in snugly.  I may just use the first three and leave my pinky finger outside the handle.

Initial Impression
This is another well thought out product.  I am still learning how to use it though.  While it is super simple to use, I fully expected to need to remove the Cargo Cozy while cooking, as I was under the impression that it would melt if left on during cooking.  However, the instructions for the PCS and the regular cozy which is almost idenetical just say; "Cozy must not block cooking cup exhaust vents in order to prevent singeing, scorching or burning." I am used to using a homemade cozy with my Ti kettle which I can only put on after I finish cooking.  My homemade cozys are not stretchy and will slide on or off easily.  I just assumed the same would be the case for the Cargo Cozy.  However, I can now see this would not be practical for the Cargo Cozy.  It is stretchy and I must grab the pot to get it on or off.  Putting it on after the pot is hot would not be practical or safe. 
Future Testing
My testing will center around how well the Cargo Cozy performs in the field.  Does it securely hold the spoon and fork on the side during transport as designed?  Does it keep me from burning my hands when I am eating from the solo pot?  Does it keep my food hot longer?  Will the handle stay firmly attached?  Will I want to remove the Cargo Cozy before cleaning the pot?

Anticipated Testing Locations and Conditions
I will be making several short overnight hikes and a few longer hikes over the next 4 months. I will be testing in the southeastern US with trips into the local mountains of Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina as I try to get some relief from the heat by seeking altitude and cooler weather.  However, most testing would be done in Northeast Alabama. Elevations will generally be less than 4000 ft (1219 m).  

This concludes my Initial Report.  Please check back in approximately 2 months for my Field Report to see how the Cargo Cozy is performing.

Field Report
Aug 27, 2006

Testing Locations and Conditions
I used the Jetboil Cargo Cozy on a three day 27 mile (43 km) backpacking trip in the Cohutta Wilderness in Georgia in early July.  On this hike the elevation was around 800 ft (244 m) at the river and we topped several ridges, the highest at around 2600 ft (792 m). The high on all three days was around 85 F (29 C).  The overnight low temperatures were 66 F (19 C) and 61 F (16 C).  It rained on the second night.

Field Test Results
On my last hike I used the Cargo Cozy for transporting my spoon and fork and keeping my oatmeal and hot cocoa very warm.  I used it three times on two different occasions, once for heating my water for hot cocoa and cooking oatmeal for breakfast and the other time just heating my water for the hot cocoa.  Just to be clear, I was using the Cargo Cozy wrapped around the solo cook pot for the Jetboil Stove.  I would have used it more on this trip but I am also testing the Jetboil Fry Pan so I used that for several meals.

First, the Cargo Cozy worked nicely for transporting my spoon and fork.  I made no special attempt to protect the spoon and fork and both were exposed to all my other gear in my pack other than being secured in the slot on the Cargo Cozy.

When cooking the Cargo Cozy does indeed help speed up cooking time and then keeps the food hot for a very long time, in fact, almost too long.  It is hard to describe but I will attempt to make sense of my experiences.

On the first morning I heated some water in the solo cook pot (about half full) for my hot cocoa right after eating my pancakes and was ready for a nice swig right away.  I was expecting the lip to be too hot and it was, so I put on the lid which is similar to the lids you get on coffee in fast food restaurants.  Then I saw I would need to turn the cook pot (now my cup) up further then normal because my nose hits in the middle of the lid instead of just past it like it does with smaller cups.  This made it hard to sip but it worked.  What struck me most was just how long my cocoa stayed hot.  Also, the Cargo Cozy does not go down to the bottom where the FluxRing and base is and that part of the cup stayed extremely hot for at least 5 minutes.  Even after 5 minutes it was still very warm.  I finally decided to remove the lid so it would cool faster.  When it cooled enough to drink the lip of the cup was still very hot so I put the lid back on but could drink without worrying about scalding hot liquid.  In retrospect, I will probably leave the sipper lid off a few minutes until the cocoa cools a little, then put it back on to keep the aluminum lip from burning my lips.  I can drink hotter liquid than my lips can stand as far as the rim goes.  The sides of the cook pot stayed warm but comfortable to the touch so the Cargo Cozy is obviously doing a very good job of insulating the contents.  If it wern't, the Cargo Cozy would be too hot to hold comfortable.  The handle works well and I could drink one handed but I used both hands most of the time, my right hand in the handle and the left just lightly grasping the cup.  This is the way I drink with my large coffee mug at home.  

