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June 17, 2014


NAME: Marina Batzke
EMAIL: mbbp2013 (at) hotmail (dot) com
AGE: 54
LOCATION: Los Angeles County, California, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
WEIGHT: 130 lb (59.00 kg)

I converted from day hiking and car camping to backpacking in spring 2013. Since then, I have selectively purchased new, more lightweight gear, while I still carry some heavier gear from my car camping trips. I always hike with a group and I like the gear talk when in camp. I am a tent camper looking for ways to lighten my pack. My backpacking trips are currently weekend excursions in Southern California, USA. If my business travel allows me to get away, I try to backpack one or two weekends a month.


Manufacturer: Dextro Energy ­GmbH & Co. KG, 40670 Meerbusch, Germany
Year of Purchase: 2013
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: EUR 1.33 for 8-Pack
Listed Weight: 1.62 oz (46 g)
Measured Weight: 1.69 oz (48 g) gross weight of an 8-pack
8-Pack + one Tablet in cellophane + 1 Tablet unwrapped


The Dextro-Energy product I am describing here is a pack of 8 white tablets [Classic shape], stacked on top of each other and sealed together by a paperband that carries the product description and nutritional values. Each Classic sized tablet is 1.2 in x 1.2 in x 0.2 in (3 cm x 3 cm x 0.5 cm) and individually wrapped in cellophane. The clear wrapping has a pull-tab to easily open the cellophane. The hard tablet has a crease to facilitate breaking one tablet in half.
Comparison US Quarter to Tablet

Nowadays Dextro-Energy tablets are available in the Classic tablet size and in several other package and product sizes, including boxes of mini tablets. In addition to the Classic tablet taste (sugary), nowadays a range of flavors, such as lemon, berry, peach and mint are available. Some tablets have added Vitamin C.
Mini Pack

Dextrose is a form of glucose. Dextrose is a simple sugar and is the body's main source of energy. Dextro-Energy is glucose in pure form and once ingested can go straight into the blood stream for fast effects.
3.53 oz (100 g) of Dextro-Energy has 368 kcal (kilocalories, also known as large or food calories) and contains 3.17 oz (90 g) of carbohydrates of which 2.89 oz (82 g) is sugar. Sounds like a lot, yet one tablet weighs only 0.21 oz (6 g) with 22 kcal and has 0.19 oz (5.4 g) of carbohydrates.

Alert: Excessive use of dextrose could lead to high blood sugar, obesity or diabetes.


I grew up in Germany and as a child, when I accompanied my mom to the pharmacy I always got a tablet of Dextro-Energy as a handout from the pharmacist. As a child, I perceived it as a candy treat. Now as adult, I appreciate the boost of energy I feel Dextro-Energy quickly provides me with.

When hiking and backpacking, I mostly drink water. Depending on the strenuousness of a planned activity, I sometimes dilute the water with an energy drink. I never drink energy drinks straight, as of those energy drinks that I have purchased, I have perceived their taste as chemical or fake and feel when I drank those energy drinks pure, they did not sit well with my stomach. Therefore, should I feel drained or tired during a strenuous dayhike or backpacking trip, I put a Dextro-Energy tablet in my mouth, I break it by chewing on it twice and the hard tablet pieces dissolve within about 15 seconds. A dissolved Dextro-Energy tastes a bit like powdered sugar on my tongue and is easy to swallow. A short time later, I feel reenergized and forget about feeling tired.

I always have a few tablets in my backpack hipbelt pockets for easy access during a hike. Over the years, I have also used Dextro-Energy when downhill skiing or bike-riding all day. Dextro-Energy helps me especially during strenuous efforts that go over long periods of time.

Recent uses:
3-day backpack Inyo National Forest, SW of Bishop, California, USA March 2014
Daytime Temperatures: 34 F (1 C)

2-day backpack Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA April 2014
Daytime Temperatures: 80 F (27 C)

2-day backpack Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA April 2014
Daytime Temperatures: 93 F (34 C)

1-day bike ride Norderney, Northern Germany May 2014
Daytime Temperatures: 63 F (17 C)

Dayhike Mt. Baldy, Southern California, USA June 2014
Daytime Temperatures: 75 F (24 C)


Dissolves quickly in my mouth
Gives me a quick power boost
Reenergizes me during strenuous sport activities
Great sugary (non-chemical) natural taste
Very affordable
Convenient small size


I have only found it for purchase on the internet in the USA incurring shipping charges (not in any stores)


Marina Batzke

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Reviews > Food > Energy Bars and Drinks > Dextro Energy Tablets > Owner Review by Marina Batzke

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