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October 13, 2010


NAME: Nancy Griffith
EMAIL: bkpkrgirlATyahooDOTcom
AGE: 44
LOCATION: Northern California, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
WEIGHT: 130 lb (59.00 kg)

My outdoor experience began in high school with involvement in a local canoeing/camping group called Canoe Trails. The culmination was a 10-day canoe voyage through the Quebec wilds. I've been backpacking since my college days in Pennsylvania. I have completed all of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. My typical trip now is in the Sierra Nevada in California and is from a few days to a week long. I carry a light to mid-weight load, use a tent, stove and hiking poles.


Light My Fire Spork
Photo courtesy of LMF website
Manufacturer: Light My Fire
Year of Manufacture: 2010
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: Not listed
Listed Weight: 8 g (0.3 oz)
Measured Weight: 8 g (0.3 oz)
Color: 19 colors available (mine are red and blue)
Material: Polycarbonate (also available in BPA free Tritan or titanium)

The LMF spork is a polycarbonate kitchen utensil. It has a fork at one end consisting of 4 tines and a spoon at the other end. The fork end also has a serrated edge down the outside of one tine which can be used as a knife.


LMF SporksSome friends bought the 4-pack of these sporks for themselves and gave us the extra 2. They are also available individually. Given that they're half the weight of my titanium spork (ok half of a little is still a little), I thought I'd give them a try. So far, we have used them on one 3-day and one 11-day backpacking trip in temperatures ranging from freezing to about 80 F (27 C). In total they were used for approximately 11 dinners, 8 breakfasts, 20 hot drinks and 7 cold lunches. Dinners consisted of homemade dried meals in a plastic bag such as soups, stews, pastas and tacos. Breakfasts were oatmeal, grits, cream of rice or scrambled eggs. So, the spork was used to stir the meals after boiling water was added and for eating. For the eggs, I used the blue spork to stir while cooking them in a titanium pot. Despite my keeping a low flame (in order to not scorch my eggs), the tip of the spoon end melted slightly. Uses at lunch were to stir condiments into chicken salad (or something similar) after it had rehydrated.
Melted Tip
I mainly used the spoon end of the spork but found the fork end to work pretty well for stabbing and for swirling noodles since the tines are longer than the ones on my titanium spork. The spoon holds a good volume of liquid for me and was nice for eating soups. I rarely (if ever) used the knife. My meals don't typically require cutting and if they do, I use my pocket knife.

I washed the sporks on the trail usually by rinsing in clean water and occasionally with some castile soap. At home I washed them in the dishwasher. On the 3-day trip I carried them in the bear canister. On the 11-day trip I carried them part of the time inside my cookset and part of the time inside that day's zippered plastic food bag. They definitely did not scratch or damage my titanium pans. The durability has been fine except for the slight melting of the end of one of them.


The Light My Fire spork is a lightweight utensil that provides what I need for eating and preparing meals on the trail.


Easy to clean


Damaged from heat


Nancy Griffith

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Reviews > Cook and Food Storage Gear > Utensils > Light My Fire Spork > Owner Review by Nancy Griffith

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