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April 17, 2016



NAME: Nancy Griffith
EMAIL: bkpkrgirlATyahooDOTcom
AGE: 50
LOCATION: Northern California, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
WEIGHT: 130 lb (59.00 kg)

My outdoor experience began in high school with a canoeing/camping group which made a 10-day voyage through the Quebec wilds. I've been backpacking since my college days in Pennsylvania. I have hiked all of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. My typical trip now is in the Sierra Nevada in California and is from a few days to a few weeks long. Over the past few years I have lowered my pack weight to a lightweight base weight of 15 lb (6.8 kg) and use a tent, stove and quilt.



TrekstaoutsoleManufacturer: TrekSta
Year of Manufacture: 2015
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: $190.00 US

Listed Weight: 13.7 oz (390 g) one shoe
Measured Weight: 15.3 oz (435 g) left shoe
Size Tested: 8.5 Women's
Sizes Available: 6 to 10 Women's
Color Tested: Blue
Other color available: Pink

Made in China


heelThe TrekSta ADT Surround 101 GTX shoes are a waterproof hiking shoe designed for comfort. ADT stands for All Day Trail and TrekSta claims that these shoes have unmatched comfort. The 101s use TrekSta's Nest FIT system which takes into account scans of 20,000 feet to determine the last design which impacts each section of the shoe from the upper to the insole to the outsole. Each section is shaped in a natural manner just like a foot. The toe box is shaped and angled the same as a foot to provide for better fit. Overall TrekSta claims that the NestFIT system reduces pressure on the foot by 23% and reduces muscle fatigue by 31%.

The waterproof liner is made of Gore-Tex Surround which is claimed to keep feet drier which prevents blisters. The waterproof laminate is integrated so that the foot is completely surrounded. One unique feature is that the shoe has breathability built in beneath the shoe with open 'holes' in the bottom and sides of the outsole. The HyperGrip outsole is designed for great traction and durability.

The uppers are water-repellent Nubuck & split Leather with two different types of sandwich mesh. There is a small tag on the upper noting the Gore-Tex Surround liner and just below it is printed NESTFIT technology.

The shoelaces are a combination of flat and round shapes. They are round except that along each side there is a cord of accent color that makes them flatten. The shoelaces route through five sets of eyelets. The lower four eyelets are webbing and the top one is metal. There is a strap of webbing running up the middle of the tongue and the laces to route under it to hold the tongue in place.

The heel support is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). There is a loop of webbing at the heel to assist with pulling the shoe on.

The insole is an EVA with a nylon mesh top.


insoleMy initial impression was that the shoes are a nice-looking sturdy pair of hiking shoes and seem to be as-advertised on the website. Then when I put my hands inside I can feel how the insole has contours shaped like a foot. When I removed the insole I could see on it the contoured shape unlike any insole I've ever worn. I reached back inside the shoe (without the insole) and can still feel the contoured shape on the midsole. These shoes are certainly unique in this respect! I slipped the shoes on my feet and was pleased with how well they fit and how comfortable they seem to be.

I'm curious about the breather gaps on the outsole of the shoe and whether they'll get clogged with dirt and negate any breathing affect.

I don't usually have any problem with blisters but I'm wondering if the better conformance with a foot shape is noticeable either in foot fatigue or overall hiking fatigue.


There was a tag with care instructions stating to remove dirt and debris after each use using a soft brush. I should also not use a washing machine or clothes dryer but rather should dry them at room temperature in the sun.

There is also a 1-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.


The TrekSta ADT 101 GTX Surround shoes are a sturdy pair of waterproof hikers which have a unique design to take into account foot shape in order to maximize comfort and fit.

Initial Likes:
NestFIT system - contoured fit
Nice looking

Initial Concerns:
Wondering if the outsole holes add breathability or just clog



Water crossing
deceptive water crossing
Over the test period I wore the TrekStas as my primary outdoor shoes (except for in the snow). They went on one four-day backpacking trip, one overnight car camp, nine day hikes, two fishing trips, multiple days of yard work / firewood cutting and four rounds of disc golf. I also wore them for walks and just around town. In total I'd say that they've seen about 60-70 mi (97-113 km) of use so far.

Marble/Cottonwood Canyons, Death Valley National Park, California: 4 days, 21 mi (34 km); 2,120 to 3,500 ft (646 to 1,067 m) elevation; 15 to 45 F (-10 to 7 C). Clear with breezy conditions. Overgrown unmarked trail conditions with mostly sand and rocks.

4WD Car Camping:
El Paso Mountains, California: 2,850 ft (869 m) elevation; 14 to 41 F (-10 to 5 C); sunny and clear; sandy trail conditions

Bonanza Gulch, El Paso Mountains, California: 5 mi (8 km); 2,850 to 3,310 ft (869 to 1,000 m) elevation; 41 F (5 C); off-trail and 4WD roads

Monroe Ridge, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California: 4 mi (6.4 km); 743 to 1,262 ft (226 to 385 m); 55 F (13 C); pine forest to rocky soil; moist trail conditions

Seven hikes: Auburn Recreation Area, California: 2.5 to 4 mi (4 to 6 km); 500 to 1,500 ft (150 to 450 m) elevation; 45 to 60 F (7 to 15 C); varying conditions of partly cloudy, rainy, and clear; trail conditions ranged from dry to mud to completely flooded


Top View
with gaiters
The TrekSta shoes have been extremely comfortable over the test period. The contoured fit works so well with my feet that I wear these shoes everywhere. They stay by the garage door so that they're ready to go on any outing. I'm always glad to wear them.

