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Nalgene 32 oz Bottle a test by Peter Spiller

Initial Report October 26, 2008:  Tester Information
Field Report  Februaury 16, 2009: Product Information

Tester Information:

Name: Peter Spiller Backpacking Background: I have been camping and hiking avidly since childhood.  In the last several years my passion for backpacking and kayaking has grown.  I am a Chapter Outing Leader for the Sierra Club, I have trained in Wilderness First Aid, and am a staff member for a Wilderness Basics course.  I enjoy solo backpacking and group trips.  I have an adaptable style that is fueled by my interest in backpacking gear.  I pack as light as possible when the situation dictates, but I am not against hauling creature comforts. I average 1 hike a week, and 1 backpack a month year-round.
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 0 in (2 m)
Weight: 190 lb (86 kg)
Email address:
City, State, Country: La Mesa, CA U.S.
Personal Website:

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Nalgene Outdoor
green widemouth bottle
Image courtesy of:
Manufacturers Website:
Model: Everyday 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle
Measurements (Manufacturers): Height: not listed
Diameter: not listed
Weight: not listed
Measurements (as delivered): Height 8 in (20 cm)
Diameter: 3.5 in (9 cm)
Weight: 6.6 oz (186 g)
Volume (manufacturers): 32 fluid oz (1 L)
Volume (as delivered): 35 fluid oz (1.04 L) full to the rim.
Model Year: 2008
MSRP: $ 11.50

Initial Report:

October 26, 2008

Product Description

The Nalgene 32 oz Everyday Wide Mouth Bottle is a cylindrical shaped transparent hard plastic bottle with a 2 in (5 cm) wide threaded opening.  This opening is sealed off with a threaded lid, made from a more pliable plastic, attached to a hooped tether that connects to the rim of the bottle to avoid losing it.  Directly below the threads the bottle widens out to 3.5 in (9 cm), and is 6.5 in (16.5 cm) tall from this juncture.

The bottle I was sent is colored lime green with a Nalgene logo and the word "Everyday" silkscreened on one side.  Graduated markings with ounces marked on one edge and milliliters on the opposite are silkscreened on the other. The scale is marked from 8 oz (237 ml) to 32 oz (1 L) in 4 oz increments and 300 ml (10 oz) to 1000 ml (32 oz) in 100 ml increments. The bottom has a rounded edge, and is marked with "Nalgene" and the number "7" recycling logo in raised letters.

Initial Impressions

A 32 oz (1 L) wide-mouth bottle is such an iconic piece of gear in the backpacking community,  that as I browse through the reviews on, I often see these bottles photographed beside new pieces of gear as a size reference.  I cannot recall the number of times I have read where a manufacturer describes their gear as packing down to a size "smaller than a 32 oz bottle".

The Nalgene Everyday 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle does not try to be anything but a classic wide-mouth bottle that is made from a BPA (Bisphenol-A) free plastic.  The shape and proportions are the same as my old trusty bottles that served me well for many years, but were relegated to non-food or drink related duties due to concerns regarding the long term health affects of BPA on our young daughters. Nalgene has accomplished this by using "Eastman Triton Copolyester" in lieu of Polycarbonate.  Frankly, at this early stage of the test, I cannot tell the difference between these two types of plastics.  The bottle looks and behaves just like my old bottles.  

Quality Assessment

My initial assessment of the quality of the Nalgene Everyday 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle is that is is very well made.  The plastic components appear durable, and there are no flaws that I can detect.  The lid operates smoothly and contains liquids without dripping.  The lid spins freely and the tether keeps the lid from getting lost.  Initial hand washing of the bottle was a breeze and I cannot detect any odors or tastes being leached into the liquids I have used in the bottle thus far.

Testing Strategy

In addition to the backpacking trips I have planned, I will be using this wide-mouth bottle on a daily basis to carry water for my daily routine.  This bottle will get an extensive workout, being what it's name implies; an "Everyday" bottle.

Long Term Report

February 16, 2009

Test Locations

The Nalgene 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle has been my constant companion during the three-month testing period.  I have carried it on the majority of days, using it as my primary vessel for holding liquids while at work or recreating.  I would roughly estimate that the bottle has seen 40 days of use in addition to the four overnight backpacking trips I have completed during the test period.  The bottle has been carried on the following backpacking trips.

Arroyo Tapiado- Anza Borrego Desert, California

Elevation: 900 ft (274 m)
High Temperature: 64.0 F (17.8 C)
Low Temperature: 47.3 F (6.3 C)
Precipitation: None

Elevation: 900 ft (274 m)
High Temperature: 77.9   F (25.5 C)
Low Temperature: 47.5 F (8.6 C)
Precipitation: None

Indian Hill- Anza Borrego Desert, California

Elevation: 700 ft (213 m)
High Temperature: 75.7 F (24.3 C)
Low Temperature: 44.1 F (6.7 C)
Precipitation: None

Ghost Mountain- Anza Borrego Desert, California

Elevation: 2500 ft (762 m)
High Temperature: 65.2 F (18.4 C)
Low Temperature: 48.6 F (9.2 C)
Precipitation: .1 in (0.25cm)

Field Performance

ScratchThe Nalgene 32 oz Wide Mouth bottle has functioned in the field just as my old wide-mouth bottle did.  If I was not aware, upon receipt of this bottle, that it did not contain BPA (Bisphenol-A) and was made of Triton plastic rather than the BPA-laced polycarbonate, I would think I was using an identical bottle.  Only now, I do not cringe when my small children drink from it, speculating about the havoc the BPA is wreaking upon their growing bodies.  I have dropped the bottle full of liquid multiple times during the testing period and the bottle has held up fine without any cracks or failures.  The most visible wear is on the silk-screened graduated markings, which are beginning to scratch off the side of the bottle. The surface of the bottle is beginning to lose its shiny glossy patina as the tiny wear scratches transform it into a satin surface.

I have used the bottle with a variety of different liquids at a variety of different temperatures.  I have packed it with ice, poured warm tea into the bottle, and drank different types of flavored drinks and sports drinks from the bottle.  It has not retained any flavors from any of these beverages, nor has it stained from the brightly colored liquids.  

Just as all similarly designed bottles, the Nalgene 32 oz Wide Mouth bottle suffers from splashing when I do not carefully tip it up while drinking.  A quick drink traps air in the bottle, which then translates to liquid on my face.  If I take a little care when tipping, I can avoid a wet chin.  The opening threads fit perfectly onto my water filter and the same accessories that I have used for my old wide-mouth bottles work just fine with the Nalgene 32 oz Wide Mouth bottle.


The Nalgene 32 oz Wide Mouth has been a good BPA-free replacement for my old wide-mouth bottles.  I had discontinued using my old bottles due to health concerns due to long-term exposure to BPA. The design of the bottle is the same as my old bottle, and it has the same advantages and disadvantages.  The primary advantage to the Triton plastic version is the exclusion of BPA in the manufacture of the plastic.

  • No BPA in the manufacture of the plastic used in the bottle
  • Standard opening and thread pattern, allowing the use of many water filters and accessories
  • Durable construction
  •  The 32 oz (1 L) volume perfect for a day-hike

  • The wide-mouth  opening can splash liquid into my face when drinking
  • The silkscreen graduated marking are starting to scratch off
This concludes the my test of the Nalgene 32 oz Everyday Wide Mouth Bottle Thank you Nalgene Outdoor and for the opportunity to test this fine bottle.  



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