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Makaira Metal Stainless Pack Stove (SPS)
Manufacturer's Comments January 2008

There a few things I would like to address in regards to the testing of the SPS. First I would like to address comments
made by Andrew Mytys. He said:

"In fact, the "value" aspect of this stove is an issue in itself. The $50 price tag on this stove is certainly justifiable, but I feel that the majority of this price is centered around the fact that the stove is hand made, and what the consumer is actually getting for their money is found in the stove's artistry, labor intensive
craftsmanship, and quality."

The SPS is not hand made, nor was it ever intended to be a piece of art. The SPS is manufactured in our facility with industrial CNC equipment. If it were to be hand made it would cost ten times what it does. It is not a labor intensive process to make the stove. As soon as a product becomes labor intensive, as a manufacturer the project needs to be shelved, as no one will be willing to pay for it. I will agree with Andrew in that there is a great deal of quality and craftsmanship that make up the SPS. We are very proud of this new stove. Many hours of engineering and testing went into its design. And it has become an instant success for Makaira Metalworks.

Burning wood is not for everyone, especially if you have never done it before. Its a lot different then using a canister stove. It takes a special set of skills that not everyone possesses or cares to learn. Burning wood will get soot on your hands and maybe some actual dirt. If your afraid you might get dirty, or smell like smoke you should probably stay away from a wood burner.

As a manufacturer we know we can't please everyone out there. Some people expect to have all the comforts of home on the trail. Others enjoy nature as it was intended to be. A beautiful, serene place were one can find themselves and truly enjoy life. A place that's the opposite of suburbia, no gas stoves with a simmer, no dishwashers with auto-dry and no "let's have it all and see it all right now" attitude. Just the good ol' outdoors.

We want to thank all the testers for there time and comments, and for arranging the testing. It's greatly appreciated.

Jerry Marlin
Makaira Metalworks

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Reviews > Cook and Food Storage Gear > Stoves > Makaira Stainless Pack Stove SPS > Manufacturer Comment

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