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Test Report by Duane Lawrence

Initial Review November 11, 2015

Long Term Report March 25, 2016

 Tester Information

Name: Duane Lawrence
Email: delawrence_98 AT yahoo DOT ca
Age: 42
Location: Sparwood, British Columbia, Canada
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.79 m)
Weight: 160 lb (72.6 kg)
Torso: 20 in (51 cm)
Chest: 39 in (99 cm)
Waist: 32 in (81 cm)

I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast for the past 25 years.  I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including mountaineering, day hikes, multi-day backpacking trips, river and ocean kayaking, back country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking and rock climbing.  I have climbed and hiked throughout British Columbia, the United States and when opportunity presents itself in Europe and India.  I carry a wide variety of gear depending on the type and length of trip.  I am a Search and Rescue team member in the Southern Rockies and am part of the swift water and rope rescue technical teams, and ground search team. 

 Initial Review – November 11, 2015

Product Information            

Web Page:  
MSRP:  $36.95
Manufacturer:  Klean Kanteen
Product:Vacuum Insulated Classic
Volume:  32 fl oz (946 ml)
Canteen Weight:  14.9 oz (422.3 g)
Cap Weight:  1 oz (28.3 g)
Canteen Construction: 18/8 Stainless Steel
Cap Construction:   Polypropylene (pp#5)
Measured Weight: 
(With Cap)
15.9 oz (452 g)
Size: 10.8 x 3.6 in (275.1 x 91.4 mm)
Opening Diameter:   1.75 in (44 mm)
Construction:    18/8 Stainless Steel, Double walled
Manufactured In: China

Product Overview

The Klean Kanteen is vacuum insulated bottle made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel with a leak proof BPA free polypropylene cap and acrylic exterior finish.  The manufacture lists the canteen as able to keep the liquids hot for up to 12 hours or iced for up to 24 hours.   The canteen weighs in at 452 g (15.9 oz) with the cap, and can hold up to 946 ml (32 fl oz) of liquid. It is recommended that the bottle not be frozen. For this test I will be testing the loop cap although there are 5 additional caps that can be purchased individually and range in price from $5.95 to $14.95.

The interior has an electro-polish finish that is reported to prevent the staining or transfer of food odors or flavors.   Cleaning was taken into consideration as the interior has no corners allowing the bottle to be easily cleaned with soap and water or vinegar if needed.   The Kanteen also boasts a large mouth opening in order to fit ice cubes easily into the bottle as well as a round edge for comfort.   The Klean Kanteen has a lifetime warranty which is void if the bottle is frozen or exposed to a direct heat source like a stove.


Initial Impressions

My first impression of the Klean Kanteen was that it was awfully heavy but a nice looking product.  The bottle has what appears to be a wide mouth and a handy looking attachment point on the cap.  For a water bottle that is designed for both keeping liquids cold or hot the canteen looks like a good product.

Although I personally would prefer a lighter weight water bottle it looks like it will do the job and may be very handy.  I am a little concerned that the manufacture explicitly states not to freeze the bottle as I do a lot of winter activities and have had many water bottles freeze because it really cold out.  Usually I run into problems with the cap freezing to the bottle. I noticed that this part of the bottle does not appear to be double walled like the rest of the bottle but it is really hard to determine.  Hopefully the insulated construction of the bottle will keep liquids from freezing otherwise the Klean Kanteen may only be usable for part of the year.

I did test out the capacity and found that it does hold 946 ml (32 fl oz), but just barely. 


Overall the Klean Kanteen appears to be well-made and looks like a nice product.  I am hopeful that it will live up to the manufactures claims of keeping liquids both hot and cold. 

Long Term Report - March 25, 2016

I really wasn't sure about carrying around a bottle that weight close to half a kilo but, for winter at least, I think I am a full convert.  I had the opportunity to use the Klean Kanteen Insulated bottle in quite a diverse set of testing conditions and am fairly confident in the bottle's capabilities.  My first trip, although not backpacking, was a two week vacation in Belize.  With temperatures in ranging from 23 C to 28 C (73 F - 82 FS) to and nice sunny days, I was able to check out how well the Kanteen was able to keep liquids cold.  Over the course of the trip I loaded it up with just cold water and ice.  Since I was diving it was left in the sun on a boat in open water for most of the day.  To my pleasant surprise the water not only kept cold but there was still ice even after upwards of four hours in the sun.  I was unable to confirm if the Kanteen would continue to keep the water cold for a full day as I ended up drinking it but my impression was that it would not have a problem.  I did fill it up with ice and water over night and it had no problem keeping everything cold but it was in an air conditioned room so not a great test. That being said there was still ice in the bottle in the morning eight hours later.

I was also able to test the Kanteen in sub-zero temperatures.  Over the course of the test I brought the Klean Kanteen on a number of backcountry ski trips ranging from a single day in -20 C (-4 F) to three nights in -10 C to -15 C (14 F - 5 F).  I also had a number of days of just below freezing temperatures.  What I found was that the Kanteen preformed incredibly well in all conditions.  I filled it with cold water from the tap as well as hot water, and tea.  It did not seem to matter what was in the bottle nor at what temperature the liquid was.  It kept it cool, warm and hot for long periods of time without issue.  It was a very pleasant surprise to find that my tea was still relatively hot, not just warm, after a full day of skiing in -15 C (5 F) temperatures.  I have a number of thermoses and I would say that the Klean Kanteen outperformed a standard thermos with no problem.  One other item that I liked about the Kanteen was that even in -20 C (-4 F) the lid did not freeze shut or ice form at the top of the bottle.  Very impressive.  

There are a couple of things that I did not care for though.  When I first started using the bottle I had a very hard time getting it open.  I ended up on a couple of ski trips using the tip of my ski pole to leaver the bottle open.  In the end I added a cheap carabiner to the lid so that I had something to open it with.  No matter how loosely I sealed the bottle it was always a pain to open.  On the positive side I am fairly certain that this bottle will never leak!  The other issue was the mouth size.  I personally found it a little too big.  I had to be very conscious of how I was drinking out of the bottle otherwise I would end up getting a big splash of water or tea.  I actually lost count of the number of times I got water all over the front of my jacket from trying to drink out of the bottle.  It would be nice to either have the mouth of the bottle bigger or smaller.  The current size right now is, at least for me, too big.  I would like to note that Klean Kanteen dose manufacture different types of lids which would likely solve the problem.  I was unable to find one to purchase during the test so I cannot report on what they are like though or if they have any effect on freezing of water or altering the bottles ability to keep things cold. Something else that I found a little annoying was that I kept running out of water without realizing it.  What I found was that because the bottle is quite heavy and opaque I did not realize when I was running low on water.  Even when I was trying to deliberately keep an eye on my water level I kept finding myself running out of water.  Going for a drink and not having anything left or just a dribble was really frustrating.  I am sure I will get used to it but it is something to be aware of especially if there is no other water around. The only other item to note is that after four months of use the paint is starting to chip off.  I would not count this as a manufacturing issue as the chips are likely my own doing but I thought I would note it.



Overall I was very impressed with the Klean Kanteen.  It can keep liquids hot or cold regardless of the outside temperatures and although a heavy item I can see myself using it every winter.  I am not sure if I would use it during the summer on long backpacking trips due to its weight and keeping water cold is just not a high priority for me but during winter ski trips having a nice hot drink is absolutely heaven and the Klean Kanteen can deliver this even on the coldest day.


Keeps liquids hot or cold
Fits in bottle holders well


Hard to open without a leaver of some sort

Thank you to Klean Kanteen and for the opportunity to test this product. 

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