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November 12, 2013



NAME: Brian Hartman
EMAIL: bhart1426ATyahooDOT com
AGE: 45
LOCATION: Westfield, Indiana
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 145 lb (65.80 kg)

I have been backpacking for over 20 years throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and most recently in Western USA. In addition to backpacking I enjoy family camping with my wife and kids and being outdoors in general. I would describe myself as a mid weight backpacker. I use fairly light weight equipment and gear but still like to bring more than the bare essentials with me while on the trail.



Courtesy of Optic Nerve

Manufacturer: Optic Nerve
Year of Manufacture: 2013
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US $49.00
Listed Weight: NA
Measured Weight: 1 oz (28 g)

Other details:
Frame options: Shiny Black, Shiny White
Interchangeable lenses: Smoke grey and high-definition copper
Frame Material: Nylon
Bridge Rests: Tactilite rubber
Lens: Plastic
UV Protection: 100% UV protection
Meets ANSI Z80.3 standards for optical clarity and impact resistance
Limited Lifetime Warranty


The Dedisse's are full wrap around sunglasses that, according to the manufacturer, "deliver enhanced ergonomic and peripheral coverage." They are one of 53 styles offered by Optic Nerve out of their headquarters in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Options include nylon or metal frames, polarized or non-polarized lenses and seven different lens tints. The Dedisse sunglasses come with two sets of lenses, grey and copper, and have a unique frame design that will hopefully make changing them an easy task.

Regarding the two sets of lenses that come with these sunglasses, the smoke / grey tint lenses only allow 15% of visible light to penetrate the lenses, which means they should work well in very bright, sunny conditions. According to the manufacturer, the grey lenses show colors accurately but they do not provide much definition or contrast of objects. The copper tint lenses by contrast allow 27% light transmission and provide very good contrast and depth perception while still representing colors accurately. My experience is that copper lenses work very well for things like driving, golfing and snow skiing. All of the lenses offered by Optic Nerve provide 100% UV protection as defined by US Government FDA standards.

The Dedisse sunglasses have Tactilite™ bridge pads which are supposed to keep the frames in place while playing sports or jogging. They also have a hidden hinge design with a single screw that holds them in place.


The Dedisse sunglasses arrived in a semi rigid carrying case with the manufacturer's name and logo on top. The case is black with a clam shell design and zipper closure, and it appears to be sturdy enough to protect the sunglasses while carrying them in my backpack. Inside the case was a plastic zip-lock bag with writing on both sides. On one side of the bag was printed a brief company introduction and value statement and on the other side was warranty information and a 100% UV Protection guarantee. The sunglasses were concealed in a black cloth pouch located inside the plastic bag. The pouch has a drawstring on the top and a small pocket on the front where the second set of lenses were stored.


Upon removing the Dedisse sunglasses from their pouch, my initial impression of them was very positive. They are lightweight, stylish and appear to be sturdy with frames that almost completely surround the lenses. The frames I chose were black and have tiny rubber bridge pad inserts that should help keep them from sliding around on my face. Optic Nerve's logo is neatly displayed on the temple areas of the sunglasses near the hinges. A small product tag with the barcode and retail price of the sunglasses was located on one of the arms along with a small stamp indicating these sunglasses were made in China.

Regarding fit, I was surprised at how tight these sunglasses are as my face is not at all wide. The Dedisse's are 5" (12.7 cm) wide from temple to temple. This is 1/8" (0.32 cm) narrower than my prescription glasses and 1/4" (0.64 cm) narrower than another pair of sunglasses I own. There is significant pressure on my temples and above my ears when wearing the Dedisse's. The fact that the arms curve in substantially at their tips contributes to the ultra snug fit. Only time will tell if they are unbearable for long term use. On the bright side, there's no way they will ever fall off my face and the close fitting wrap-around design should help block sunlight from coming in around the eyes. Hopefully this will result in less eye strain while backpacking in sunny weather.

