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April 07, 2012



NAME: Erin M. Hedden
AGE: 33
LOCATION: Southeastern Colorado, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 153 lb (69.40 kg)

Backpacking Background: I have been backpacking since 4 years of age, taking long trips into the mountains with my family. I hike various terrains from mountains and plateaus to grasslands and prairies. My excursions can be a day hike with a light-weight waist pack, a loop trail taking up to 5 days on which I keep my pack as light-weight as possible, or an in-and-out trip for a night or two where my pack can be heavy. Slow and steady is my pace and I use a tent or a hammock depending on weather and terrain.




Manufacturer: Sea to Summit
Year of Manufacture: 2011
Manufacturer's Website: Sea to Summit
MSRP: $24.95 as listed by retailer (not listed on website)
Listed Weight: 4 oz (113 g)
Measured Weight: 4.4 oz (125 g)
Size tested 4 liter (135 oz)
Color tested: Green and black
Also available in:
2 liter (67 oz)
6 liter (203 oz)
10 liter (338 oz)
Listed Capacity: 4 liter (135 fl oz)
Measured Capacity : 3.8 liters (128 fl oz)
Material used for the bladder is Mylar
Material used for the exterior is 420 D ripstop nylon


Mylar Bladder
That the Sea to Summit Pack Tap is small, lightweight and easily attached to a pack's exterior or folded up and packed away for use in camp is a big plus, however, my only concern is that the bladder is made up of mylar and I don't know how well this material will hold up over use and time because once it is compromised structurally, it may need to be replaced and replacement parts are available through the company if one is needed. The functional nozzle of the Pack Tap is easy to use and works well. I like the colors and the fact that there are other sizes available for purchase. With the exception of my two biggest concerns, the bladder's durability and the nozzles ability to hold up over time and use, I like the whole concept of the Pack Tap and its numerous applications out in the field.


Filling the Pack Tap was easy to do after removing the nozzle tap. I experienced no initial leakage or weeping from the bag as I let it set overnight. After it sat outside overnight I enlisted the help of some of my straps and strapped it to my backpack to see how well it would work as an exterior mount for the pack. It worked well and there was no slippage and little need for readjustment. I also used the same straps to tie it around one of the trees outdoors, it worked out well.


IMAGE 4I look forward to using the Sea to Summit Pack Tap on my fall excursions into the bush and backwoods. It holds more water than the average water bottles I normally carry with me and because of that and its functional ability to be strapped to the exterior shell of a backpack I can cut the weight I normally carry by not having to include so many bottles of water in my pack.

The mylar bladder serves a concern and the nozzle tap might also be a concern, but I look forward to seeing if it proves me wrong.

Overall this is a very innovative product that has so many applications for the hiker, backpacker, camper, woodsman/woman and others in need of just a little extra water carried along without a lot of hassle.



I took the Sea to Summit Pack Tap to the prairies of Southeastern Colorado where it was secured to a tree using a small bungee. The day was sunny and 54 F (12 C) and cooled to 48 F (9 C) by the time I left. It was just an afternoon out to see how easy and convenient the Pack Tap would be for a day hike.IMAGE 1

I used the Pack Tap for a trip into Vogul Canyon in Southeastern Colorado where the day was a sunny but balmy 43 F (6 C) and I spent the day exploring the canyon with the Pack Tap stored away in my backpack. The Pack tap provided more than enough water for me and my dog throughout the exploration of the canyon. A total of 6 hours and 32 minutes was spent in the canyon and walking along the lip of the canyons.

For an overnight into Oxbow Wildlife Refuge area in Southeastern Colorado in December I used the Pack Tap to carry in my water rations and found that strapping the Pack Tap to a tree was easy enough to do with one or two small bungee cords. IMAGE 2


I had no problems using the Pack Tap out in the field both during day hikes and on an overnight trip out in Oxbow state wildlife refuge area in December. To prevent overnight freezing of the water left in the bladder after the day was over I brought the Pack TapIMAGE 4 into the tent and kept it in my sleeping bag next to my body. I experienced no leaks or problems with any of the components and with the extra steps taken to prevent the contents of the Pack Tap from freezing I had no problems procuring water for my morning coffee the next morning. I am very pleased with the performance of the Sea to Summit Pack Tap.


In short, I am very happy with the Sea to Summit Pack Tap. It is easy to fill, easily stored away when not in use, easy to carry and hang at the camp site or rest site on a day hike and all the components worked properly without any leaks or major problems. I am very impressed with this product.IMAGE 3



IMAGE 1I have used the Sea to Summit Pack Tap on many occasions and in many climates over the past few months including winter camp outs in the Comanche National Grasslands of Southeastern Colorado and in the prairies around my home in La Junta, Colorado. Unfortunately I have not made it up to the mountain ranges surrounding my home in Colorado but used the Pack Tap while at work getting fields ready for planting and irrigation. The weather ranged from snow and temperatures of 28 F (-2 C) up to sunny and clear weather with temperatures of 74 F (23 C). It has found a use in the snow, in the rain, in wind and in calm clear skies.


During winter camp outs in the Comanche National Grasslands I experienced no problems with the Pack Tap freezing over completely during the cold nights where the temperature got down to 36 F (2 C), the water inside the bladder was ready for use, though a little slushy, when morning came and I was ready for a hot cup of coffee.

As winter began to wane and another camp in the prairie near my home in La Junta, Colorado the temperature dipped down to 28 F (-2 C) after it had snowed and left a good 3 inches (76 mm) of fresh powder on the ground IMAGE 2 and at this time I felt the need to bring the Sea to Summit Pack Tap into the tent with me and keep it inside my sleeping bag with me in order to keep it from freezing. Needless to say, it did not freeze nor did it take up much room at all inside the sleeping bag.

None of the components or parts on the pack tap failed or gave me any trouble during any of the occasions on which I used this piece of gear and it always performed well and produced results when I needed a quick drink or water for my dog in the field.


In summation the Pack Tap performed well and proved itself to be a very useful piece of gear to have along with me on the trail, in the tractor, in the Jeep and in camp.

None of the pieces or parts failed or gave me any trouble. It was easy to fill and to empty and clean out.

The Pack Tap was easy to hang from trees, attach to my pack IMAGE 3, hang from the seat of my tractor and stow away when not in use.

Overall I feel good about the Sea to Summit Pack Tap and look forward to using it for many more years to come!

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