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Test series by David Wilkes

Guideline Draft Sunglasses 

Initial Report - Oct 29 2013
Field Report - Due Dec 20 2013
Long Term Report - Due Feb 2014

Tester Information

Name: David Wilkes
Age: 47
Location: Yakima Washington USA
Gender: M
Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
Weight: 197 lb (89.40 kg)


I started backpacking in 1995 when I moved to Washington State. Since then, I have backpacked in all seasons and conditions the Northwest has to offer.  I prefer trips on rugged trails with plenty of elevation gain. While I continuously strive to lighten my load, comfort and safety are most important to me. I have finally managed to get my basic cold weather pack weight, not including consumables, to under 30 lbs (14 kg).

Product Information


Guideline Direct

Year of Manufacture:


Manufacturer’s Website:


US$ 59.95

Measured Weight:

Glasses 29 g (1 oz) 
Case 36 g (1.25 oz)


One size

Product image
Image courtesy of

Product Description:

From a company that makes fishing focused sunglasses the  Draft line is described as "equally at home on-the-water or on-the-trail." These semi-rimless sunglasses feature polarized Polycarbonate lenses, floating nose pads, and vents at the top of the frame. They are intended to fit medium to large faces and come in two styles; a "Brown Tortoise" frame with "Freestone Brown" lenses (what I received) and "Shiny Black " frames with "Deep Water Grey" lenses.

Initial Report

May 28 2013

Side viewSpecifications from the manufacturer:

Frame Color:

Shiny Brown Tortoise

Face Size:

Medium/ Large

Lens Color:

Freestone Brown

Frame Material:

Grilamid BTR

Lens Material:


Normally I am not a fan of tortoise shell frames. Not that I have anything against them, they are my wife’s favorite style of frame, I just don’t like them for myself. So it was kind of inevitable that having a 50/50 chance I would of course get the tortoise frames. Upon receiving them I found the frames so dark that at first glance I did not even know they were tortoise shell. I found I had to hold them up to a light to see the pattern. The frames are semi-translucent so the lighter areas of the frames will pass some light. As lenses go I normally prefer a very dark grey lens for bright light, and light amber for lower light conditions. These lenses are a dark brown and took a bit of getting used to. However after wearing them a few minutes I found I liked what they do to colors. Now it does not hurt any that fall is coming on, and the warm tint of the glasses seem to accentuate the fall colors. After wearing them for a day I like the color of the lenses even more.

Nose PadAs for fit, the glasses are intended for medium to large faces and I find I fall into the large face category so they should be good for me, and they seem to be. Putting them on the first time I noticed they seem to fit quite well and are very light. The floating nose pads are attached to a metal frame that is screwed to the glasses and can be adjusted. So far I have not worn them for more than an hour or so at a stretch and found the nose pads to be mostly comfortable. The ear pieces do not seem to be adjustable short of heating them like is done at my eye doctor’s office, but from what I have been able to tell so far they fit me just fine as is; snug enough to stay on securely but not too tight. Being as light weight as these glasses are 29 g (1 oz) I am looking forward to seeing if they remain comfortable for extended use.

The frames have 6 vent holes along the top of the frames to help prevent fogging of the lenses. These vents look rather small to me so I will be interested to see how effective they are. One thing I noticed when inspecting the glasses, unlike most glasses I have seen, the screws that hold the ear pieces screw in from the bottom instead of from the top. I can see how this makes the screws less visible, but I fear that if they ever loosen up they will probably fall out and be lost. This is something I will be watching for. Upon inspecting the lenses I found them to be very clear and virtually distortion free. Since they are polarized lenses I looked out at bright sunlight and turned the glasses 360 deg. I was surprised to see that the change in light level was not as drastic as I normally see with polarized lenses, but seeing as how noticeably they reduce glare I am not concerned.Price Tag

The glasses came with a case that is similar to others I have seen; simple neoprene-like material with some plastic in the front to hold its shape to match the glasses. Some of the stitching was a bit off and there were a few loose threads, but I rarely use the cases that come with my glasses so it is not really an issue.

Field Report

Due Dec 2013

Long Term Report

Due Feb 2014

  • Light weight
  • Comfortable
  • Clear distortion free lenses
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • None so far

This concludes my report. I would like to thank the folks at Guideline Direct and for the opportunity to test this product.


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Reviews > Eye Protection and Binoculars > Sun Glasses > Guideline Eyewear Draft Sunglasses > Test Report by David Wilkes

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