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Bridgford Pizza, Beef, BBQ
Test series
by Joe Schaffer

INITIAL REPORT - January11,2019

3 meals

NAME: Joe Schaffer
EMAIL: never2muchstuff(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
AGE: 71
HEIGHT: 5'9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 170 lb (79.4 kg)
HOME:  Bay Area, California USA

    I enjoy California's central Sierras, camping every month with a goal to match my age in nights out each year; about 30 solo. In summer I'm a route hiker moving nearly every day. For comfort I lug tent, mattress, chair, etc. Summer trips have been 5-8 days; 40 lb (18 kg), about half food and water related; about 5 miles (8 km) per hiking day. I winter camp most often at 6,000 to 7,000 ft (1,800 to 2,000 m); 2 to 3 nights; 50 lb (23 kg); 1 to 2 miles (1.6 to 6.4 km) on snowshoes.


        Manufacturer: Bridgford Foods Corp.
        Web site:
        Products: Ready to Eat
             Pepperoni Pizza with Cheese & Sauce, net wt. 6.2 oz (176 g)
             Pork with BBQ Sauce, net wt. 4.4 oz (125 g)
             Mexican Style Beef Filling, net wt. 4.4 oz (125 g)
       Made in: USA

MFR STATS: (per serving, 2 servings per pkg; copied from pkg)
       Pizza: 280 cal; 10 g protein; 29 g carbs; 0 transfat; 12 g total fat; 15 mg cholesterol;    850 mg sodium
       Pork:  360 cal; 14 g protein; 56 g carbs; 0 transfat;   8 g total fat; 20 mg cholesterol;    990 mg sodium
       Mex:  370 cal; 18 g protein; 48 g carbs; 0 transfat;   9 g total fat; 30 mg cholesterol; 1,190 mg sodium

Received: 1/9/2019

PRICE: found online for $3.95 US per package

    Packaged weight:
        Pizza #1   8 1/2 oz (241 g); #2   8 1/4 oz (234 g)
        Pork  #1   5 3/8 oz (152 g); #2   5 1/4 oz (149 g)
        Mex  #1   5 3/8 oz (152 g); #2   5 5/8 oz (159 g)
    Package dimensions:
       Pizza: 8 3/8 in W (21.3 cm) x 9 1/4 H (23.5 cm) x 1 1/8 in T (2.9 cm)
       Pork:  8 3/8 in W (
21.3 cm) x 9 1/4 H (23.5 cm) x 1/2 in T (1.3 cm)
       Mex:  8 3/8 in W (21.3 cm) x 9 1/4 H (23.5 cm) x 5/8 in T (1.6 cm)

    These ready-to-eat packaged meals require no preparation other than removing them from the package envelope and inner pouch. If desired they can be heated using an MRE/Flameless heater; boiling water immersion (unopened pouch) for 6 minutes; microwaved (removed from pouch) 20-30 seconds; or toaster oven (removed from pouch) 350 F (177 C) 8-10 minutes.
Package envelope is of a cellophane nature, very thin. Inner pouch appears to be foil. Refrigeration is not required. Shelf life claimed is three years at 80 F (27 C) or below; six months at 100 F (38 C).

     Yippee! No cooking. Even I can open a package, so these meals have my full attention. I can sometimes boil water, making it possible to heat them if I can wait for six minutes. Even better, the meals get boiled in their pouches, keeping the pot clean.

    I like the thin outer envelope as this kind of material is not very heavy and can be squished into carryout of minimal consequence. (They're kind of like a big ramen package.) I'll find out when I use one whether it's even necessary to carry the outer envelope.

    Since these are not freeze dried meals, what I heft is what I get, and the heft makes me think I better tote lots of peanuts.

    Looking at the mfr's net wt. vs my measured gross weight of the wraps, I extrapolate an ounce (30 g) of packaging for 4.4 oz (125 g) of food. In gross weight this equals about 20% packaging / 80% food. Pizza ratio runs about 25/75.
I'd find these ratios a little out of balance for an extended trip, though not a relevant consideration for a quickie. The total package takes up no more and perhaps even less space than a typical freeze dried meal.

    A complaint does arise from what I consider to be questionable representation on the wraps envelopes. A correct quantity of contents (2) clearly attends the product graphic, but I'm calling foul on showing what my hungry eyes see as three wraps while the packages actually contain two. It could be that the upper two are actually one cut in half to highlight the filling, but cynic me cries trickery in the marketing department. I'll tote the outer envelope with me so I can compare the actual size of the product to the image size on the envelope.

Quick shots:
    a) ready to eat
    b) compact

Thank you Bridgford and for the opportunity to test this product.  Long Term Report in two months.

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Reviews > Food > Packaged Meals > Bridgford Pizza, Beef, BBQ > Test Report by joe schaffer

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