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August 15, 2007


NAME: Jamie Lawrence
AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 1.7 m (5' 7")
WEIGHT: 70 kg (154 lb)

I was introduced to bushwalking/tramping/hiking around 13 years ago as a young child scouting and though my school physical/adventure education. After leaving school, I mainly did short daywalks until recently when I have started to again re-walk some of Tasmania's key hiking routes and try walks I have yet to attempt. I mainly walk in the winter months, in Tasmania's central highlands areas. I prefer light gear, extended walks (3-5 days) in a group of 3 or shorter walks (1-3 days) walking solo. I would generally carry a base weight pack of around 8 kg-10 kg (17 lb-22 lb).


Manufacturer: Kovea
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Manufacturer's Website: Kovea Home Page
MSRP: Not Listed
Listed Weight: 340 g (12 oz)
Measured Weight: 90 g (3.2 oz)

Assumption is that weight on manufacturer site includes a gas canister. I generally use a 100 g (3.5 oz) screw type canister, but this still puts my total weight around 200 g (7 oz).
Kovea Titanium Stove
Kovea Titanium Stove


This was the first canister gas stove that I have purchased, as I have generally used either my old faithful MSR Whisperlite or a Trangia alcohol stove in the past. My intention of purchasing this stove was that I wanted the option of an extremely small and lightweight stove that I could use when I took extended day walks into alpine areas so I could prepare a hot drink or small meal on the trail.

It took me a small amount of research but it was obvious quickly that the Kovea was a perfect fit for this intended use. After I understood the different gas blends, I quickly wondered why I had thought for so many years that my Whisperlite was the only way to go in cold and altitude. When using a Isobutane fuel mix (I mainly use the Jetboil Jetpower Fuel) there is little concerns with use in the cold. I have used the stove above 1,250 m (4,100 ft) with no issues and a nice quick rolling boil.

As with all stoves, a windshield makes a huge difference. This seems to be more obvious with the Koeva as it has such a small burner head. I once forgot to pack a windshield and it was whilst I was sitting by a (frozen at the time) tarn where the only option was to use large rocks, but this proved less then successful as I struggled to heat the small pot of water to a boil.


Image Courtesy Kovea
I have used this stove on various trips with a wide range of environments from sandy coastal areas to above the snow line. As my original intention when I purchased the stove was to use it only for day walks, it took me a while to get the confidence to take the stove on some more extended walks. I recently used the stove on an overnight walk above the snowline in the Hartz Mountains National Park (highest mountain is Hartz Peak at 1,254 m/4,113 ft) in Southern Tasmania and prepared 4 hot meals and several drinks with the stove.

Although the use of Isobutane gas gives better response in the cold, lower down in warmer conditions the stove is great, even when using a butane/propane cartridge. I have not tried to use this stove in more extreme cold, but I doubt it would be able to cope with much more then I have currently had success with to date.


This is a great lightweight stove that is easy to use, stable and has a good heat output in various conditions. The inbuilt Piezo lighter makes lighting the stove easy and avoids the need to carry matches or a lighter, a further weight saving.

The small size of the stove, even in its small case still easily fits inside a small 1 litre pot, including a small gas canister.

The folding design of the pot support arms are stable, easy to use and compact when packed in the case.

With a large flame adjuster, it is easy to regulate the flame for either a light simmer to a full boil.

Overall, I love the quick, hastle free set-up but mainly I love no pumping, priming and waiting for heat!


There is not much I don't like about this stove when I use it at lower altitudes in warmer conditions.

When trying to get the stove into the small case, it can be a little hard to get the case open and closed and the stove must be completely folded or it will not fit.

Although this is not a direct reflection of the stove itself, I don't like the waste created by the exhausted gas canister, which I still need to carry the weight of in my pack.


Credit to Kovea for producing a really great, lightweight and easy to use product. I have never had any issues which have stopped the stove working. Simply screw in the canister, click, click....flame!!!!

This stove will definately become one of the most used items in my collection of gear as for shorter trips in suitable conditions, this stove is far lighter and smaller then my other stove options making it hard to justify leaving it at home.

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Reviews > Cook and Food Storage Gear > Stoves > Kovea Titanium > Owner Review by Jamie Lawrence

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