After wearing the sunglasses outside for a few minutes in bright conditions, I can report that the gray lenses seem to block a fair amount of light while still allowing me to see details. The hinges feel secure and function smoothly. Overall the sunglasses give the impression of being well constructed and of high quality. Notwithstanding the fact that they are brand new, I was impressed with the clarity of the grey lenses. I am looking forward to wearing them for extended periods of time this summer in the sunny outdoors.

Unfortunately lens changing instructions were not included with the sunglasses and nothing is posted on the manufacturer's website. After fiddling briefly with them while trying to remove the lenses I decided I'll wait till the weekend is over and talk with customer service rather than risk damaging the frames or lenses. I'll probably ask them about care instructions as well since no information was provided regarding proper cleaning of the lenses. I know that some manufacturers allow the use of dishwashing liquids to remove sweat and smudges while others only recommend water. While on this subject, I'll mention that the polarized and premium IC sunglasses offered by Optic Nerve have a hydrophobic coating on the lenses that repels water, dust, and oil, and helps prevent scratches. The Dedisse sunglasses, however, are part of the Deuce 2 series which does not have this added feature. For this reason as well, I want to be careful so that I don't accidently scratch the lenses.


Sturdy frame
Interchangeable lenses
Excellent vision and clarity

Tight fit

This concludes my Initial Report for the Optic Nerve Dedisse sunglasses.



During the past four months I wore the Optic Nerve Dedisse sunglasses almost every day. Not only did I wear them while backpacking but I also wore them while driving, biking, jogging, day hiking, and at my kids sporting events. Below are a few of the trips I took them on:

1. Franklin County: My first trip during this test period was a two day outing to Franklin County, Indiana (IN). I hiked mostly on wooded trails across hilly terrain.

Location: Franklin County, IN
Type of Trip: Trail hiking
Distance: 6 mi (9 km)
Length of Trip: 2 days
Backpack Weight: 24 lb (11 kg)
Sky and Air Conditions: Mostly sunny and very breezy
Precipitation: None
Temperature Range: 70 F to 79 F (21 C to 26 C)

2. My second trip was to Oldenburg, IN in southeastern Indiana. During this two-day outing I hiked mostly off-trail and covered 12.4 miles (20 km) across moderately hilly terrain. Elevations ranged from 570 ft (174 m) to 710 ft (216 m) and daytime temperatures were in the low 80's F (28 C).

Location: Oldenburg, IN
Type of Trip: Off-trail hiking
Distance: 12.4 mi (20 km)
Length of Trip: 2 days
Backpack Weight: 29 lb (13 kg)
Sky and Air Conditions: Mostly sunny
Precipitation: None
Temperature Range: 72 F to 83 F (22 C to 28 C)

3. This was a day hike at Strawtown Koteewi Park in Noblesville, IN in early August. I covered 6.1 miles (10 km) on flat terrain and established trails.

Location: Strawtown Koteewi Park, Noblesville, IN
Type of Trip: Maintained trail
Distance: 6.1 mi (10 km)
Length of Trip: 1 day
Backpack Weight: 14 lb (6 kg)
Sky and Air Conditions: Overcast with light to moderate rain
Precipitation: 0.5 in (1.3 cm)
Temperature: 71 F (22 C)

4. We hiked, fished and waded through creeks looking for tadpoles on this family camping trip to Southern Indiana. The terrain was hilly with lots of open and forested areas to explore.

Location: Franklin County, IN
Type of Trip: Off-trail hiking
Distance: 6 mi (9 km)
Length of Trip: 3 nights
Backpack Weight: 24 lb (11 kg)
Sky and Air Conditions: Mostly sunny
Precipitation: None
Temperature Range: 72 F to 78 F (22 C to 25 C)

5. During this two-day outing I hiked on established trails covering 16 miles (26 km) across moderately hilly terrain. Elevations ranged from 570 ft (174 m) to 780 ft (238 m) and daytime temperatures were in the mid 60's F (19 C).

