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April 15, 2016



NAME: Brian Hartman
EMAIL: bhart1426ATyahooDOT com
AGE: 48
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 150 lb (68.00 kg)

I have been backpacking for over 20 years throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and most recently in Western USA. In addition to backpacking I enjoy family camping with my wife and kids and being outdoors in general. I would describe myself as a mid-weight backpacker. I use fairly light weight equipment and gear but still like to bring more than the bare essentials with me while on the trail.



Manufacturer: Treksta IMAGE 1
Year of Manufacture: 2015
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US $200.00
Listed Weight: 15.8 oz (450 g) per shoe
Measured Weight: 16 oz (454 g) per shoe
Available Colors: Black
Available Sizes: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13
Available Widths: Medium
Size Tested: 9.5

Product Details:
Water-repellent Nubuck & Split Leather upper
Gore-Tex Surround waterproof breathable membrane
HyperGrip sole
Ortholite insole
TPU Heel support
NestFIT technology

TrekSta describes their All Day Trail (ADT) 103 shoes (hereafter called ADTs or shoes) as "built for trail, travel, and everyday wear with unmatched comfort". They are lightweight and waterproof and, for the next four months they will be my go-to shoes for multi-day backpacking trips and day-hikes with light to moderate pack loads.


The ADTs arrived in a tan and red shoebox, with TrekSta's logo prominently displayed on the top and sides. Inside the lid was information regarding TrekSta's NestFIT technology which was designed to improve the fit and comfort of their shoes. In order to spawn this technology, Treksta used 3D imaging to measure 20,000 peoples' feet and create a contour map of all the bones and joints within. Their goal was to create a shoe that actually fit, providing support where needed while removing pressure spots. TrekSta claims that NestFIT reduces foot pressure by 23% and muscle fatigue by 31%. They also say that NestFIT provides unrivaled support and unbelievable comfort, things I'll certainly be looking for during testing.

My first impression of the ADTs was very positive. They have a classy, understated appearance due in large part to their solid black color with hints of gray in the shoelaces and mesh sides. I also really like their styling, toe guards, and aggressive tread pattern of the outsoles.


The ADTs are 5 in (17.8 cm) tall to the top of the shoe and 3.75 in (14.0 cm) to the side heel collar. They appear to be solidly constructed both inside and out. Stitching is accurate and there aren't any loose threads or material imperfections anywhere on the shoes.

The uppers are a combination of water-resistant Nubuck and Split leather with nylon mesh vents on both sides just above the midsole. I really like the addition of the nylon mesh, not only for its weight savings versus leather but it also makes the shoes more flexible and breathable. As far as this being an avenue for water to get into the shoes, I will be watching to make sure that the Gore-Tex membrane prevents that from happening.


Moving on, the tongue is fully gusseted to keep water and debris from getting inside the shoes. The ADTs have pull loops at the heel to help with getting them on and off. The pull loops should come in handy when trying to get my shoes on before sunrise or after a long day on the trail when my feet are swollen. As far as the lacing system goes, it consists of four pair of nylon webbing loops and a final pair of traditional eyelets at the top of the shoes.

The insole and midsoles appear to offer adequate padding and shock absorption for hard pack trails. The true test of course will be how well my feet feel after backpacking all day. The rubber outsoles are made by HyperGrip and feature an aggressive tread pattern that appears durable and sticky. I'm anxious to test them on wet creek rocks and slippery boulders to see how well they perform. I'll also be watching to see if they shed mud and snow or clog up when things get mucky. Finally the ADTs sport a stiff rubber toe guard for protection against rocks and tree roots. They almost completely surround the toe box so I anticipate that they will do a good job of protecting my feet on the trail.

The inside of the shoes are smooth and comfortable to the touch. The Gore-Tex Surround waterproof membrane is visible on the interior sides of the shoe, and is reported to extend beneath the foot bed as well according to the manufacturer. This will be my first experience with Gore-Tex Surround so I will be watching closely to see how well it performs and if it is as waterproof and breathable as it claims to be.

Three small hang tags and an instruction booklet were included with the shoes. TrekSta also has some good information online. Regarding care instructions, they simply recommend removing all dirt, mud, and debris after each use using a soft, wet brush and clean water.

I've only worn the ADTs around my house so far, but nevertheless they are very comfortable. I have plenty of room in the toe box and the heel fits great with no slipping whatsoever. In addition they feel solid underfoot without feeling heavy.


The ADTs are well designed shoes with top quality construction and workmanship. TrekSta has incorporated a number of innovative features into these shoes to make them sturdy yet comfortable. I look forward to logging lots of miles with them this fall and winter.

This concludes my Initial Report for the TrekSta ADT 103 shoes.