I have typically worn the shoes with light weight hiking socks that have some cushion. When I've worn them with thinner running socks, I find that my feet slide around a bit too much inside the shoes. I have always worn the shoes with long pants that cover the tops of the shoes. On the backpacking trip I also wore light gaiters. As things warm up, I'll be wearing shorts more often and the terrain may be drier and looser so I'll prefer to wear gaiters. I haven't had any issues with debris collecting in my shoes but the trails have been wet and not as loose as they'll be later in summer.

The shoes have been worn in temperatures ranging from 20 to 65 F (-6 to 18 C) with my feet being very uncomfortably cold at temperatures below freezing. The shoes have good air flow and ventilation which made them really cold in the desert mornings. This is no fault of the shoe at all just an observation. The higher temperatures that I've worn them in aren't warm enough to get an idea of breathability yet. I should see warm enough temperatures in the Long-Term test period though.

The waterproof liner has been tested on multiple occasions with good results. No water has gotten through the liner. The trick is for me to realize that these are shoes and not boots so that I don't step in water too deep allowing it to flow over the collar by accident. Thankfully I haven't had that happen with these shoes but I'm very conscious at water crossings while the temperatures are cool. I don't want to have wet feet when my shoes can freeze overnight.

I haven't had any issues with blisters or hot spots or any discomfort of any kind.

The sole has provided good grip in every situation so far. The shoes haven't slipped on wet rocks and they grab when scrambling off-trail.

The durability of the shoes has been outstanding. They look amazingly nearly new despite many miles and much abuse. The dirt and mud seem to fall right off as if the shoes have a repellent coating on them. There are no signs of wear on the soles, no damage and even the laces are intact. I had some concern that the vents in the sole sides and bottom would get packed with mud and dirt thus negating any air flow. However, nothing seems to stick to those areas either.



Cayo Costa
Cayo Costa
Over the test period I wore the TrekStas as my primary outdoor shoes (except for in the snow). I wore them on one three-day backpacking trip, one overnight backpacking trip, one overnight car camp, ten day hikes and multiple days of yard work. I also wore them for walks, on a day at Six Flags amusement park and just around town. In total I'd say that they've seen about 70 mi (113 km) of use in this test period and 140 mi (225 km) total.

Cayo Costa Island, Florida: 3 days, 13.4 mi (21.6 km); nearly sea level; 58 to 74 F (14 to 23 C). Partly cloudy with one huge thunderstorm. Usually light breezes with some high winds during the storm. Sandy soil conditions.

Hunters Trail, Sierra Nevada, California: 2 days; 15 mi (24 km); 3,500 to 4,500 ft (1,070 to 1,370 m); 48 to 70 F (9 to 21 C).

Car Camping/ Hiking:
Manatee Springs, Florida: 2 days; 5 mi (8 km); 32 ft (10 m) elevation; 50 to 65 F (10 to 18 C); mostly clear with some wind; rich humus soil conditions and boardwalks.


Honeymoon Island, Florida: 4 mi (6 km); 10 ft (3 m) elevation; 60 to 70 F (15 to 21 C); mostly sunny and breezy; sandy soil conditions with some deep water/quicksand areas.

Tarpon Springs, Florida: 5.5 mi (8.9 km); 23 ft (7 m) elevation; 65 to 70 F (18 to 21 C); sunny; sidewalks, dirt and boardwalks.

Multiple hikes in Auburn Recreation Area, California: 2.5 to 4 mi (4 to 6 km); 500 to 1,500 ft (150 to 450 m) elevation; 55 to 75 F (13 to 24 C); varying conditions of partly cloudy, rainy, and clear; dirt to mud to standing water.


LTR HuntersThe TrekStas continue to be a great hiking shoe. I absolutely love the molded fit. They feel like they were made for my feet, and I always like wearing these shoes. In fact, I found myself wearing them for just about any activity at all except snowshoeing! The comfort has been great with little heat build-up at the highest temperatures that I've seen. In Florida I saw some warmer temperatures and was able to test this better than during the last test period. The low cut height certainly helps with cooling, but the waterproof membrane does seem to breathe very well.

I've worn these shoes with and without gaiters during this test period. Since I haven't been wearing shorts, I'm more likely to skip the gaiters. However, on off-trail scrambling the gaiters have really helped to keep debris out of the shoes.

The insoles in the TrekStas are by far the best insoles that I've seen come with a pair of footwear. Normally I swap out the insoles right away but I haven't bothered with these. In fact, I bought some nifty form molding insoles about 3 months ago and haven't even tried them out since the insoles in the TrekStas are so comfortable.

On the Florida trip, we spent a few nights in hotels, so I worked out on the elliptical training machine in my TrekStas since I hadn't wanted to bring extra shoes. They worked just fine although I could tell that the sole is a bit stiffer than my running shoes. The back of the shoe wanted to slip up my heel rather than flex. But there was no harm done and my thin athletic socks probably contributed to this too.

LTR GerleIt has been a rainy winter (finally) and there have been plenty of puddles, water crossings and muddy areas on the trails. The shoes continue to be completely waterproof with no breach unless I step too deeply allowing water to flow over the top of the cuff.

I've been impressed with how well these shoes shed everything: water, dirt and mud. I'm starting to call them my Teflon shoes. This ability to shed whatever touches them has really kept them in good condition. They look much less used than they actually are and are holding up fantastically well. There is no sign of seams coming apart, stitching issues or even wear of the shoestrings.

These are my first pair of TrekStas and I have to say that I'm impressed. I'll certainly consider them in the future and would recommend them to my friends, especially those that have trouble finding a good fit.


The TrekSta ADT 101 GTX Surround shoes are a sturdy pair of waterproof hikers which have a contoured shape to maximize comfort and fit. They provide great comfort and outstanding durability.

Seem to repel dirt


This concludes my Long-Term Test Report and this test series. Thanks to TrekSta and for the opportunity to test this product.

This report was created with the Report Writer Version 1. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

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