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Owner Review
March 29, 2017
NAME: Kelsea Krawetz
EMAIL: kelseadotkrawetz@gmaildotcom
AGE: 21
LOCATION: Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 125 lb (56.70 kg)
I have been backpacking my whole life, all over Colorado and British Columbia.  I enjoy glacier, mountaineering, and ocean based backpacking trips.  I carry a 67L pack; however I tend to pack lightweight gear.  I hike with groups of friends, and I try to cover as much distance and elevation as I can in a single day.  By the evenings, I like to cook hot food and drinks and relax under the stars in my hammock on clear nights.  When the weather gets more aggressive, I carry my freestanding tent.
Manufacturer: Chaco, Inc
Year of Manufacture: 2013
Manufacturer's Website:
Listed Weight: 49 oz (1.4 kg)
Measured Weight: 53 oz (1.5 kg)
Size Tested: Women's US 8 Medium Width

Chacos are a strap sandal with a thick rubber Vibram sole.  They come in various models with different sole and foot bed types and strap colours.  The size I own is Woman's US 8; which runs small, because I normally fit a Women's US 7.5.   The ZX/2 has two 0.39 in (10 mm) straps in one continuous loop which can be adjusted to fit my foot type.  This model also features a toe loop.  The strap is adjusted using a plastic buckle near my ankle.

 Vibram Soles


I have owned these Chacos since the summer of 2013.  I have used them in all sorts of weather, climates and conditions. 

On hot days, I often will hike in the Rocky Mountains wearing my Chacos.  I also enjoy wearing them in the rain or while crossing rivers.  But mostly, they are my favorite campfire shoe on warm nights.

They especially proved useful in May, 2015 on my trip to Utah.  The temperature was 80 F (27 C) and the elevation was 4,026 ft (1,227 m).  I spent four days backpacking through Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, wearing my Chacos.  They don't provide ankle support, so I had to be careful to not trip or fall and twist my ankles.  However they have a sturdy sole, which protected my foot from the hot ground.  The Vibrum soles also gripped well on the smooth sandstone, and rougher portions of the desert trail.  The toe strap and anti-slip sole also helped my foot from sliding out of the shoe and touching the hot ground.  At the end of a hot day, I could walk into the Colorado River without worrying about stepping on sharp rocks.  Since the soles are rubber, and the straps are fabric, they dried quickly and didn't stay soggy when I got out of the water.

 Relaxing with Chacos and socks

These sandals are very comfortable.  They have support for my high arch and have a nice indentation for my heel.
The footbed is slip-resistant.
The adjustable, single loop strap system fits right to my foot.  If the strap ever gets too tight or too loose, I can readjust it.
I like to push the toe strap to the side when I want to wear these sandals with socks.
Chacos also come without a toe strap.  I personally like the strap because it holds my foot in the shoe when walking downhill.
The strapping system is replicable if the fabric cord ever becomes worn down.
The Vibram soles are durable and grip easily to almost any trail type.  These soles are also replaceable if the tread ever wears out.
The buckling system allows for me to easily release and take off my sandals.
A rubber sole allows for easy cleaning.  The sole also dries quickly when soaked in water.  This sandal preforms very well as a water shoe since it doesn't have any leather parts.

I found these sandals to be incredibly universal.  I have used them river rafting, as approach shoes for climbing, desert hiking shoes, campfire shoes, and shoes to wear around town.  I take them on every backpacking trip I can, and have spent over 50 nights with them in the backcountry.  They are also one of my favorite every-day shoes since they are so comfortable.

 Chacos in Arches National Park

Comfortable, adjustable, durable, versatile
Rubber can get hot, sometimes straps overtighten

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Reviews > Footwear > Sandals > Chacos ZX 2 Sandals > Owner Review by Kelsea Krawetz

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