IMAGE 1 During Field Testing I wore the TrekSta ADTs on three backpacking trips and six day hikes, logging 13 days and 71 mi (114 km) in total. While in the field I hiked on all kinds of terrain including dirt, hard packed gravel, grass, snow, and pavement. I also crossed numerous creeks, at least one of which was ice covered. During testing I wore the ADTs with new merino wool socks that I had just bought. The socks were mid-weight and perfect for cold weather shoe testing. Regarding my pack weight, it varied from 9 lb (4 kg) when I was day hiking all the way up to 34 lb (15 kg) when backpacking or through-hiking. In addition to the trips above I also wore the ADTs every chance I got on evenings and weekends.

Hoosier National Forest, Indiana: This was a three day backpacking trip of approximately 16 miles (26 km). Temperatures during this outing were average for early December with highs in the upper 30's F (3.3 C) and lows in the mid 20's F (-4.4 C). The terrain was rugged and heavily forested. Since the ground was still soft, I spent the majority of this backpacking trip on-trail.

Hoosier National Forest, Indiana: This was a two-day backpacking trip of approximately 14 miles (22.5 km). The weather was mild and partly sunny with highs in the mid 30's F (1.6 C) and lows in the upper 20's F (-2 C). With vegetation mostly dormant I did a fair amount of off-trail hiking during this trip.

Oldenburg, Indiana: This was a two-day backpacking trip totaling 6 mi (9.6 km). I spent most of my time in the forests but did hike through a couple fields as well. The weather during this trip was cloudy with temperatures in the mid 30's (1 C).

North Chagrin Metro Park, Cleveland, Ohio: While visiting family in Cleveland, Ohio during the Holidays I went on a 5 mi (8 km) day hike in a local park. While there I also went on a 9 mi (9 km) biking adventure and even wore the TrekSta's while playing full court basketball. Temperatures were in the low 20's F (-5.5 C) during my hike but it felt like 0 F (-17 C) with strong, nearly continuous winds. Elevations were approximately 660 ft (201 m).

Devils River State Recreational Trail: I hiked 9 mi (14.5 km) of this NE Wisconsin trail passed farmlands, prairies and wetlands. It is made of hard packed gravel and was converted from abandoned railroad tracks to this trail by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The weather was clear and breezy with temperatures in the mid 20's F (-4 C).

Other day hikes:
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Cleveland, OH
Mt Airy Forest - Cincinnati, OH
Macgregor Park - Westfield, IN


Fit/Comfort: I really enjoyed testing the TrekSta ADT shoes during the past two months. First off they fit great! I had plenty of room in the toe box, my toes didn't rub on the sides or top of the shoes, my heels didn't slip, and the arches were very supportive. And this is coming from someone who has a tough time finding shoes that fit, given my wide feet and narrow heels. From day one the ADTs were comfortable, so much so that I didn't worry about breaking them in before going on my first overnight backpacking trip of the test period. The insoles made backpacking on all terrains a breeze, including hard packed gravel and even pavement. Throughout 71 miles (114 km) of hiking I experienced no discomfort, hot spots, blisters, or pinch points whatsoever with these shoes.

With their smooth interior lining and heel loop, the ADTs were easy to slip on and the laces were easy to snug up for a tight fit. They provided great support and a firm, stable base that made carrying my pack enjoyable. In fact on several outings I went without my arch supports and experienced no fatigue problems.

Construction/Durability: The ADTs held up exceptionally well on rocky, muddy trails, bushwhacks, and dozens of creek crossings. The stitching on both shoes remains intact, the leather uppers have tons of life left and the rubber toe caps are still firmly cemented in place. In fact other than normal tread wear and a few bolder scuffs, these shoes are still in excellent condition.

Traction/Stability: On my two trips to the Hoosier National Forest this test period I carried backpacks weighing approx. 32 lb (14.5 kg); and, in spite of the heavy load, the ADTs gave me great stability. The outsoles offered superb traction and didn't collect much debris in their treads. I was especially thankful that they were lightweight and waterproof while scrambling up and down steep terrain, over logs, and through multiple creeks.



Waterproofness/Breathability: These shoes are definitely waterproof. I've crossed a dozen or more creeks while wearing them and had no issues at all. In fact the only time my feet got wet is when I stepped in water over my ankles and accidently submerged the shoes while trying to make my way across a particularly deep section of creek in Wisconsin. Luckily I was only a few miles from shelter and able to get inside before my feet froze completely. The ADTs seemed to breathe well as I didn't notice any perspiration in my socks after several hours of aggressive hiking. I say this with the qualification that my feet don't perspire much in cold weather. Possibly a better test of the breathability of these shoes came when I played full court basketball in them for over an hour while in Cleveland and experienced no damp socks or sweaty feet. After 2 1/2 months of testing I am very impressed with how well Gore-Tex Surround works.

