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March 13, 2012


NAME: Kathryn Montovan
EMAIL: sull0294(at)gmail(dot)com
AGE: 29
LOCATION: Groton, New York, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
WEIGHT: 150 lb (68.00 kg)

I have been backpacking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing and winter camping for over 10 years. My excursions are mostly weekend and occasionally weeklong backpacking and kayaking trips in the wooded and often wet, rolling terrain of western New York. I usually tarp camp with a small to large group. In general, I strive for a compact and light pack but value well made and durable gear over ultralight items. I also spend significant amounts of time day hiking with my dog.


Manufacturer: Klean Kanteen
Year of manufacture: 2010
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: $25.95 US for brushed stainless
$27.95 for the more colorful versions
optional: additional $4 US on either version for two types of caps
Listed weight: 10.2 oz (289 g)
Measured weight: 10.4 oz (295 g)
Size: 16 fl oz (473 ml)
Dimensions (w/o cap): 7.25 H x 2.9375 W
Mouth opening: 2.125 (54 mm)
Available sizes: 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz
Available colors: brushed stainless, white, black, blue, purple, coral
Available cap styles: Stainless Loop cap, Cafe cap, Stainless Wide Flip-D ring


The Klean Kanteen Insulated is a double-wall stainless steel water bottle that is designed to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold. It is made out of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and is free of BPA and other toxins. The lid is lined with stainless steel and is also BPA free. I have the 16 oz (473 ml) brushed stainless version, as noted there are other colors and sizes available. The manufacturer claims that the bottle is compatible with many screw-on backpacking water filters but I have not tried to fill mine directly from a water filter.
My Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle.


The bottle has a nice shape. I like that it is wide enough to feel stable when sitting on a table, but narrow enough to fit into my backpack's pockets and my car's cup holders. The wide mouth opening makes it easy for me to add ice or to pour boiling water into the bottle. The loop on the cap is comfortable to hold and makes it easy for me to get a tight seal on the lid.


Over the past two years, I have taken my Klean Kanteen Insulated on multiple backcountry camping trips, including a winter camping trip, a kayaking trip and day-to-day use.

It was an essential piece of gear on a two-day winter camping trip to summit Big Slide (elevation 4199 ft or 1280 m) in the Adirondack High Peaks of upstate New York. The trails were icy and the temperature ranged from 0 F (-18 C) to 15 F (-9 C). This mug was great. I filled it in the morning and 5 hours later we sat down to eat lunch and my tea was still warm. I also had no problems with drips or spills and the loop at the top proved to be a useful and comfortable way to hold the bottle while carrying it. I had concerns about using a metal vacuum bottle in very cold temperatures but the lip of the mug was insulated enough that I never seemed to be at risk of freezing to my water bottle.

I also took the Klean Kanteen Insulated on a weeklong kayaking trip to the Thousand Islands, New York in October 2011. The weather was variable and ranged from rainy and 45 F (7 C) to sunny and 90 F (32 C). For kayaking I found that the loop on the lid enabled me to clip the mug to securely to my deck rigging and have easy access to my tea during short paddling breaks. In the rare event that I didn't drink it all during the morning paddle, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tea was still hot at lunch time.

In addition, I have used this water bottle daily for the last 2 years to transport my morning tea to work. It performs beautifully. It travels in my backpack, on my bike, on the bus, and has a wide enough base that I can safely drink out of it in front of my computer and not worry too much about it tipping over. The only problem that I have found is that it keeps my tea so warm that I have to wait for a few hours before I can really enjoy it.

A few months ago, the lid gasket popped out, so I called the manufacturer. They provided excellent customer service and promptly sent replacement gaskets and a special tool for inserting them. Replacing the gasket was easy and I haven't had problems with it since.


I was curious about how well this mug actually does at insulating the contents, so I ran a few simple tests. I filled the thermos, took the temperature of the liquid, then closed the lid tightly. About every half hour, I opened the lid just long enough to check the temperature before closing it again. I did this both for cold water in a warm (90 F/ 32 C) room, and for hot water in the fridge (40 F/ 4 C). The hot water was still warm after 5 hours. In my book 130 F (54 C) is getting past sipping temperature and into the gulping temperature range. I love gulping temperature tea, but I know that it isn't for everyone. The cold water stayed cold for much longer (possibly because the temperature difference between cool water and room temperature is much less drastic).
Chart of temperature of the liquid in the mug.


This water bottle has been dropped, used, and sometimes abused. I have caused many major dents in the water bottle, and was amazed to find that they all but disappear after a few uses. It appears that the vacuum seal magically pops the dents back out the next time I fill the water bottle with hot water. The most major dent I have inflicted on this water bottle is now just a light impression. There are small rock-shaped dents on the bottom from where it has landed on rocks or concrete. These have not disappeared, but they do not affect the functionality or stability of the water bottle. There are also a few nicks in the cap. Overall, the damage is minimal given the hard use this bottle has received over the past 2 years, and does not affect the functionality of the water bottle at all.
Dents on the bottom from drops onto concrete and rocks.


I don't typically like mugs that have twist tops, but this mug has become my one and only. It is watertight, but has the option of a cafe-style lid. It keeps my tea hot for hours, but I can cool my drink more quickly by removing the lid. The loop at the top is a nice way to carry the bottle and provides a way to attach it securely to my pack and kayak. I also have had no problems with it retaining odors even after leaving tea in it for way too long. I have used this water bottle for orange drink, hot cocoa, tea and water and have noticed no residual tastes when switching between beverages. It is on the heavier side for a light weight backpacking trip, but I found that this mug was definitely worth its weight in energy bars. It keeps my tea warm and is easy to carry and use. I really love having a mug while camping that is watertight and keeps drinks warm until my mid-morning snack or lunch time.


1) Keeps contents warm for hours.
2) Watertight lid doesn't spill or drip even when stored on its side or upside down.
3) Loop on lid allows for easy carry and secure attachment.
4) Great customer support when something goes wrong.


1) Gasket problems, but this only happened once and it was easy to fix.
2) Price is fairly high for a mug.


Kathryn (Katie) Montovan

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