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October 26, 2007



NAME: David Baxter
AGE: 27
LOCATION: Seattle, Washington, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 180 lb (81.60 kg)

Backpacking background: I have been hiking for four years, and backpacking for three. I get out on the trails or snow every weekend, regardless of the weather. My trips range anywhere from fairly short dayhikes to longer multi-day backpacking trips. In the winter I snowshoe or snow-climb in moderate terrain and occasionally participate in a glaciated climb. My typical winter pack is about 15 lb (6.8 kg) for a day trip, and 35 - 45 lb (16 - 20 kg) for a glacier climb with an overnight camp. In the summer my pack is around 25 lb (11 kg).



Manufacturer: Jetboil
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US$19.95
Cozy weight: not specified
Measured cozy weight: 1.3 oz
Specified spoon weight: 0.4 oz (11 g)
Measured spoon weight: 0.4 oz (11 g)
Specified fork weight : 0.4 oz (11 g)
Measured fork weight: 0.4 oz (11 g)
Dimensions: extended utensils measure 8.5 inches (215 mm); Retracted: 5.2 inches (130 mm);


The Jetboil Cargo Cozy replaces the neoprene insulator that surrounds the Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS) pot. It wraps around the pot to provide insulation for hands and keeping the food warm, while including a small loop to hold the utensions on the side of the pot. It is designed to carry the fork and spoon when they are retracted. The fork and spoon are included in the Cargo Cozy Kit.

The Cozy is plain black with "Jetboil" printed in large white letters across it. It looks nearly identical to the cozy included with the PCS, save for the small loop on the side. It has a webbing loop handle on the opposite side for carrying the stove. The fork and spoon included are made of a temperature resistant nylon, according to the packaging. For further reviews of the utensils please read my review of the Jetboil Jetset Utensil Kit.


The cozy seems well constructed and should be very durable. It is basically the same cozy Jetboil has been using on their PCS pot for years. The cozy surrounding my PCS pot has held up very well to several years of use with no fraying or ripping; I would expect the same from the Cozy as well. I slid off the old cozy from my pot and replaced it with the Cargo Cozy. Installation was very simple as it slid over the pot with only slight stretching. It stays put very well and does not slip, even when lifting a pot full of water.

The little loop on the side holds the fork and spoon quite well. The handles of the two retracted utensils slip in through the loop and hold them very securely against the side of the pot. The tines of the fork and end of the spoon sit flush against the pot. They seem decently protected against impacts or snagging on other contents in my backpack and I believe will hold up well.

Here is a photo of the Cargo Cozy in use holding the fork and spoon.
Cargo cozy pic


I have replaced the cozy on my Jetboil PCS cup with the Cargo Cozy and will leave it in place for the duration of testing. Since the PCS is my primary bacpacking stove the Cozy will be along for most of my trips. Because the PCS has already been reviewed I will concentrate on how well the Cozy performs its primary function; carrying the utensils. Do they stay in place? Are they protected from damage being stored in this manner? Will the neoprene loop lose its elasticity over time?


Currently I have several short overnight hikes planned in the near
future as well as a snow climb and extended backpacking trip within
the next four months. Most of these trips will be within Washington
State and primarily in the Cascade mountains. I also will take the
Cargo Cozy Kit to the drier eastern WA area and the Pacific coast and
assay its performance in these environments. I will also bring it
along to Yellowstone in June. Primarily the elevations will be less
than 5000ft (1524 m) with the exception of Yellowstone and the >6000ft
(1828 m) Enchantment Lakes. Temperatures will most likely be above or
near freezing.


This concludes my Cargo Cozy Kit initial review. Check back later for the field test results.



I have used the utensils now for eating all of my meals on overnight trips, about seven days now. Trips have ranged from easier flat trails below 4000 ft (1219 m) to high camps above 7000 ft (2134 m) on a glacier. Temperatures have ranged from about 20 F (-7 C) to above 80 F (27 C).


This little thing is surprisingly useful. I have replaced the standard Jetboil PCS cozy with the Cargo Cozy. It works very well for carrying the Jetboil fork and spoon, which nestle into the loop sewn into the cozy. Even in a stuffed backpack the utensils will stay put and not disappear into the pack. They have not shown any damage from this transport so far either. I made no special effort to keep them safe. I left them on the side while I boiled water as well and did not have any parts of the utensils melt, though they were a bit in the way.

The cozy itself works just as well as the included PCS cozy for keeping food warm. It should since it's nearly identical, save for the little storage loop on the side. I made several cups of cider and a chili meal inside the pot on separate occasions. They stayed warm for a good amount of time in 50 F (10 C) weather.

Overall I'm happy with the Cargo Cozy. It does what it advertises - holds the fork and spoon - and keeps your meal inside hot.


A brief summary.


I will continue to leave the Cargo Cozy on my Jetboil PCS stove for all future trips. In addition I will continue to carry the fork and spoon on the cozy. Soon it will be getting colder and I will be carrying additional gear in my backpack, making for a tighter fit. I will report on how this affects the fork and spoon.



Over the past two months I brought the Jetboil Cargo Cozy along for the following trips:

-Spider Meadows / Buck Creek pass five-day loop. Elevations ranged from 2000 ft (610 m) to more than 6000 ft (1829 m). The trip was mostly on trail with some off-trail glacier travel. Temperatures went from about 35 F (1.7 C) to 70 F (21 C). The middle day of the trip was rainy and foggy, but the rest were dry.

-Marmot and Jade lake. Elevation from 3000 ft (914 m) to 6000 ft (1829 m). This trip was sunny the hike in but rainy and cold for the hike out. Temperatures were between 30 F (-1 C) and 60 F (15.6 C)

-Enchantment Lakes five day trip. Elevations ranged from 2500 ft (762 m) to nearly 7000 ft (2134 m). This was a very cold trip, with evening and mornings below freezing (32 F, 0 C) and highs likely around 40 F (4.4 C). Nearby water sources were coated with ice and our water bottles froze as well.


I will admit I was unsure whether the Jetboil Cargo Cozy kit would make a useful addition to my stove at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It works just as well as the original cozy yet keeps ones spoon and fork close at hand and clean. The weight difference between the two are negligible as well.

When I packed my backpack I inserted the spoon and fork into their holder on the cozy. I was pleasantly surprised to find them right where I'd left them, undamaged, every time when I reached my destination. It also saved time having my utensils right along side the pot rather than digging them out. When preparing a meal I am able to leave them in their holder as well. The cozy insulates well enough to prevent them from melting or damage. It also has the added benefit of keeping them clean or out of the dirt.

Overall I am happy with the Cargo Cozy for my Jetboil. The weight penalty is very small and it is a useful organizer.

This concludes the test series for the Jetboil Cargo Cozy.

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