The next morning I made my cocoa first and this time I did it like I should have the first morning.  But even with the lid off it took several minutes to get my cocoa down to a comfortable drinking temperature. Then I put the sipper lid back on and enjoyed my cocoa.  After this I added about 2/3rds cup (6 oz or 0.18 L) of water for two packets of instant oatmeal.   As soon as the water boiled I took it off the heat and added my oatmeal.  I didn't time it but again it took a long time for this to cool down enough for comfortable eating.  In fact it stayed warm right down to nearly the last bite.  Usually I am torturing my tongue with hot oatmeal to start with and then eating cold oatmeal at the end.  With the Cargo Cozy it went from too hot to just barely cool enough to eat right down to near the end.  The last few bites were not real hot but certainly not cold either.

After the cocoa the first morning I did not wash my cook pot, but did do a quick rinse with creek water.  On the second morning I did wash the cook pot after cooking my oatmeal.  I left the Cargo Cozy on and just put soap and water in the cook pot and scrubbed it out followed by a good rinsing.  I did not get the outside of the cook pot and the Cargo Cozy wet.

Overall, I like the Cargo Cozy.  It does a good job in keeping my fork and spoon somewhat protected in my pack and of course they are right there when I get ready to cook.  Where it really shines is in keeping my food or drink hot.
Future Testing
After the hike in the Cohutta Wilderness summer arrived with a vengeance and I have limited my hiking to late evening walks down to the local swimming hole.  The lows for the past month and a half have been the upper 70s F (25 C) and even low 80s F (28 C) and with daytime temperatures over 100 F (38 C) for 14 consecutive days (18 total so far) and almost that hot the rest of the time, I basically gave up any serious hiking until cooler weather.  I am looking forward to fall weather so I can resume hiking.  I have a 3 day hike planned in late September and will use the Cargo Cozy some more.  I plan to try some red beans and rice and see if I can cook them by bringing to a boil, removing the cook pot from my stove and then adding the sip lid.  One reason I don't use red beans and rice often is the amount of cooking required (20 minutes).  It will be interesting to see how this works out.   

Long Term Report
October 27, 2007 

Long Term Test Locations and Conditions
My main testing during the Long Term Phase was on a 3 day hike in the Smoky Mt. National Park.  On this hike the weather was absolutely perfect.  Highs were in the mid 70s F (24 C) and the low both nights was around 40 F (4 C).  There was no rain and what little fog we saw was in the valleys below us.  Elevations varied from about 3600 (1097 m) to 6595 ft (1736 m) but both camp sites where all cooking took place were at the higher end of these elevations.  

On my overnight hike here in Northeast Alabama my campsite was at roughly 1200 ft (366 m) and the overnight low was 46 F (8 C).  The rain had just passed so the woods were damp but due to the extreme drought recently this was appreciated.

Long Term Test Results
The Jetboil Cargo Cozy has continued to perform admirably.  I am most impressed in how my fork and spoon which fit in the slot on the side of the Cargo Cozy survived each and every trip in my pack.   I did not realize how handy it was to always have my spoon and fork immediately available but I do remember a few times on other trips when I had to scramble to find my spoon to mix whatever I was cooking back when they rode in my kitchen organizer.  Now they are always right there. 

There was a downside though.  I quit taking my kitchen organizer where I kept my old spoon and fork.  But I also used the organizer for my pot scrubber, camp suds, and salt and pepper.  I now take the camp suds in my toiletry kit but on my last few trips I forgot to take salt and pepper.  I really did not miss this until I cooked bacon and eggs on my last hike.  I managed without the pot scrubber on all trips during this test so now I am comfortable just leaving it at home. 

The insulating properties are beyond my ability to measure but the fact that my fork usually stayed in the sleeve on the Cargo Cozy during cooking (the spoon was often out for stirring) and never suffered any harm tells me it's working.   The fact that I could hold the PCS pot, full of hot food or hot cocoa immediately after removing it from my stove also spoke volumes.  It just works.

I am pleased with the durability of the Cargo Cozy.  It was used quite a bit on my both my multi-day trips and basically served only as a storage unit for my fork (spoon too but didn't use it) on the third single night trip.  The only time I  removed it for a good washing at home was after the second trip due to a hot cocoa mishap.  It was easy to clean and looked in perfect condition but was slow to dry unless I kept it standing in a cylindrical position.  This proved to be a little difficult as it wanted to fall over and lay flat when not on the PSC pot.   

Final Thoughts
The Cargo Cozy does what it is supposed to do. It keeps my fork and spoon together during transport and handy when cooking.  It then helps my food/water cook/boil faster with less fuel and stay warm longer while eating or drinking.  What more could I ask for! 

I would like to thank BackpackGearTest and Jetboil for letting me test the Cargo Cozy.  It is a great addition to my cooking arsenal.

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