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Thank you for the in-depth reviews of the Timex Expedition WS4. In the
interest of making these reviews as useful as possible for your readers,
we would like to point out one major flaw that negatively affects two of
the reviews. Additionally, we offer an easy solution.

Please let us know what you think.

Reviewer #2, Roger Caffin, reviewed the WS4 with XL Elastic Strap while
doing warm-weather activities, and noted at-length that he disliked the
XL Elastic Strap. This is not surprising, given that the XL Elastic
Strap is specifically meant for cold-weather usage - it is designed to
fit OVER performance gear (gloves, jackets etc) and NOT meant to be used
against the bare skin, especially in warm climates.

On the other hand, Reviewer #3, Will Dalen Rice, reviewed the WS4 with a
standard strap, and did so during snow-based activities. He therefore
noted that he found the piece too small to fit over his performance gear
- the exact use that the XL Elastic Strap was meant for.

So we were dismayed to learn after reading the reviews that the products
were seemingly reviewed by testers who should have been reviewing
different product variations, based on their anticipated activities. It
was many months ago, but we recall delivering the timepieces directly to
your reviewers precisely as requested and specified.

As a solution to this issue, we ask that you consider posting an
Editor's Note at the end of each of these two reviews, noting the
different strap options that are available for the WS4. Something along
the lines of:

Review #2 (Roger)
Editor's Note: The Timex Expedition WS4 is also available in a standard
strap, which users may find more suitable for direct-to-skin use.

Review #3 (Will)
Editor's Note: The Timex Expedition is also available with an XL Elastic
Strap, which can be worn over performance gear in cold climates.

Is this possible? Please let us know your thoughts.

Thank you again for your attention to Timex. On the whole, we have
enjoyed working with BackpackGearTest and look forward to future

Ken Mandelkern, on behalf of Timex

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Reviews > Electronic Devices > Watches > Timex WS4 Watch > Manufacturer Comment

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