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Glerups Slip-Ons

Initial Report
Field Report
Long Term Report

Initial Report

March 30, 2022

Background Information:

Name: Christie Kimber

Age: 31
Gender: Female
Height: 6’0" (183 cm)
Weight: 138 lb (63 kg)
Shoe size: 10.5 US Women's
Email address: christiekimber AT yahoo DOT com
City, Province, Country: Campbell River, British Columbia (BC), Canada
Backpacking Background:
    I started hiking in 2015 when I moved from Saskatchewan to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I started with day hikes and have eventually pushed myself to weekend and even week-long excursions. I am a three-season hiker. That being said, as I gather new gear and develop skills I am pushing my limits to try out 4-season backpacking and mountaineering. Vancouver Island gets a lot of rain and has a moderate climate. I also spend time in interior British Columbia in the Rocky Mountains.

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Glerups Inc.
Year of manufacture: 2022

MSRP: $100 USD
Listed weight: none
Actual weight: 170 g (6 oz)

Listed measurements: none
Actual measurements: 11 in. (28 cm) L x 4 in (10 cm) W (at toe box) x 3 in (8 cm) H
Style: Slip-On
Other Styles Available: Shoe, Boot
Size: 41 EUR, 10.5 US Women's, 8 US Men's
Available sizes: 35 - 49 EUR

Color: Charcoal
Available colors: Cranberry, Denim, Grey, Purple, Petrol, Forest, Red
Sole: Leather
Other sole available: Rubber

Product Description:

    The Glerups Slip-On is a low-profile slipper. The upper portion of the slip-on is made of 100% natural wool. These were first designed in Denmark. The wool is from sheep in Gotland and New Zealand, which is ethically sourced. The wool is advertised as being self-cleaning and temperature regulating. The wool from the upper portion of the slipper also lines the insole. The outer sole of this slip-on is made of leather. The leather sole curves up slightly around the bottom of the foot and is stitched to the upper wool portion. There is only one seam on the slippers, all the way around the base of the foot. A rubber sole is also available.

    The back portion of the slipper is cut down well below the ankle making it easy to slide on and off. There is a 2.5cm (1 inch) lip at the back of the shoe which is helpful to keep your foot in place but without impeding the ability to easily slide it on and off.

    The included instruction manual recommends wearing the Glerups without socks. The foot bed is supposed to mold to the user's foot within the first few uses.

    The care instructions included advise the following:g2
  • To clean, air out and allow to rest.
  • Remove stains with a wet cloth and wool detergent.
  • Dust can be blown or vacuumed.
  • Leather soles can be cleaned with a leather brush.

Initial Impression:

    The Glerups Slip-Ons arrived in a recyclable cardboard box. There was no extraneous packaging.  A small label was attached to the slippers. There was also a small recyclable paper booklet with product description and care instructions included.

    The shoes arrived in new condition. The thread, wool, and leather were all pristine. I received the Charcoal color which is a beautiful dark grey. The color is quite saturated. The leather, by contrast is a light brown with light brown threading. Both the upper and lower portions are very soft and pliable while still retaining the shape.

    The leather bottom is completely smooth and soft like a moccasin, so I will be sure to report on grip and foot protection, as I can see this being a concern.

    The Glerups fit perfectly right out of the box. The Glerups are unisex in sizing. They fit my foot well, which tends to be narrow, even for women's shoes, so I suspect these might feel quite narrow on a men's foot. That being said, I do have a bit of room on both the sides and top of the foot.

    I found the Glerups comfortable right away, so I look forward to spending many days in them.


Field Report

May 17, 2022

    I was fortunate enough to have had the last six weeks off where I spent roughly 30 days camping. This was a mix of both front country and back country camping. I also spent about 20 days hiking. The majority of my time was spent in the desert throughout the five National Parks in Utah. Temperatures varied from lows of -5 C (23 F) to highs of 35 C (95 F). There was a lot of wind, one day of snow and hail, and as one might expect, no rain. Conditions were very dry and sandy.

    I absolutely love the Glerups Slip-Ons. They are the most comfortable slippers I have owned. I wore them almost daily. There was essentially no break in period, they were comfortable on the first day I wore them. However, they have progressively molded to my feet making them even more comfortable.

    Both the foot bed and top of the slip-on are very soft and makes it feel as though I wasn't wearing any shoes at all. They are easy to slip on as the name implies, yet they also stay on easily. The lip at the rear of the shoe does not allow for my foot to slip out of them.

    My preferred use for the Slip-Ons was as my primary footwear for inside my campervan and as camp shoes while front country camping. The provided warmth while still being breathable. My feet were never cold, but surprisingly, they also didn't get too hot. I wore the Slip-Ons both with and without socks. This was a personal preference as the instructions suggest wearing without socks.  They were easy to wear both inside and outside around a "clean" camp, to the bathrooms, shower house etc.

    I did bring the Glerups on two backcountry adventures. Personally, they are not my preferred camp shoe in the backcountry. I found the leather bottoms best for indoor or relatively "clean" surfaces. As I expected, they became easily dirty when confronted with significant dirt or wet/muddy conditions. The leather sole also doesn't offer much in the way of protection from sharp rocks or sticks. Glerups does have a rubber bottomed option which I would prefer for backcountry use.

    The leather bottom did not offer significant added grip, but I did not find it detrimental as I was not doing any particularly difficult activities in the slippers.

    I had some cold nights in the back country and the Slip-Ons did provide significant warmth.

    While not particularly heavy, they do not pack down very small compared to other camp shoes I have used in the past. However, despite many hours of compression while hiking, they did retain their shape well.

    Once I returned from the back country I had to clean the Glerups in order to wear them in my camper van again. The bottoms were a bit soiled. I did not have a leather brush, which is the recommended way to clean the bottom, however they wiped well with a wet cloth. The upper wool portion of the slippers did not get very dirty, and I just brushed some dirt and sand off of them with my hand.

    Despite many days of use the Glerup Slip-Ons are still in great condition. They do not look brand new as I have worn them a lot, but there are no problems with the construction or seams. The wool does pill on occasion, but this is easily removed. The wool material also tends to get hair stuck to it - notable for pet owner's particularly.


Long-Term Report

June 13, 2022

    The last month of use has yielded similar results to those in my previous report. The slippers are in similar condition to what is pictured above. The wool has continued to pill and pull off, though not at an alarming rate. I will note that it took only a couple of weeks for the foot bed to mold to my foot, however I have been impressed that they have otherwise maintained a soft and thick bottom surface. I was worried about significant flattening but have not had problems with this.

    For camping, I think the Glerups work best in the front country. They work well on gravel covered campsites. They are easy to kick on and off when going in and out of a tent or camper. I also like them in the backcountry inside the tent for warmth. In addition, I have used them as my airport shoes and driving shoes. I haven't had any foot pain or support concerns even after wearing them for a full day. Also, still no smell concerns!

    I accidentally got caught wearing them in quite stormy weather one day and found myself actually having to step through some puddles. As I expected they did not hold up well in water. The bottoms were soaked quite quickly. They also took a long time to dry out.

    For me the Glerups are a luxurious slipper, and I wear them as much as possible. That being said, in the backcountry when I am packing as little weight and items as possible they are not quite protective and versatile as I would want in a camp shoe.


  • color
  • comfort
  • warmth

  • leather sole for outdoor use

This concludes my Long-Term Report. Thanks to Glerups and for the opportunity to test this product.

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