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Test series by David Wilkes


Initial Report - April 11 2022
Field Report - June 10 2022
Long Term Report - Due August 2022

Tester Information

Name: David Wilkes
Age: 56
Location: Yakima Washington USA
Gender: M
Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
Weight: 210 lb (90.7 kg)

Shoe Size:

US 9.5 / UK 9 / EU 42.5


I started backpacking in 1995 when I moved to Washington State. Since then, I have backpacked in all seasons and conditions the Northwest has to offer.  I prefer trips on rugged trails with plenty of elevation gain. While I continuously strive to lighten my load, comfort and safety are most important to me. I have finally managed to get my basic cold weather pack weight, not including consumables, to under 30 lb (14 kg).

Product Information


Glerups Inc., a unit of Aktieselskabet Glerups A/S

Year of Manufacture:


Manufacturer’s Website:


$100.00 USD

Weight (Pair):

Measured (not listed): 11s.6 oz / 330 g 

Product pix

Product Description:

The GLERUPS SLIP-ON WITH LEATHER SOLE is a slip on felt shoe with a all leather sole. The body and foot bed of the shoe is made from 100% wool, with an soft leather sole.
These are available in sizes ranging from EU36 (US Women's 5.5/6) to EU51 (US Men's 16), and the following colors: Grey, Charcoal, Nature Brown, Purple, Cranberry, Red, Forest, Denim.
I received a size 43 (EU 43, US Mens 9.5/10) in the Grey color. 

Initial Report

April 11 2021

I am testing these to see how well they might work as warm, light 'camp shoes' (footwear worn around camp when camping/backpacking). When camping/backpacking I like to have something I can quickly/easily slip on if I need to get up at night. I normally use flip-flops for this purpose.

Upon receiving these I inspected them for any obvious flaws, and to evaluate the construction. I found no obvious flaws, loose threads or anything else of concern. I was immediately impressed with the thickness and density of the wool felt. The upper of the shoe and footbed (aka insole) are made from the same felt, but the footbed feels like it might be thicker. The quality of the materials and stitching look to be very good.

Trying these on the first time I found they are a bit snug around my really wide forefoot, but despite that they quite comfortable, and I expect the felt will likely stretch to accommodate my “paddle feet” with use. I would also mention that my feet sweat a lot, so it is quite rare for me to be able to wear any footwear without socks, at least not without my feet quickly getting sweaty and quite stinky. After wearing the GLERUPS for a couple hours around my house, my feet were completely dry and comfortable!

The soles of the shoes appear to be a rather thin soft untreated leather. One of my first toughs about these is treating the sole with some sort of waterproofing for leather might make them more effective as a camp shoe.

The shoe while being a 'slip-on' has a short lip around the heel. While this means it takes more than just slipping my foot into it, it also holds the shoe on to my foot while walking which I really like.

My first impressions of these are very positive.

Positives: The felt is thick and warm but breathes well, they are light and comfortable.

Negatives: None so far.

Field Report

June 10 2022
  • CampingBackpacking 1 night - Umtanum Creek Canyon, Yakima County Washington (Spring “shake down” trip) - High 60F (15.5C) Low 35 F (1.5C) overcast.
  • Camping 3 nights - Pasco Washington High about 70F (21) Low about 60F (15.5C) mix of sun, wind, and some light rain.
  • Camping 2 nights – Near Darrington Washington – High 65F (18C) Low 45F (7C) overcast and a few passing showers (While we were camped I packed and camped as if I were backpacking)
  • Daily use indoors at home

Since receiving the GLERUPS slip-on shoes I have worn them around the house most days. For the backpacking trip and the Darrignton camping trip I wore them around camp. For the Pasco camping trip I wore them around the camp area and while inside our camper.

As expected the shoes quickly stretched to fit my wide forefoot and while maybe a bit more snug than I would prefer, have been quite comfortable. So much so that I have taken to wearing them frequently around the house despite the fact that I have never before worn 'house shoes'. I have been impressed at how warm the shoes are while also not making my feet sweat even in a warm house (~70F / 21C). The leather sole has very good traction.

After my first couple of uses I started to notice some balled up wool on the back lip of the shoe (see closeup image). This has occurred a couple of times but seems to be getting less frequent. This gave me some concern for the long term durability of the shoes but so far I have not found any noticeable signs of the fleece getting thinner.

balling woolIf I were to pick out any negative about these it would be that I have found my feet tend to slide out of the back of the shoe when walking up an incline. This makes walking on uneven terrain a little awkward but this is not uncommon to other slip-on shoes of this style (a friend of mine used to call this type of shoe “go aheads” the idea being that if the user walked backward they would walk out of the shoes).

Likes: They are warm and comfortable but breaths well so my feet don't sweat, and have good traction.
Dislikes: My feet tend to slip out of them on uneven terrain.

Long Term Report

Due August 2022

This concludes my field report. I would like to thank the folks at GLERUPS and for the opportunity to test this product, and invite you back in 2 months for the next installment.


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