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Optic Nerve Pipeline Sunglasses
Test Report
Last Updated: January 19, 2014

Biographical Information Product Information Initial Report - July 5, 2013 Long Term Report - January 19, 2014 Summary

Optic Nerve

Biographical Information
Name Jennifer Pope
Age 33
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
Weight 140 lb (63 kg)
Email Address
Location Connecticut USA
Backpacking Background
Intermediate. I've been a car-camper as long as I can remember and started backpacking in Northern California over a decade ago. I'm again taking a break from backpacking to hike and car camp with my two young daughters and my husband. My daughters are now old enough that they can hike shorter distances rather than being carried. We live on the Connecticut coast and hike around New England.

Product Information (back to top)
Manufacturer Optic Nerve
Manufacturer URL
Year of Manufacture 2013
Frame Color matte black (also available in matte red and matte white)
Lens Colors smoke w/flash mirror for bright sun and high contrast copper for variable light
Claimed Weight NA
Actual Weight .9 oz (25 g)
Warranty Warranty protects against manufacturing defects which does not include normal wear and tear (including scratched lenses). Warranty claims must be mailed to the company, with proof of purchase and a $15 processing fee. (from product packaging)

Initial Report
July 5, 2013

Initial Impressions & Product Description (back to top)

My first thought upon opening these glasses is that they are very lightweight and have more of a classic look rather than being overly 'sporty'.


The sunglasses are stored in a hard-sided zippered case. Inside the case is a cloth drawstring bag with two pockets for the other two lenses.

The glasses themselves are lightweight plastic. The frame completely surrounds the lens except for a small cutout notch on each side. The Optic Nerve "N" logo is directly above this notch. The arms of the sunglasses have a small venting hole on each side near the lens as well. The lens shape is more square than I expected based on the website picture, but I like this. It gives my eyes a little more coverage and it makes the glasses feel more modern and less like I'm wearing men's sunglasses (which is sometimes how I feel in unisex sunglasses). The glasses come with two sets of lenses. The traditional "smoke" lenses have a mirrored finish and are for regular sunny days. The copper colored lenses are for variable light. My hikes and early morning runs often take me in and out of dense tree coverage, so I'm curious how these copper lenses will work for me. I have never used colored lenses before.


Smoke lenses installed, copper lenses in front.

There are a few non-slip pads on the glasses in key places. The nose pads have non-slip pads. This is very important for me in the summer in the humidity. My sunglasses are constantly sliding down my face, which I find quite annoying. There are also non-slip pads at the very end of each arm. I found already that these are quite grippy when I moved the sunglasses from my face to the top of my head and pulled a few hairs out of my head. I hope this means they will stay put when I'm moving around in the humidity.

arm gripper

nose gripper

Non-slip pads on the arm (top) and nose (bottom) of the sunglasses.

When the glasses are folded up there are two 'tails' that stick out on either side. These little tails cause the glasses to be slightly askew in the case. They are just a teeny tiny bit too big for the case. The case still zippers normally; they just sit in the case a little oddly. Since this is the thinnest plastic on the glasses I worry that these tails might easily snap off. But for now, the crooked case placement is the only valid criticism.


Vent 'tails' on the sides of the glasses when folded.

Initial Impressions

After a couple of brief wearings, I found the glasses to be comfortable to wear and very lightweight. I almost feel like I'm not wearing sunglasses at all. So far I like them quite a bit.

Long Term Report (back to top)

Testing Locations

I've worn these sunglasses many times over the past 6 months. All over the State of Connecticut from wooded areas to the beach, during the hot, humid summer and into the cool and then cold fall. The glasses went with me on a week-long camping trip to Acadia National Park in Maine in mid-August. I wore the glasses on about a dozen or so hikes and dozens of marathon training runs on roads, paved trails and traditional dirt trails.

Testing Conclusions

I really loved these glasses. They felt super lightweight on, almost like I wasn't wearing anything. The nosepad was comfortable, even when the weather was humid and UNcomfortable. I didn't have any issues with the nosepad slipping when I was sweaty, even while running. The glasses were also comfortable behind my ears; sometimes glasses can be too snug there and eventually give me a headache, but these didn't.

All of the spots on the glasses that connect to my face have a rubbery, grippy material, which did its job well and glasses stayed snug.

I didn't end up switching the lenses in and out as much as I thought I might. I'm used to only wearing dark glasses since I've never had the lighter option before. It usually only occurred to me to wear the glasses when it was actually sunny out and I never carried the case with the extra lenses with me swap them out if the lighting changed. I just took them off (or pushed them up on the top of my head, which also worked well).

I wear contacts and wear glasses almost all of the time when the sun is out. I consider myself sensitive to bright sun and I found the tint of these glasses to be just about right. They shielded the sun for me while still seeming bright and easy to see.

The glasses have been quite sturdy for me. They have stood up to several drops without issue and without getting scratched. I have often put them in my bag without the case and they have held up just fine.

The case itself is very tough. I wish it were a bit smaller. The glasses aren't too big, so it seems like it could be. It's quite bulky if I wanted to carry it around all the time in my purse. So I usually don't use the case at all for every day use and only if I'm going on an overnight trip and need somewhere to pack the glasses during travel or overnight.

Summary (back to top)

These are lightweight sunglasses. They have a sporty look but aren't too masculine for female wearers. The glasses are sturdy and have held up well in a wide-variety of conditions.

Thank you to Optic Nerve and for allowing me to test this item.

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