Location: Charles Deem Wilderness
Type of Trip: Trail hiking
Distance: 16 mi (26 km)
Length of Trip: 1 night
Backpack Weight: 15 lb (7 kg)
Sky and Air Conditions: Sunny with lots of wind
Precipitation: None
Temperature Range: 60 F to 66 F (15 C to 19 C)


IMAGE 1 During my past four months of testing, the Dedisse's have proven to be great sunglasses. They are lightweight, durable and provide great visual clarity.

At 1 oz (28 g) these sunglasses are very lightweight, so much so that if they weren't so snug on my face, I would hardly know I'm wearing them. Although the arms squeeze my head, they haven't caused me any headaches; I think that's because most of the pressure I feel is by my ears rather than my temples. Their snug fit and rubber bridge pads have ensured that these sunglasses aren't going anywhere. I have worn them while mountain biking and even while playing basketball and they have yet to slide around on my face or slip down the bridge of my nose.

The wrap-around lenses do a great job of blocking sunlight from all directions so that my eyes aren't strained after a long day in the sun. I've also found that the lenses give me great peripheral vision, once again thanks to the wrap-around design. I'm looking forward to wearing them on the ski slopes this winter and I have a feeling they will perform wonderfully.

IMAGE 2 After numerous failed attempts to change the lenses on my own I finally gave up and called Optic Nerve. It's probably a good thing I did because I wasn't sure how much force to apply and I certainly didn't want to break the frames or lenses. As a result, I can now change the lenses on these sunglasses. With some practice and know-how it is very easy to do. Simply apply pressure to the lenses while pulling apart the upper and lower frames. The lenses pop out the front of the sunglasses. As an update to my Initial Report, Optic Nerve now provides lens changing instructions on their website. The instructions are in pdf format and are clear and concise.

Several years ago after a friend of mine developed cataracts and went through surgery to remove them, I decided to get serious about protecting my eyes from bright sunlight and harmful UVs. Consequently I threw away my collection of thrift store sunglasses which included Aviators, sports sunglasses, wrap-around frames and clip-ons etc. The reason I threw them all out was because there was no indication on the frames or lenses that they provided 100% UV protection and I simply didn't want to risk my eyesight on a guess. Fast forward several years and I now own two pair of quality sunglasses that provide complete protection for my eyes. I even ordered UV protection for my prescription eyeglasses.

The copper lenses have become my favorites for trail hiking, golfing and really anytime that contrast and depth perception are important. I would probably wear them all of the time if they let in less light. However, I found that on bright sunny days my eyes get fatigued while wearing the copper lenses and so I'm glad that I can quickly swap them out for the grey lenses. In addition, both sets of lenses provide really good optical clarity with virtually no visual distortion.

I have not had a problem with the Dedisse's fogging up in hot, humid weather. I've worn them in temperatures exceeding 95 F (35 C) and on days with 85% humidity and have not had any issues. When riding my bike for extended periods, I get quite sweaty, but enough air circulates behind the lenses that fogging is not a problem.

IMAGE 3 Overall the lenses have been very durable, but I wish they had Optic Nerve's hydrophobic coating to repel dust and dirt and make them more resistant to scratches. It's not that the lenses are prone to scratches; it's more so that I get fingerprints, dirt, smudge marks and sweat on them while backpacking and I don't always have the proper lens cloth to clean them without creating small scratches or swirl marks. In this regard, I think the coating would make them easier to clean and more durable. Regarding the nylon frames, they have proven to be flexible enough that I think they could withstand a pretty good impact without breaking.

When not wearing the sunglasses I typically store them in the carrying case as it protects them from getting smashed, stepped on or broken if dropped. Although I don't store the sunglasses in the cloth pouch, I still keep it handy as its side pockets protect whichever pair of lenses I'm not currently wearing.


I am very pleased with these sunglasses and take them almost everywhere I go, whether backpacking, golfing, driving in my car, bike riding, walking our dog or watching one of my kids sporting events.

This concludes this test series. Thanks to Optic Nerve and for the opportunity to test these sunglasses.

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