While day hiking at North Chagrin Park in 28 F (12 C) temperatures, my feet were noticeably cold. I tried speeding up my pace in an effort to warm up but was unsuccessful. My socks were simply too thin and the fact that the shoes were uninsulated and tight on my feet certainly didn't help. My feet were much more comfortable while hiking in Florida in temperatures of 82 F (28 C).

The only time my feet got really cold was when hiking in snow for several miles. Of course the ADTs aren't insulated and weren't designed for snow so this is no fault of theirs. In retrospect wearing an extra pair of liner socks under my regular socks would most certainly have helped out a lot in this situation.


The TrekSta ADT shoes are very well-designed trail shoes, with many great features beyond the fact that they are lightweight, waterproof and breathe extremely well. They provided traction in all terrains and great support when carrying a heavy pack. They were also super comfortable, so much so that I did not experience any blisters or hot spots during Field Testing.

This concludes my Field Report. Please check back in two months for my final test results. In the meantime, thanks to TrekSta and BackpackGearTest for allowing me to test the ADT hiking shoes.




During this test period I wore the ADTs on two weekend backpacking trips to the Hoosier National Forest totaling five days and four nights. I also wore the ADTs on day hikes to Shingle Creek Park and Triple N Ranch in Central Florida as well as on private land in Franklin County, Indiana. In total I put another 40 plus miles (64 km) on these shoes during Long Term Testing. Temperatures ranged from 26 to 82 F (-3 to 28 C) during this period and wind conditions were calm to breezy. I only experienced one day of rain during these trips.

Backpacking Trips
Hoosier National Forest (HNF), Indiana: This was a two day backpacking trip of approximately 12 miles (24 km). The weather was cool and sunny with highs in the mid 50's F (13 C) and lows in the mid 20's F (-3 C). The terrain was heavily forested and quite rugged. I spent most of the time backpacking off-trail.

Hoosier National Forest, Indiana: This two day backpacking trip was to a different part of the forest, South and West of where I normally camp. On this trip I covered approximately 9 miles (14.5 km). The weather was warmer with highs in the upper 60's F (20 C) and lows in the mid 50's F (12 C). As is typical throughout the HNF, the terrain was heavily forested and quite hilly.

Day Hikes
Central Florida: While in Florida for a few days I took the opportunity to go hiking at two parks in the area, Shingle Creek and Triple N Ranch. Daytime temperatures ranged from 58 to 82 F (14 to 28 C), and the weather was nearly perfect beyond the first day which was rainy and windy. The trails were easily located, quite scenic and in excellent condition so consequently I hiked 17 mi (16 km) during my stay.

Oldenburg, Indiana: I only covered 4.5 mi (7 km) while there as I got side tracked doing some fishing. The weather was great on this trip, mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid 60's (18 C).


The ADTs are among the most comfortable low cut trail shoes I've worn. They offer plenty of room in the toe box with mid weight or lightweight socks so my toes don't feel cramped and yet my heels stay firmly in place with no slipping. I experienced no blisters despite giving them very little break-in time before going on the trail. After ordering the shoes in size 9.5 four months ago I was a little concerned that I should have gone up a half size so my toes wouldn't hit the front of the shoes on steep downhill descents, but my concern was unfounded as I have had no problems with this in actual use. I have also had no blisters or hot spots on my feet despite wearing these shoes for hours on end in sometimes wet conditions.

The ADTs provided a stable base for my feet while hiking. They were supportive even when carrying a heavy pack and I had no instances where I rolled or twisted an ankle or the shoes felt unsteady or not up to the challenge.

Despite the mileage I put on these shoes, the soles show minimal wear and still provide excellent traction. Despite wet trails during my first day in Florida I never slipped in wet grass or when stepping on wet logs and always felt like the shoes were firmly planted. I've had no durability issues inside or outside of the shoes; the insoles still remain springy and the uppers and toe guard are still in great shape.

Although most of the backpacking I've done during the past two months has been on dry ground, I've still made numerous creek crossings and walked in plenty of early morning dew and the GoreTex membrane has performed wonderfully. My feet have stayed dry and any moisture that builds up inside the shoes easily escapes. The only issue I've had is some debris getting into the shoes which is to be expected with low cuts.


The ADTs proved to be exceptionally comfortable and provided outstanding support for my feet during the past four months. Having flat feet my legs often feel fatigued after long days of hiking, but that wasn't the case with these shoes. I absolutely loved their cushioned feel and was impressed with how durable they were. The Goretex membrane was waterproof and breathable, exactly as described and the shoes provided excellent traction in every terrain I wore them in.

This concludes my testing of the ADT 103 trail shoes. I would like to thank TrekSta and for the opportunity to test these shoes.

This report was created with the Report Writer Version 1. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

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